Monday, February 14, 2011

You've got an Award!

I considered writing about Valentine's Day. I really, really did. But then I was like, "You know, all of these people probably aren't going to be interested in hearing about how I tortured boys with my cold indifference  for twelves years of grade school." Plus I really don't like Valentine's Day. 

And then I remembered that Jewels, bless her awesomeness, gave me an award and so I have to do that. It's been waiting to be passed on. 

Yup. She gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. I don't know what that necessarily entails, but I've wanted this one for ever because I like the ways it looks. And like Valentines that I've saved from pre-school through high school, it's going to be saved forever and ever and treasured because it makes me feel special.

And everybody loves to feel special.

As is the way with these things, though, there are rules which I must obey. Well...I don't have to obey them. I mean, nothing will happen to me if I don't. But in the spirit of blogging and awards for blogging given by bloggers, I will acquiesce. But I'm doing it rebelliously with lots of sulking and pouting. Just so you know that.

1. Link back to the person that gave me the award.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Pass it on to ten new blogs that I'm following.
4. Tell them I gave them an award.

In the old days when I got an award I didn't really have enough blogs to issue the awards to, so I gave multiple awards to my favorite blogs. Well, I'm definitely following at least ten blogs now, so there will be no Triple Crown award and no Double Award.

I've already done the first rule, so on to the second. Seven things about myself...

1. I have three biological sisters and three step-sisters. I do not like my youngest step-sister at all. In fact, she's the main reason I don't go visit Daddy and Step-Mother more than once every couple of years. If that sounds horrible, I can't help it. There's no law that says you have to love your step-sisters. And I really don't like the middle one either. I like the oldest one sometimes, though she makes some really dumb choices.

2. There is a strawberry jelly filled donut sitting in front of me in a paper bag right now. I've had it since nine thirty this morning and I haven't eaten it yet. It smells really good and I want to eat it, but I am actually not hungry. There is a thought that says, "Oh, eat it. It's not going to hurt anything. It will be yummy and you will be happy and full of sweetness!" And then another thought says, "It's really disgusting when people eat when they aren't the slightest bit hungry. Eating just to eat is how you get fat." So I haven't eaten it. It's just sitting there taunting me. 

3. I have twenty followers and I am madly in love with each and every one of you. Alright, maybe not madly in love, but I adore you all because it seems that you like me and there's nothing more enticing to me than being liked. Well, maybe you don't like ME exactly, but you at least like what I write, which is admittedly nothing really spectacular. Sometimes amusing, I guess, but nothing ground breaking.

4. This morning I asked Padawan how he would describe me to someone else. He said, "Cheerful. Headstrong. Beautiful." Most people would probably love the beautiful part best, but beautiful is a subjective description, and  it's one that I don't need to hear. My favorite part of all of that was the first one: cheerful.

5. I have been known to read the occasional romance novel. I'm extremely picky about my romance novels, though. I won't read just any old smut that I happen across. I have a particular author that I read, and only a certain series involving a certain family. And I've never actually purchased a romance novel. I borrow them from a friend. Yes, Padawan knows, and yes, he finds it funny. 

6. My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and pink. Not necessarily in that order. In fact, one day my favorite color could be yellow, the next blue, and then pink. It just depends on the mood I'm in and the kind of day I'm having. 

7. This one is going to shock you guys. I registered to vote a couple of days ago. I know, I know. I hate politics, and I hate getting involved with them. But Chris Smith has finally done something so repulsive that I realized I couldn't expect anything to change if I didn't want to have a hand in it. So I'm reading up on all of the bills currently floating around, I'm reading various articles about them, and I wrote a long letter expressing my disgust, horror, and indignation over the whole affair of men telling victims that only certain kinds of rape count. Disgusting. Don't worry, though. I'm not voting for President. Not until they do away with the Electoral College and give us the Popular Vote. 

There you go. Seven things about me. 

Step three is to pass it on. Well...let's see...

Ten blogs...

To Ms. Jenna of, who has a shower curtain that likes to fall down. 

To Scott of, who sometimes makes me feel dumb, and sometimes makes me feel freaking brilliant when I understand everything he writes. Or most of it. I don't think I've ever read one of his entries and understood it all entirely in the first reading. 

To the writer of Building Frustrations at, who has a name I haven't discovered yet.

To Charlie at, who doesn't tell scary stories because they are really scary and ruin camping trips.  Not that I've been camping with him. I don't live in Utah, for one, and I don't camp in tents, for two. I believe in cabins with plumbing.

To Eric at who made me laugh when he explained to me why Ash was a horrible Pokemon master which ultimately sparked my following. No, I didn't find him on blogger. I actually Stumbled Upon him. 

To Joseph at who always makes me think.

To George over at because he's funny and apparently works with someone who believes she is a Nordic Princess who he really needs to set straight about her inflated ego. (By the way, George, you should tell her that all of my coworkers call me Princess and I never had to ask for it.)

