Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It is one o'clock in the morning on my day off, and I am awake and online. Not because I've been out partying and having a good time. Not because I am so engrossed by something on the internet that I can't bring myself to pull away. No, I am awake and online and blogging at one in the morning because my older sister, Relly, has dropped off of the face of the planet and we can't find her and I can't sleep and I've exhausted all of my resources.

I would rather be awake because I was having a fucking awesome night drinking myself into oblivion while dancing to shitty hip hop music that is required in most dance clubs that don't sport live music. Or even dancing badly to some heavy metal band that rocks the scene at Red Eyed Fly or Emos or Head Hunters or something. I'd rather being listening to techno pop bullshit electronically produced noise at Elyseum than sitting here playing detective in an attempt to locate my 23 year old sister.

Apparently, at some point this evening she was talking to T-Man and she got another call on her cell phone. She switched over, switched back and said she had to take the call but she would call him back in a few minutes, said she loved him and hung up. She never called him back.

Not long after that it was time for Mom, Ran, and Relly to leave to meet Padawan and myself for Mom's birthday dinner. Relly said, "No, I've already been to two birthday dinners with you two, and Channelle hasn't had any. You guys need the time together. I'm going to stay here and watch TV, and when you come back we can finish watching *name of movie* together." 

So, with plans for a movie after dinner, Mom and Ran left her at home. When they returned, her car was gone, her phone was gone, and her wallet was gone, but her purse was left behind. Weird, since she had absolutely NO money, no gas, and her credit card was maxed to the limit last week so she doesn't even have the dignity a credit card would lend her. And she never goes ANYWHERE without her purse. EVER.

But Mom and Ran didn't worry until T-Man called at eleven and said that Relly had said she would call back over four hours ago and hadn't and she wasn't answering her cell. Relly wants to move in with this man, marry him, have babies and raise his other two boys together like a good nuclear family. She ALWAYS calls him back. ALWAYS.

That's what freaked Mom out, so she called me and I called Relly, then I called Brat who called Relly, and I called Memaw who called Relly. And then I proceeded to call all of her friends and my mutual friends and putting out pleas on facebook begging for anyone who had heard from her to step forward.

Apparently, at about eight her boss at her Dominos job texted her asking her to cover a shift and she responded immediately with a "I will check my schedule." So the last anyone heard from her was eight. I called the hotel that is her second job and asked the man who answered. Apparently I wasn't the first. He'd gotten seven phone calls that night of various friends and family trying to locate Relly. What can I say. When we worry, we investigate.

Then I got the bright idea to check the cell phone records to find the number. The page said it had the records of all calls and messages and downloads for her phone from 1-11-11 at 9:43 PM EST. Since the mysterious call was a couple of hours before that, I decided to get the full record to call it. But it wouldn't load the last page, the page with the critical fucking number, and T-Mobile doesn't have a tracking option on its cell phones so we can't GPS track her. 

Then I went through all of her contacts and called anyone I hadn't already called. Since it was after midnight on a Tuesday night I wasn't surprised no one answered. I left various messages.

In the meantime I called every police station, sheriff's office, and emergency room within the Georgetown/Round Rock/Jollyville/Austin/Cedar Park/Lago Vista area trying to find out if she'd been arrested or admitted or in an accident. I went to her facebook to look at the pictures of her car to find a make and model and year and a license plate number. Unfortunately I only got the make and model and color, but Mom told me the year and then I had her look on the insurance paperwork for a vin number to use to get the license plate.

All of it came to nothing, however, because she wasn't in an accident that was reported or arrested or anything, but every single officer and deputy I spoke to urged me to file a missing persons report and asked me if she had a history of depression or suicide and if she was on any medication.

No to all of that. Except the history of depression. She...


Now hear this. We have found her. Apparently, she got a phone call from her friend Lauren (who I called and left a voice message with) and she and her husband had gotten into a huge fight and she was upset so she and Relly met up at IHOP to talk about it. Relly left her cell phone in the car. Lauren got my voice mail and told Relly. She went to get her phone and called Mom, then T-Man, then myself, but Mom called me and told me so I called Brittany and messaged Wheat who was talking to me online and then I hung up in time for Relly to call and tell me she was fine.

So I'm going to bed now.


  1. Whew! I'm glad everything is okay. May you have pleasant dreams now that the worry is over. :)

  2. I slept like the dead. What were you doing up at 1:45 in the morning?

  3. It was only 12:45 where I live. :)

    I was finishing up that post you were asking for. You know, the one with the gift y'all were soooo curious about... ;)

    Its format is a little messed up, hence the short rant I posted just after posting the real post...Uh...did you follow that? Me neither.

    Anyway, you're welcome to go over to my blog and check out last night's work. Messed up as it is, I did spend a couple of hours on it. I have no idea what happened with Blogger's formatter, but no matter how many times I tried to fix the post, the stupid thing remained messed up. But there was NO WAY I was going start the post all over again from scratch! Anyhoo, rant over. For now...


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