Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you do not study...

Another day, and yes, Padawan's headphones are still AWOL, and he's still insisting they are merely "misplaced" and not "lost." My male coworkers, loyal to their gender to the very end, agree with him. Props to him for his determination, I guess, but try explaining to Relly that the really nice ear buds she painstakingly selected for his listening enjoyment have been "misplaced." 

I bet you ten to one she hears "lost" and winds up feeling hurt that her gift was so little appreciated that he didn't even wait a month before losing them.

Choo Choo, meanwhile, has gone on what I can only presume is a hunger strike of sorts. She refuses to eat her food all day and begs and begs food from us while we're trying to eat dinner. Since she gained so much weight while being fed table scraps under the table, Padawan and I have gone "tough love" as far as this issue is concerned, and she gets nothing. Only after we clean up the table does she go and eat her food, and she brings it by the mouthful to whatever room I'm in and sits it in front of me, eating it on the carpet piece by piece while watching me. I think she's trying to look sad and pathetic so that I feel bad for her (I kind of do. I wouldn't want to eat that kibble) and give her people food. Unfortunately for her, Dr. Kevin Spacey said that the reason she cries when I cut her nails or brush her teeth or bathe her is because she knows that I'll stop rather than make her unhappy, and she's taking advantage of my weakness.

Padawan doesn't credit her with that amount of manipulative intelligence, but let's face it. She's female, and she's my dog, and I did pretty much the same thing to my parents when I was growing up, so I can't put it past her. It is only logical to assume my dog is only doing this to make me feel sorry for her so she can have her own way. 

Despite how much I want to give her what she wants, I just can't do it. For her own good, I just have to resist her little tail wags and big eyes and the dancing on her hind legs...

Moving on. 

I know I told you guys that I watched The Fellowship of the Ring with Padawan a few nights ago, but I didn't tell you that I had the ultimate Internet StumbleUpon Geek Moment. I was seriously sitting on the chair waiting for this scene to come up the entire time, just so I could do this.

Padawan wasn't expecting it. He was just enjoying the movie. 

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.


Chanel: "IF YOU DO NOT STUDY!!!!" 

And then Gandalf finished...


So. Epic.


  1. My husband and I watched the ENTIRE EXTENED EDITION LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY over Christmas vacation. It was pure epic-osity (new word!). LOVED it!

    Speaking of epic-osity, WELL DONE on the geekiness. Love it! :)

    PS: Padawan, those earbuds are LOST until you actually find them! The End.

  2. I don't like to watch all of them. Padawan does, but I don't like the Two Towers. Specifically because I despise Aowen and everything her blond selfishness represents in that movie. She's trying to steal Aragorn from Arwen!

    Thank you. Padawan was amused.

    I tried explaining it to him. I really, really did. He refuses to see reason.

  3. If a ghost/alien took them, technically they aren't lost, they're stolen.

  4. Absolutely epic moment. Great movies...greater books. LOVE them.

  5. George: If he returns them then they were borrowed. But since he didn't ask and they can't be located they are still technically lost to Padawan. And he refuses to believe in the ghost/alien, so he loses that excuse anyway.

    Jewels: I tried to read the books. I wanted so desperately to love them (because those books inspired D&D) that I powered through the Fellowship until the third to last chapter. And then I threw in the towel because I just could not enjoy the writing. In an ironic twist of fate, however, I enjoyed the Hobbit. Doesn't make sense, but there you have it.

  6. Eowyn is a bit irritating, but she redeems herself enough by the end of the series for me to like her (for the most part). And Aragorn is totally smart enough to not be fooled by her all-too-obvious "advances"...but I digress...

  7. Ah, that's how you spell it. I was just guessing when I spelled it. I didn't read the second book, obviously.

    I like the third movie because she gives up her plot to steal Aragorn, and she kills the Witch King of Angmar (or Witch Doctor or Lord or whatever of wherever). Then Arwen arrives and all is right with the world.


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