To Hannah at who was a follower and then she wasn't and then she was again. More importantly, she raises snakes which is both awesome and terrifying. Snakes. You know, those long things that move around really fast but don't have bones and some people use to make purses and shoes out of but I never would because they are fascinating alive, not dead.

And those are the newest blogs I'm following and I've still got two awards left

To Candice of because have you SEEN her new blog layout? I love it. Also, she makes me laugh. And she might have borrowed my ghost. She also has a husband who is funny. But he's not getting this award. She is. Because she rocks.

And to Bryan at because as long as I've been following him I've never seen him give an award and I'm curious to see if he'll do it. Also because he really confused the heck out of me with Relativity before switching to Time Travel, which is fascinating and yet...just as confusing as Relativity sometimes. 

This concludes my blog award giving. Now I don't normally bother telling people I gave them awards, but I'm just bored enough right now to do it. So excuse me while I go and inform all of these people that they've been Tagged. 


  1. Awww...I rock? Yay me!!!

    Thanks so much for this award! I plan to put it on my highest blog award shelf and grin every time I look at it.

    Also, guess what showed up under one of our neighbors' couch cushions mere days after Tyler irrevocably replaced it? That's right! The Blackberry has been found! Tell Kane that his sense of humor has not escaped me, but he needs to stay away from the cell phones from now on. I mean, really!

  2. I *thought* I felt the vibes of somebody new being madly in love with me!! Weird! Hehehe... it's OK, I don't expect anybody to be madly in love with me...all I ask is that you be tolerant enough of me to the point where you don't want to shoot me...and I think you are peachy keen, by the way...congrats on your award!

  3. You have never fully understood one of my rants? I mean, seriously, there are some that just ooze with total understanding and rock solid points that hurt the heart AND the head. Plus, I do not follow many people and now I feel terrible about not doing so for this award passing might take some time on my part.

    On another note, jelly filled donuts are fantastic, especially those which are handed to you by a disgruntled looking employee who might have been given his final notice moments before your order. :)

    Thank you all the same.

  4. Candice: Yes. Yes you do. And you should have a sip of champagne to celebrate this most pretty of awards. Seriously. Isn't it pretty? I think so.

    Oh, that rotten Kane! The couch? Well, I think that's better than the dryer. At least it's safer in the couch of a neighbor. I wonder if they heard it ringing and thought, "What is that mysterious cell phone like noise?" In Alan Rickman's voice, obviously.

    Organic Meatbag: I would never want to shoot anybody. I don't like guns. I made the mistake of firing one at a shooting range once and it scared me. If you annoyed me I'd just go Charlie's Angels on you and beat you up, no guns. Except that I'm not particularly violent. So I would probably just ignore you. If you annoyed me. Not likely, though. You make me laugh too hard. And thank you for the peachy keen bit and the congrats. In fact...I think...I have an idea...

  5. Scott: You did what Candice does, which is comment while I'm responding.

    Well, never fully on the FIRST read. I get most of them after a second reading. But there was that one you did about the racist thing that I got completely the first read in. Actually, that was why I started following you. I thought it was brilliant. And I get the main ideas always. And I always wind up thinking really hard afterwards. And your short story about the divorce and then she changed her mind. I got that. So I exaggerated. It should say most.

    Jelly donuts are awesome. Mine did not come from a disgruntled employee. The employee was older and very nice. She didn't seem disgruntled. I hope she wasn't. I gave her a tip and everything.

  6. Aw Chanel, I'm gonna feel guilty about that forever! I swear I only dropped off the radar for an hour or two, but don't worry, I'm here to stay now. And I'm glad you adore me because I adore you too!

    Thanks so much for the award. I'd better start thinking up new things to say about myself. :)

  7. Yay! I am now made of famous, strawberry jelly filled famous.

    I think, based on your description, I will have to go over and follow Bryan. I love relativity and time travel.

  8. Thanks Princess. I have to warn you though, I'm not really good about passing these things on. What happened to the jelly, eh? (Say the last sentence with a Canadian accent and it makes sense, at least to fans of Bob and Doug McKenzie.)

  9. Hmmm, I may need a little time on this. I'm keeping on schedule with my time travel posts. I'm trying to write the latest one "Possible Methods". Frankly, it's not going very well. I'm looking up all these methods that physicists propose as hypothetical ways of manipulating time, and I'm not getting it all. As a result, my explanations are half-assed to say the least. I may have to rethink my approach here. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to work this award thing in as a post-script or combining it together with the idea of the post (I'd have to take some liberties with the award "rules" to do that, of course.) Sure, I could just throw an extra post in the middle here for the award but I'm...ummm...something that won't let me do that. I'm not sure what the word is for that.

