Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So close to the end...and I can't wait.

This morning I woke up in a good mood. This morning I showered, and dressed, and made ready for work for the first time in days without feeling nauseated or angry or just plain irate. This morning I was ready on time, and left the safety of the bedroom to go to the laundry room to get the jacket that I had washed with the lights the night before.

Only the load of Padawan's and my laundry was not in the dryer. There was one single white work shirt of Jerkface/Roommate's inside, which is something he frequently does, though I nag him about wasting water washing one damn shirt. 

But that didn't bother me. I went to the living room and to the couch where he always puts our clothes if he needs the dryer and they're just sitting in there. The jacket I am in need of is sitting right on top. I grab it.

The whole world freezes.

My hand is touching a freezing cold, soaking wet jacket. 

It's not possible for my jacket to be that wet if it had gone through a whole cycle through the dryer. It is physically impossible for such a thing to have occurred. The other clothes...all cold and fucking wet.

And then I realize what Jerkface did.

He removed laundry that wasn't his from the dryer in mid cycle last night to put something in the dryer that he didn't even need immediately. And he left our cold laundry sitting out all night, wet and wrinkly, because he's a fucking asshole. 

 This is the first time he has ever done this. I don't know if he did it just to be spiteful because he heard Padawan, who was angry at him for slamming cabinets in the kitchen because it was fifty degrees outside and he had the AC on fifty five when all he had to do was open his damn window and so I turned off the AC altogether, call him an infant the night before, or if he just decided to be a prick because we didn't go out with him for Halloween because I was too busy being sick to want to go downtown. (Also, the promise of Cirque Du Solei is way better than Halloween.) Or maybe he just felt like being an asshole. Either way, what he did was above and beyond fucking asshole moves of his in the past.

He's twenty five years old. He's about to turn twenty six. Am I the only one that thinks his behavior is a little childish and immature? Granted, I did try to jack up the bill to get him back, but I was twenty one and he fucking deserved it, and it was effective because it taught him a lesson, didn't it? 

And so I'm counting...forty five days until we move into our own place.

And imagine my surprise when Padawan mentioned that Jerkface wanted to resign the lease in December.


He thought that I was going to endure another year of only getting to see my dog once every month for a couple of days because he's a selfish prick who just doesn't like Chihuahuas and won't tolerate having an animal in my apartment. He's either the most stupid moron I've ever known or he thinks he's more charming than he is. Either way, Padawan didn't even bother discussing it with me because he knew exactly how I felt about it, and he said, "No, Chanel won't live without her dog, and I won't make her choose."

I'm sure there was probably a long conversation where Jerkface probably said, "Your girlfriend's rat is more important than your friend?" 

In which case, yes, my dog is more important than him because there's something seriously wrong with people who don't like animals and I don't like to be around them. And anyway, it was extremely selfish of him to make me keep my dog with my family for a year just because he "doesn't like Chihuahuas." And we all know why he doesn't like having Choo Choo around. He was mean to her when she was a puppy and so she hates him now and barks at him like a savage whenever she sees him.  And I don't have the heart to discipline her for hating him because I don't like him either. 

Anyway, I thought I'd close with a laugh so I'm leaving up a picture I took of Padawan and his sister's dog yesterday. His name is Scooter and he's a Corgie. I call him Sausage because he's a fat little thing. We were rubbing his belly while he was laying with Padawan and he was smiling with his teeth so I took a picture and it came out really funny.

So here it is.   

And have a close up of the smile. Seriously...I can't help giggling when I look at it.

He's saying, "Cheese!"

P.S. I despise being called unreasonable and illogical by someone who believes a man was killed on a cross and then came back to life after chilling for three days in his grave. Not to offend anyone who believes in God or whatever, but how is that reasonable but my expectation to have my wet clothes left in the dryer until dry is unreasonable? 


  1. I don't think your expectation to have dry clothes is unreasonable. Your roomate is definitely a major jerk-wad and I'm amazed that you haven't punched him dead in the face. It seems to me that he deserves it. I'm glad that you and Padawan will finally be able to live by yourselves in peace and harmony with Choo Choo. :)

    I believe in God. And Jesus. I am well aware that that belief is not particularly logical so far as most people are concerned, and I'm okay with that. I don't push my beliefs on anyone because I realize that everyone has the right to believe as they will with no interference from me. I only ask that they extend me the same kind of courtesy. No, I'm not accusing you of anything. You didn't offend me. I just figured I may as well state my position on the issue, you know, since it came up.

    Glad you're feeling better, by the way. Here's hoping you'll stay that way. :)

  2. If Jerkface didn't have tons of trophies for kick boxing, and if I thought he wouldn't use his expert skills on me, I probably would have punched him in the face. And while I wouldn't have a problem with him hitting me back, I do have a problem with being hurt more than I hurt him. And there isn't a doubt in my mind that he would hit back.

    My point was rather badly stated as I was extremely pissed at the time. The way I should have said it is that it's no more unreasonable for me to expect my things to be respected than it is for him to believe in Jesus and God.

  3. The fact that he would hit a girl makes him a double jerk face. The End!

    Thanks for clarifying your point, by the way. It's hard to articulate ideas properly when you're filled with blind fury. I find it nearly impossible myself. When I get angry, it's like my mind runs away and hides in a closet somewhere until it's WAY too late for me to effectively use any of the clever comebacks that she's come up with during her time in hiding. Sigh...

  4. Ug, don't you hate it when you sit there and think of all of the awesome things you should have said? The only thing worse is when you get so angry that you can't express yourself and wind up crying. Then people mistakenly think they've won somehow and hurt your feelings, when you're not hurt at all. Gah. It's so frustrating when your anger is hardwired to your tear ducts.

  5. I hear you on that one. Emotions. Sometimes I kind of wish I could just dial them down a bit so I can be just a little more sensible in certain situations.


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