Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today just isn't my day, I guess.

I lost a reader. :(

Or...I thought I lost a reader. Hannah...you broke my heart! And then you fixed it! I thought I had seemed kind of sarcastic and I hadn't meant to and that you hated me...but then you came back! Yay!!!!


This morning I woke up and Padawan was like, "Chanel, look at your dog."

Well, I could feel the weight of her against my back, so I knew she was behind me, wedged in between Padawan's side and my back. She likes to sleep between us because it's warmest there. Careful not to disturb her, I turned my head around to look.

I cracked up.

Padawan was amused. "She slept like that all night." 

I didn't have my camera available to take a picture, but I found this substitute, who is not nearly as cute as Choo Choo, but will suffice.

I do not know why she chose to sleep like that since she generally prefers to curl up in a little ball or to lay fully stretched out on her side, but I guess last night she got bored and decided to try a new position. I only wish I had slept with my camera next to my phone. Rest assured, next time I will be prepared and have my camera at the ready. 

Anyway, have some pictures of the apartment.

On second thought the photo uploader seems to not want to work anymore today so you guys get no pictures. Sorry. :(


  1. When I was a kid we had a dog who always slept on her back. Usually at the top of the couch.
    I don't worry about followers, I always assume they stopped in, read something, followed me for one particular post and stopped when all of them weren't the same.
    I know I'm going to offend from time to time either posting or commenting because that's the way it is in the real world.

  2. I can't imagine it's a comfortable way to sleep when you're a dog. My cat used to sleep that way sometimes, though. She was kind of weird for a cat, though. But I like my readers! I think I shall be madly in love with my first twenty readers because I never expected to have any. It's so sad to see the number go down...

  3. I'm SO SO sorry I made you sad! I was trying to switch from one email to another as fast as possible (I thought I should stop clogging up my family email) but my little guy did NOT want to go down for his nap. I'm still here and as big a fan as ever!!

    My dog will lay that way sometimes too. I guess he figures we sleep on our backs, why shouldn't he?! :)

  4. My dog does that sometimes too...and sometimes he stretches the length between us and puts his butt on my cheek or stretches the other way and breathes on me all night or lays sideways and kicks me as he has his little puppy dreams of running through the forest chasing bouncing toys of fluffy bacon. I should do some posts on my neurotic dog.
    Funny Stuff I Write

  5. Hannah: It's okay. I am no longer heart broken. I hope he eventually went down for his nap, but you can't really blame him. Naps are boring until you're not allowed to have them anymore. And maybe that's why Choo Choo did it! It's probably some elaborate plot to fool me into thinking she's People so she can eat our food. Clever dogs...

    Charlie: Yuck! I wouldn't want to wake up with anybody's butt in my face, especially a dog's! That's funny, though. I think all dogs must like to kick people in their sleep. We probably deserve it for moving around so much.

  6. My dog likes to lay on her back and squirm around on the floor. We call it her "happy dance", but she's really probably just trying to scratch an itch she can't reach. It's cute, though.

  7. Aw! Dogs are so cute when they do normal things. I can't think of a cute way to scratch my own back. If people dragged themselves across carpets to scratch an itch, we'd look pretty ridiculous, not cute.

  8. I'm going to need you to stop teasing with possible blog posts. I have one showing up on my dashboard but the connection won't go through!! Since I'm the nosiest person in the world and the preview showed a glimmer of apartment photos, you're going to need to fix this pronto.

    PS: You're puppy is sweet, mine's a fat old man who snores.

  9. I looked at the pictures before I read the post (because pictures are fun), and I was thinking, "why is that rat-thing on its back?

    Then I read the post and my confusion is all cleared up. Thank you for your concern.

  10. Ms. Jenna, that one wasn't supposed to be published and when I realized that I had published it I took it down. I didn't realize the link would stay on your feed. Don't worry, it will be up today and then you can see the pictures.

    Doug, that is not a rat thing! It's a cute little puppy. Although not as cute as my own dog, it is still a cute dog. Not a rat thing. Rats have long tails and big pointy teeth. Also, I think they might know karate and hang out with turtles in sewers.

  11. I don't know about karate, but I hear they work in French kitchens and make a kick-ass ratatouille.

  12. I think you're right. I heard that somewhere, too.

  13. My dog is the cuddliest dog in the world, but he's definitely never done the dead-dog lay in the bed! My parents' dog will lay like that for HOURS. I have no idea how blood doesn't rush to her head or anything.

  14. I don't see how it doesn't hurt their backs. They have curved spines and laying flat like that has got to be weird...If dogs could talk, I'd ask her. And you could ask your dog why she doesn't lay like that.


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