Monday, November 8, 2010

At least I can admit that I'm lazy about grooming sometimes.

Padawan returned home after breakfast to find Choo Choo sitting on top of the basket of dirty darks this morning, her bed sitting in the corner of the bathroom, apparently not good enough for her this morning. He was amused, and knew I'd get a laugh, so he took a picture with his iPhone and sent it to me at work. When I opened the file I was surprised, and I laughed for a few minutes before I finally got myself under control. It seems that my dog is determined to get into things she shouldn't this week. I wonder what she will get up to tomorrow?

In other news, I'm playing Receptionist today, as I do every Monday, but Manager was a little busy. The Company's accountant called this morning and said that our registers were off from Saturday. (We only figure this out on Mondays because we are closed on Sundays.) Unfortunately, our system is still stuck in the Jurassic Era, and so the only way to discover the source of a mistake is to go through each and every transaction slip one by one on the phone with the Accountant to discover what doesn't belong. Since Manager was preoccupied, he asked me to go through the lists with the Accountant.

So through the lists I went, through every single transaction number, total, type of payment, and invoice, including work orders and gift cards. It was a really, really long list and I was on the phone for the better part of an hour before we figured out that one of our newer employees rang up a refund as a regular transaction, which threw off the count. But just to make sure that wasn't the only mistake, we still had to go through the rest. In the end, it was balanced out and the employee who made the mistake was "talked to," which pretty much means she said, "You made a silly mistake. Try to be more careful." No real harm.

And after that I went right back to my important activities: creating an Epic Flow Chart for Chapter Three of my latest fan fiction. Like oh-em-gee, I know, I have no life. But you know what? As far as fan fiction goes, I consider mine a cut above the rest because I'm really just rewriting the story,  and I don't throw in any of that sexual smut that I find is present in almost all fan fictions. Not that there isn't romance. All of my stories feature a relationship between Draco and Hermione because...well, that's the way J.K. Rowling should have written it and since she ruined it in the end, I feel I need to go back and fix it.

Anyway, as I was filling out my Epic Flow Chart of Wonderful Plotting (I always plot chapters out by flow chart: this makes it easier for me to keep interest in writing the story, and I'm less likely to write twelve chapters and drop off mid-story) a customer came in and I greeted him. Then he stopped in front of my desk. He looked like he had a question, so I paused my hand and looked up with a smile.

"Did you have a question, sir?"

"What do you call that hairstyle?"

" hairstyle?"


Well, I thought about the truth versus an awesome name for my "hairstyle". After a few seconds, honesty won out and I shrugged and said, "It's called, 'I didn't feel like brushing my hair after my shower this morning.'"

That made him laugh and he said, "That's awesome!" then gave me a fist bump.

Generally, I try to avoid the fist bump. I mean, I know the way it looks when a skinny white girl does the fist bump: stupid. But this guy was a modern day Hendrix: he looked awesome, so I felt I would look less ridiculous returning the fist bump. That, and it's completely rude to leave a customer hanging, so even if he had been the skinniest and nerdiest of the nerds, I would have had to return the fist bump. But this return was a pleasure.

This is the hairstyle in question. Bear in mind, I took the picture with my phone in fluorescent lighting, so the color is all crappy and weird.

I thought it looked pretty good for hair that hadn't been given the minimum courtesy pull through, but I suppose a more practiced eye probably could tell by looking at me that I haven't actually brushed my hair properly in something like two months because wearing my hair curly means I can just put in some mousse and go, which is great because I hate spending more than a couple of minutes on my hair. I have better things to do, like brushing my teeth for ten minutes and moisturizing my skin.

On a side note: I think this picture proves that I did a fantastic job matching a filler pencil to my hair color as my blond eyebrows clearly match my hair. It almost makes up for my lack of nose in this picture. Maybe if I take the flash off on my phone, my nose will appear? Or maybe it's just doomed to suck in fluorescent lighting because camera phones are not noted for their awesome picture taking abilities. Note the blurred picture of Choo Choo taken from Padawan's iPhone: not great. My camera has a bad habit of making my face look dead white in this lighting. Maybe I can adjust the contrast?

Bah. Not worth the effort. The point of focus should be the "I didn't feel like brushing my hair after my shower this morning" hairstyle. Which is totally awesome. So be envious of my not brushed hair.


  1. I'm impressed. If I were to even attempt the "I didn't feel like brushing my hair after my shower this morning" hairdo, I'd pretty much look like a freaking circus clown. Frizz City. Yours looks really good. I'm a fan.

    My hair is so thick, that strategy would never work for me. Although I do enjoy making it go all curly by scrunching it with hairspray. That's a very convenient hairstyle for a lazy person like me. I don't like to spend too much time on the hair either, if I can help it.

    Good luck on your newest Fan Fiction venture. :)

  2. I am irrevocably jealous of you, Candice. There will now never come a time when I will read your name without immediately thinking, "Balls...I'm jealous. Grr." Before I even got to read your comment, my eyes immediately found "My hair is so thick" and my brain processed it and that's all it cared about for a few moments because it's now insanely jealous. (If you can't tell, I've got irritatingly thin, baby fine hair. It's unfair.)

    Seriously. Pea-green with envy over here.

    Still jealous. Still. Processing.

    Okay, I'm still jealous but I can move past that point now, at least enough to actually read the entire comment.


    Okay, I cheated. My hair is that obnoxious form of wavy straight that curls rudely when I take the time to straighten it, and when I try to let the natural wave/curl run free it falls flat on its butt straight. I had to spend thirty minutes on it every morning either constructing appropriate curl/wave or piling on the product to fight it. In the end I just decided it wasn't worth the trouble so I went and had a loose perm put in so I wouldn't have to worry about it ever again. An advantage: my hair looks thicker this way because I no longer need to wash it every day. Shower every day, yes, but no shampooing every day. It's fabulous.

    Finishing the rest of your comment that started with "My hair is so thick," I still envy you. Dang it. It's okay. I really didn't expect to get over it ever, let alone that soon. However...I've never actually tried sprunching with hairspray. I'm a mousse kind of girl. But I do have hairspray from back before I just threw in the towel and got the I think I'm going to try that.

    Hair is very selfish. It wants all of your time and attention and your money. Hair is a jerk.

    Thank you. I think it is going well. Maybe. Possibly. You know, you never can tell with fan fiction.

  3. It's amazing how we all want different hair than the stuff that's growing out of our heads, isn't it? Here I am, thinking that my ridiculously thick hair is a HUGE bother and how I would LOVE if it were finer than it is, but then there you are, thinking about how your wish yours was thicker than it is. Maybe we can find some way to meet in the middle? Then we'd both be happy. :)

    I agree, by the way. Hair is a selfish jerk. That's why I keep mine short so it can't suck up too much of my time in the mornings. The longest I let it grow is somewhere around shoulder length. It's all I can pull off. I look stupid with long hair. I just don't have the face shape for it. Sigh...there I go again, looking at the greener grass on the other side of that stupid fence...

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