Sunday, November 7, 2010

Always check the bed before you start putting the blankets on.

So I made the bed today, and there's nothing more annoying than making a bed because all you do is mess it up all over again. But the room looks better when the bed is made. So I decided I would make it. I guess I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing because I failed to notice that Choo Choo was nowhere to be seen, and she's usually underfoot when I'm trying to do ANYTHING other than trying to play with her.

But after I made the bed I realized that she wasn't latched onto the cuffs of my jeans, and she wasn't staring at me from the bathroom or the closet or the desk. So I went out to the living room, thinking maybe she'd gone out onto the balcony since I'd left the sliding glass door open. But she wasn't out there, or under the couch, or in the kitchen, or under the table in the dining room. I even checked the laundry room, though she never goes in there when the dryer is going because she doesn't like the noise.

Not worried, but a little curious, I went back into the bedroom. I knew I had seen in there last, right before I'd started making the bed because I'd pushed her off of the bed to pull the sheets off so I could replace them. So she had to be in there. (If we kept her collar on, I could easily locate her by the telltale jingle of her tags, but Padawan insists that they be taken off indoors because it's annoying.)

I called her name loudly, "Choo Choo! Where are you?"

And imagine my surprise when a small lump in the blankets that I'd failed to notice somehow started to move towards the head of the bed and then, POP!

There sat Choo Choo, having pulled the blanket up from under the pillows to emerge. I started laughing, of course, and grabbed my camera because who wouldn't take a picture of their dog like that? And then I picked her up and fixed the blankets and sat her on top of them.

I suppose she crawled under the top sheet after I swung it over the bed. I wouldn't have noticed her do it. My dog would be excellent at playing hide and seek, I think.


  1. Cute story, and cute little dog. I guess one of the things about having such a tiny creature as a pet is that you need to think a bit more about situations like that. Making the bed with the dog inside...that's a good one. I totally love the picture, by the way. Very sweet.

    This reminds me of a very NOT cute story. It's kind of horrible, actually. A lady I once worked with told me a story once about a little kitten she had. Apparently this kitty liked climbing into her laundry baskets to play and bat around at the clothes. One day, this lady was doing laundry, put a load into the dryer and started it. She couldn't quite place what was causing the "Thump, thump, thumping" sound, and went around the house looking for it. Then she realized that the kitten was nowhere to be found, put two and two together and ran to the dryer. Unfortunately, she was too late to save the poor little creature. Even years after it happened, she got all choked up when she talked about it. Very sad. :(

    I guess the moral of that story is: Always check the laundry baskets and dryer too, just in case. :)

  2. You're right, that is a very sad story. It made me tear up, even though I knew where it was going as soon as I read kitten and laundry. I had a friend who had a cat that had kittens, and she kept moving the kittens into the dryer if it was left open. Once they turned the dryer on with her and the kittens in it, but she made such a loud angry cat noise that they stopped it in time and everyone was okay. It's sad that the curiosity that we find so charming in kitties is also a very dangerous trait, and you have to watch them. Cats are always getting into things they shouldn't. And Choo Choo would probably do that too if she had the agility and grace of a cat.


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