Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is just rambling.

Who is excited to see the new Harry Potter movie starring Tom Felton?

*raises hand* I am!

That's right. In three short hours, yours truly will be seated at the Alamo Drafthouse (the only right way to see a movie) between Padawan and Little Brother, happily watching the magic unfold before my eyes on the big screen. While enjoying a fattening, large, unhealthy meal probably topped with a margarita and chocolate chips cookies served with Vanilla Ice Cream. But  you never know, maybe I'll just eat pizza and salad. (Is that the healthier alternative?) Oh, who cares. I've lost four more pounds (four!) without even trying (maybe it's the blood loss?) so I think a good gorging is well deserved. Also, I'm celebrating the fact that my body reset was successful, and as of nine o'clock yesterday morning, the bleed out was finished.

*high five* I don't know why the doctor didn't just suggest that in the first place instead all of that BS about bleed tests and monitoring the bleeding and blah blah blah. But then again, she did fail to warn me that something as common as grapefruit juice would completely void my birth control, so maybe she's just not the most responsible doctor in the world. But what can you do? Insurance is expensive and this doctor is a hell of a lot cheaper than the others. 

I am still very sad, however, that I missed the Midnight Release. Have I mentioned that I have been present at every single Midnight Release for Harry Potter? This is the first one I was unable to attend, and it just about broke my small, shallow heart. And let's face it, if I could have convinced Padawan to go ahead and do it anyway, I would have. Padawan is more honorable than me. See, we promised Little Brother we wouldn't see it without him, and the Midnight release was on a school night, so we couldn't take him with us. So we sacrificed our happiness for his so we could take him tonight. Padawan doesn't really care so much. Me? Well, I'm more selfish than Padawan. I still wish we had gone to the Midnight Release without Little Brother and just saw it again with him today. 

Speaking of Little Brother, though, we babysat him last night while his Mother went to visit Little Sister in jail. She was sentenced and shipped off on Thursday. And where does Little Brother think his sister is? Why, he's been told, by Mother and not Padawan, that she's working at the jail. Not sent to jail because she broke two important laws. But working there. Padawan and I are all for telling him the truth, but Mother won't hear of it. Apparently she thinks it might traumatize him or something. I personally think he's not that stupid and he knows exactly where his sister is, but then again, I tend to give children more credit than most people because I understood lots of things I wasn't supposed to as a child. Anyway, we don't normally watch him on Saturday nights, so I was all set to go home and watch the first season of Rugrats (a childhood favorite) and I told Little Brother he could watch it with me. 

What did he do? Immediately walked into our bedroom, turned on the TV, and started watching his tacky cartoons where the men are all buff and stupid, and the girls are all dressed like teenage prostitutes. I don't allow that kind of trash on my TV. If he wants to watch cartoons, that's fine. But none of that rot your brain trash that they play on TV these days. But when I put on Rugrats (a show about babies with big imaginations) he started to pout.

I do not tolerate pouting children. It doesn't make me feel sorry for them. It irritates me. So I told him we could pick out something together if he didn't want to watch Rugrats, and he stayed with his head under the covers, wallowing in his one man pity party. 

"Well, if you're just going to lay there and pout, I can just put you in the corner." I don't like putting children in the corner. It wasn't a punishment for me as a child, and it's kind of stupid. Padawan uses the corner as a threat and a real punishment, and Little Brother hates it. But I don't like sticking him in the corner, anyway, so this was an empty threat and I would not have used it if he hadn't been pouting under MY quilt for no reason.

Well, he took his head out and said, "I'm not pouting!" as he wiped his eyes. Even worse, he was crying for absolutely no reason. *rolls eyes* Even just remembering that irritates me. He was crying because I wouldn't let him watch some stupid, tacky, no plot cartoons. What is wrong with children today?

But the threat worked, and we picked Quest for Camelot together. But he watched it for all of five seconds before picking up Padawan's iPhone and playing silly games on it. Which irritated me further, so I said, "If you're not even going to watch the movie, I'm going to put Rugrats back on." He started paying attention again.

But I don't think he liked it. I don't think he knew who King Arthur was, or Merlin, or anything about Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table. I think the entire point of this movie was irrevocably lost on him, and I think the songs bored him. This is a kid that can't sit at a table in a restaurant for five minutes without putting his feet on the seat or trying to get up to wander around, movies with music are even less interesting to him.

And as I watched the movie, I just couldn't help thinking that if I could have children, I still wouldn't because what if my kids liked trashy cartoons and stupid humor and stupid games and couldn't stand to read or learn about King Arthur?

I think I probably sound pretty horrible for that. It's not that I think Little Brother is stupid. I just think that he has been indulged and allowed to do whatever he wants to much, so his interests are not intellectually stimulating, and this is why he needs a tutor. If he could actually sit through a movie with music, if he could pick up a book that wasn't a comic or Star Wars related, if he could actually do something other than watch cartoons and play games, he'd be a better student. And probably less irritating on days when my patience is already short thanks to some thieves and security monitors that don't do anything because they're pointed in all of the wrong directions.


  1. I do HATE cartoons today. With the exception of Phineas & Ferb. Which I will willingly watch with or without my little brother.

  2. I would probably be more tolerant if he watched Disney Channel cartoons, but it's always this horrible stuff on Cartoon Network that is just...awful.

  3. I love Phineas and Ferb, too. That show is AWESOME! But the rest of them suck. That's why I'm so proud that my son has recently discovered Boomerang. It shows classics from my childhood like "Smurfs", "The Flintstones", and "The Jetsons". WAAAY better than the crap alternatives out there!

    I totally agree that people don't give kids enough credit. They can handle a lot more than most grown-ups think they can. They're smarter than most people think they are, too.


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