Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beware of the last picture. It will make you giggle.

I get bored at work sometimes and I don't feel like writing or Stumbling or playing solitaire or reading, so I look for other ways to occupy my mind. What I discovered a couple of years ago is that I am very good at playing with paint when I have nothing better to occupy my time. 

Like the time I got so bored that I created a birds eye view of the store, first one half, than the other.

The hardest part was doing the pianos because I had to do the keys one by one. And of course I did all of this with a mouse because I don't have one of those nifty drawing pen things for computers that makes drawing really easy and fast on paint.

Well, yesterday I got bored again so I decided to draw a picture of myself and Padawan, and then I e-mailed it to him and I was all, "I MADE YOU A PICTURE! WHEEEEEEEEE!" in the title, and then I wrote, "IT'S US!!!!!!" above the picture.

I drew him in his favorite shirt that I bought for him a few months ago, and I drew me with my favorite scarf in my hair. I don't actually have that scarf anymore. I used to wear it almost every day, either around my wrist or my waist or neck or woven into my hair somehow, but I made the mistake of just wearing it wrapped around my ponytail one day and it blew away when we were riding on the motorcycle. I was very sad to lose it. 

Do you know how hard it is to draw with a mouse? 

Pretty hard. But it was fun, and it was funny to see Padawan's reaction. I tried to make his face look amused, and I thought I did a pretty good job of it with the eyebrows. Anyway, that's all I have to say. 


Have a random picture to make you laugh! 



  1. Oh boy, the store, can I redeem my ten million points for credit?

    Nice Paint picture. I'm somewhat of a Paint artist, myself. Mostly stick figures and boxes. Yeah, I've got a couple of pieces hanging in the Louvre. No big deal. Maybe you've heard of my most famous works, "Straight Line that Keeps Ending up Crooked" and "Circle that I Can't Get Centered Right" and "Colored Block that Went Outside the Line when I Accidentally Jerked My Hand".

  2. I said this was like Who's Line, where the points don't mean anything. Sorry, but they aren't even good for badly drawn pianos on paint. :( Nobody ever reads the fine print.

    I think I've seen your work! Didn't you do the fabulous "Johnny Depp as Stick Pirate standing on Green Ocean with Rock Because I Couldn't Make It Look Like Grass and Horse" picture that I've loved for years?

  3. Yes. I also did "Cat with a Beard that was Supposed to be a Goat".

  4. Ah, yes, I'm familiar with that one. A work of genius if I ever saw one.

  5. As one artist to another all I have to say is... I'm not really an artist and after seeing your "bored at work drawings" if I had any shame I would cease and desist with the stick figures.

    Fortunately for the Internet at large, I have very little shame.

    Oh, and the cat pic is awesome :)

  6. Stick figures are a form of art that I can't master. I envy your stick figures, Doug.

    And I know you have no shame. I think we all appreciate the shameless nature of your blogs. Putting up pictures of new babies to get more readers. Shameless behavior, indeed.

    And I know. One of my coworkers has a metal band and he's looking for a new singer so I shot him that picture in an e-mail saying he had experience and would like to audition for the band. It got a good laugh.

  7. People just love looking at other peoples' babies. I know. It was an obvious move to enhance my popularity.

  8. OH MY GOD! You two are so freaking cute!! You should do like new-age caricatures. Set yourself up at a theme park doing Microsoft Paint portraits. I would totally visit your booth. Seriously.


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