Monday, November 15, 2010

I love Karma. It makes me smile.

The closer it gets to move out day, the more excited I feel. Especially since it's not been warmer outside than sixty degrees all week and yet I'm not allowed to have the heater on for more than a few seconds before some stupid Jerkface Butt-Monkey Head goes and switches the AC on and sets the temperature to sixty five or lower.

And I've actually figured out that he can't even feel the difference when I turn the setting to seventy five without turning the heater on. He doesn't notice. It's only when he's walking by the thermostat and he sees the temperature setting that he feels the need to change it. 

Which just proves that he's a Jerkface. He doesn't need to have it really low to be comfortable. He only does it to be a pain in my ass, which is exactly why Karma decided to kick his ass on Saturday night. Yup, that's right, Karma kicked his ass. How? Well, like myself, Jerkface rents a garage every month. And on Saturday while he was working there was a clerical error in the computer and they cleaned out his garage instead of the garage next to it. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except that sitting in a box in his garage was a folder with important paperwork like medical bills, and another folder that had $1200 worth of money orders for his deposit and first months rent for his new apartment. 

Now, when maintenance cleans out a garage or apartment that is supposed to no longer be used, they generally keep anything they find. They go through things to find valuable stuff. So it was no surprise to me when the returned everything in the box except the money orders. However, the folder marked "deposit and first month's rent payment" was still in there. So there is proof that there was money.

However, nobody is coming forward with the $1200 that was inside, and Jerkface is very angry about the whole thing. The office is extremely apologetic, and they are interviewing all of the maintenance staff assigned to clean out the garage, but they are getting nowhere. What they should do, however, since it was their stupid mistake that caused this problem in the first place, is give him his money back so he doesn't sue the hell out of them. Because I would.

But I really don't feel very sorry for him because he's been torturing me since May with ridiculous temperatures that he doesn't even need to be comfortable. Padawan calls it bad luck. I call it Karma. Jerkface calls it theft.

What an Asshat Supreme. Maybe if he had been a little bit nicer to me and to Choo Choo this would never have happened. And maybe if he hadn't also cruelly tortured my beautiful cat Bellatrix it also wouldn't have happened. I've always believed every body gets their comeuppance when they're horrible people. And people who are mean to animals are horrible. There's just something wrong with people who don't like animals, and something seriously fucked up in people who are mean to animals. You can dislike animals without being cruel to them, you know.

All of these reasons are exactly why his garage was mistakenly cleaned out. And while I'm a little sorry that he lost his money and is probably never going to see it again, he did get the rest of his stuff back so it was really mostly just a minor inconvenience to him. 

And I was not mean enough to gloat about it to his face. I believe I gave the impression that I was a little sorry for him at the very least, if not totally sorry. I didn't smile, at least.


  1. Ahhh...Karma is always so very much fun--when it's happening to someone else. Especially someone who seems to deserve it as thoroughly as Jerkface Roommate guy. But, just because I'm SUPER nice, I'll hope (just a teeny tiny bit) that he will get his money back. That way he can move to his own apartment and stop tormenting other people. I'm more worried about whomever might get sucked into being his roommate, rather than him personally.

    I'm not crazy about animals, but I do like them. I don't hate them, and I DEFINITELY don't torment them. They're innocent, and don't deserve that kind of treatment.

    I hope the moving day countdown goes quickly for you. That's so exciting! :)

  2. Well if he has to get a roommate, I hope for his/her sake it's an Eskimo who is used to subarctic temperatures. But you're nicer than I am. I happen to know how much he makes every month and how much is in his savings account and I see the ridiculously luxury car he drives I know $1200 dollars lost to him isn't going to make much of a difference. So my pity level is very VERY low and will probably stay that way.

    Padawan isn't crazy about animals either, but he likes them enough. I love animals. Choo Choo is like my furry child.

  3. Asshat totally stealing this

  4. You're more than welcome to spread it around. More people should use it.

  5. Well, now that I know Senior Moron Jerkface Idiot Boy's full situation, I can officially say: Screw him! I hope those workers spent the money on something that would TOTOALLY piss him off. Like slot machines, or lottery tickets...or a cat.

  6. Yes...I think I like the idea of them spending the money on cats...maybe a mommy kitty and her litter of kittens. He would be horrified...


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