    And yes, I have passed an award on. Remember the "Life is Good" award. I gave it to Scott. Sure, neither of us understood it, but hey... Also, I'm planning to give out a brand new award of my creation in a few days. It won't go to just anyone though. You'll have to pass a kind of test and win this...thing to be the one to get it. You'll see.

    Plus, on top of all this, I've got to figure out ten people to give it to! I'm looking and seeing that half the people I know already have the award. It's like the pocket watch. It gets around a lot.

    Anyway, I'll figure it all out. I just need time.

  10. He did punish me with the Life is Good award. I feel like I got back some of the frustration with my Dollar Bill button though.

  11. Hannah: Don't feel guilty! (Did you notice that your name spelled backwards is Hannah? You probably know that. It's amusing.) It wasn't to make you feel guilty! I'm glad I am adored. Being adored is such a nice feeling!

    Good luck on that. You'd think seven things would be easy to think of, but it's really not.

    Charlie: How are you NOT reading Bryan already? He's always got something interesting going on over there.

  12. George: For a second I thought you could have been Dizzy. Calling me Princess came entirely too naturally to you. I tried saying it with a Canadian accent, but I didn't get it. It might have been a bad accent. And I don't know who Bob and Doug are. That might be why. Well you don't HAVE to follow the rules. Rules are made to be ignored. (THAT'S what the Pomegranate was for!)

    Bryan: I don't think there's a time limit for it. I think Doug at I Like Cheese held onto three awards for something like two months before he decided to invent his own award to give back.

    Oh, yeah...I do remember that one. You didn't seem too enthusiastic about it when you got it.I think. I was also thinking of making my own award. Without rules. Or with minimal rules.

    I don't know what to call the word for when something won't let you do something, and it's because I don't know if this is one of those time things where there's something keeping you from doing something because you're already on the line for something else. I think that made sense.

    Scott: I don't think I was following you at the time you received the award. It seems you were not best pleased with it since you said "punish" and "frustration." I will go back and see if I can find's probably funny.

  13. Bob and Doug McKenzie were Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas characters. They made a movie called Strange Brew. Not a great movie, but memorable.

  14. I like Rick Moranis. I seem to recall a movie I watched ages ago in which Rick Moranis had the most obnoxious accent and said "eh" a whole lot. It's possible I've seen this movie without knowing that I saw it. Of course, I think he also did a thing where he was the voice of a moose that said "eh" a lot...but I could be wrong.

  15. I did not hold on to those awards. I gave them out. Truly I did. At least I think so. Then I made up my own awards later.

    So there.

    Oh, and I would rather read about Valentines Day than see people who are not me getting awards. Excuse me while I go cry now.

  16. accepted the award. I loved the facts and getting to know you a bit better. :-) Congrats deserved it.

  17. Doug, I was going to give you an award. Really, I was because I love your blog. But it came down to you and Bryan and I thought maybe you wouldn't mind too much because I gave you the Triple Crown Versatile Blogger Award, and two Lovely Blog awards, which is FIVE. So I didn't think you'd mind too much. And anyway, Bryan gave you the award, so you haven't been left out. You can stop crying.

    Jewels, well of COURSE I accepted. It's the award I've been hoping somebody would give me for FOREVER because it's pretty! And...It gave me something better to blog about than my dislike for this hallmark holiday of doom. Thank you again. I love my award. :D (That's the BIG smile.)

  18. I think that was Open Season. They were playing the same characters.

  19. That might be what I'm thinking about. I think I watched the making of the movie which is why I remember his face AND the moose.

  20. Thank you for my first award! It's one I've had my eye on....I now have a list of blogs to go read so I know what kind of party I'm a part of.

    I'm also going to need to know what romance novels you read. I'm an open romance novel whore, meaning I'm cheap and easy for them. I'd hate to think there was a series about a family that I haven't read yet!

  21. Thanks! My name is Johnny by the way.

  22. Yeah, that's right. I got five awards. Eat that, Bryan! You and your one little puny award.

    Honestly, I would have been surprised if I had gotten one, considering my past accolades from Fabulously Neurotic, and I am honored I was even considered.

  23. Everything seems so familar here...the background, the award, even the some of the above commentors. Why am I just now following? I guess I'm slacking.
    Congratulations on your award.

  24. Ms. Jenna, I wanted this award, too. Because it's pretty and I love it. If you read a lot of romance novels you've probably already read the works of Jude Deveraux, including the series about various generations of the Montgomery men. But if you haven't already, you should. I love them.

    Johnny, I figured your name out after I already posted it. Sorry about that. And you're welcome.

    Doug, I see that fatherhood has not taken the competitive testosterone down a notch. You're funny, but stop trying to antagonize Bryan. He did give you an award, you know.

    Asha, I was wondering the same thing! I've seen you comment on some of the blogs I read and I just never got around to following your link until just yesterday. But I'm happily following you now. And congrats on your award, too.

  25. You're right, I have read them. They are delightful.

  26. I knew it! I think she's pretty popular in the world of romance novels.


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