Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The new and improved Rosebud!

I thought you guys needed to know that I decided to give Rosebud a makeover. She just wasn't happy sitting in Pink Lady's hand-me-downs, especially considering that Pink Lady died in that cover and skin. Also, she really didn't feel like the pink skin and cover fit her name or personality.

Rosebud has been unhappy for months. I started to worry about her sanity. Then I decided that I would just have to bite the bullet and make her happy.

Behold: the new and improved Rosebud.

The new leather cover. I know, it's not pink and Padawan might take it. But you haven't seen the REST of it that will ensure that he will keep his hands off.

Why yes, that is a very feminine design on the side. that the hint of a rose???

Just thought I'd give you a closer view. Note how the skin actually fits because this is the appropriate size skin and cover for my Kindle. 

Yes. This is the back of Rosebud. I tried to find a skin with an actual rosebud on it, but the closest I could find was this one with the rose. And it's FABULOUS. 

And just one more. Because I love the way she looks so much.

I guess you could call this a half-assed blog, but I don't usually blog on Wednesdays anyway. I just wanted to share Rosebud's happiness with everyone. (Padawan says I suffer from something called compulsive shopping. But Rosebud needed this. Right?)


  1. I think you were completely justified in your purchase.

  2. Of COURSE Rosebud needed it. She deserves a makeover! And may I say that she looks FABULOUS!

    I gave my nook (Charlee Jane) a little makeover a couple of weeks ago. She's happily encased in a purple cover now. Much nicer. :)

  3. George: He said you're just justifying my addiction.

    Candice: He also says you're justifying my addiction. I happen to agree that she does look fabulous, though. And so very pretty. She makes me smile.

    You didn't take pictures of the purple jacket?

  4. It won't let me hit "you're crazy" more than once. Your Kindle looks very nice, though. Hopefully it only tells you to kill the bad people.

  5. I'll post pictures soon, just for you Chanel. :)

  6. Bryan: Well I'll just assume that you tried to hit the crazy button three or four times.

    Candice: Yay!

  7. SHE TOTALLY DID NEED IT because hello? She looks gorgeous.

  8. Well that just about settles it. I do not have a compulsive shopping problem. It was necessary!


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