Monday, January 31, 2011

I wish! I wish!

I just checked my weather forecast for the next four days. Here it is.

Do you see why this is important? 


Look again.

That's right. We have a prediction for snow on Thursday. Soft, fluffy, pretty flakes of precipitation will be appearing in my part of the world. In Texas. Let me just remind you folks that the last time it snowed here in Austin was December of '09, so we are long over due for some dry fluffy matter to fling at one another.

I owe Padawan a packed snowball to the face because he threw one at me last time when I wasn't expecting it. And for the record, yes it hurt. No, I wasn't being a baby. He threw a snowball at me when I wasn't even looking, and he threw it full force right into the side of my skinny little arm. I cried and got mad and refused to go to the store with him for two hours after that.

So I'd say yeah, he's got it coming to him. But he can't get his if we don't get the snow. (I tried to have my step mother pack a snowball for me and then put it in a lunch box packed with dry ice so she could Fed-Ex it to me. But she didn't do it.)

I'm asking that you cross your fingers and send happy wishes for snow to Austin, Texas. I promise, if we get snow I will make sure I take a picture of the snowball as it strikes Padawan so that you may all laugh with me and join me in my celebration of revenge well served. Wish really, really hard.


  1. Good luck. I'm sure any of us in the Great Lakes states would be willing to let you have the snow coming in here (12"-18").

  2. Are you rubbing it in that you get all that great snow and I'm sitting here hoping for a measly two inches? That's very mean.

  3. Rubbing it in? No, wishing it would just pass me by. I'm not even going to address the "hoping for a measly two inches" part, that would be mean.

  4. *facepalm*

    It's the only thing I could think of about your "measly two inches" thing.

  5. You could always move to Philadelphia and get douched with it like I am. I can't believe people actually want this hideous shit!

  6. I think is a case of "the grass is always greener."

    I'm sure if I had it all the time I would hate it. But I never get it, so I love it. I wouldn't trade being able to wear flip flops three hundred and fifty five days a year for a lot of snow. It wouldn't be worth the trade.

  7. We just had a snowstorm in Utah today, so maybe it'll head your way from here.

    Back in high school, I actually got my High School boyfriend directly in the junk with a snowball. I wasn't even aiming for it, and I nailed him! It was hilarious.

    Here's hoping you'll get a good shot at Padawan. I'll cross my fingers for you! :)

  8. To keep myself from having your accident, I will make sure to aim high. I don't want to hurt him...much.

    It snowed when I was in High School, but High School Boyfriend and I didn't throw snowballs. We made little two feet high snow men and made snow angels. :)


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