Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mi Casa (AKA: Choo Choo in the laundry net)

My computer absolutely refuses to believe that onomatopoeia is a word. And I've looked it up in three different online dictionaries, and in my actual Oxford dictionary. I am spelling it correctly. But my computer still gives me the stupid red squiggly line that means, "Hey, moron, that's not the way you spell it!" But, dear me, when I right clicked on the word to see it correctly spelled, it just said there were no suggestions. It's just not a word.

It doesn't exist.

Well, my computer is just stupid. People are worried about computers becoming too smart and taking over the world? *scoff* With computers like my little ASUS in the robot rebellion/uprising, I think humanity will be just fine and dandy. 

Anyway, I thought I'd give the uploading of the pictures starring my new apartment another shot since I promised like a million and five years ago I'd put them up.

This would be...the kitchen.

Yes, that is a pile of drying dishes in our draining board, and those are my purple gloves. I do not ordinarily do dishes, of course, but when I have to do dishes (like when Padawan is sick), I have to have the gloves because touching dirty dishes with my bare hands really grosses me out.

This is the dining room and then a shot of the living room.

There isn't a clear divider because it's a small apartment, but there's enough room. And that big, round, brown chair is the most awesome chair in the world to read, watch TV, and nap on. For the record. And yes, our couch is red and so is our table cloth because I like warm colors, and I like fun colors. And I happened to like the red cover better than the tan cover, which would have looked really boring in this room with a brown chair and coffee table and an olive green accent wall. I think the red looks awesome and fun.

Yes. That is Rock Band next to the TV. And the picture on the green wall was drawn for me by Lydia (formerly Wheat) for my twentieth birthday.

I just wanted to show you guys the TV that is NOT mounted. Don't you guys agree with me that the TV would look way better mounted on the wall instead of sitting there on that ugly black stand that completely doesn't match the rest of the furniture? And don't even get me started on that stupid exercise bike that we never use but Padawan insists on keeping in my damn living room. You guys think that big ugly bike looks all wrong in the living room, too, right?

I'm not including pictures of the bedroom or bathroom in this post because as of the time the pictures were taken, the bedroom and bathroom floors were dedicated to massive piles of laundry sorted into appropriate colors for washing: lights, mediums, darks, blues, reds, and jeans.

Yes. I color coordinate my laundry to ensure that no colors fade or mix unnecessarily. I realize that it above and beyond the effort most people extend for their laundry, but I am obsessed with bleeding colors. And while part of me wants to try that Shout Color Catcher thing that absorbs bleeding colors so that you don't have to sort your laundry, (This is something I know was invented for men, who don't believe in sorting colors) I like the method of sorting everything into neat little piles that dry within a reasonable amount of time and aren't heavy to move from room to room. 

But I will give you a really cute picture of Choo Choo, who on this particular day jumped up onto Padawan's computer chair before jumping into the laundry net on the stand that I had thrown a blanket in to get it out of my way. It was Choo Choo's blanket, and I guess she got cold because when I went to pull it out and throw it in the appropriate pile, I found she had burrowed into it and was looking at me with the cutest little face.

Great balls of fire! My dog is so cute sometimes it's almost disgusting. Look at that little face! Look at it! You know it made you smile.


  1. My TV sits on a stand like that. There's some part of me that has an irrational fear about hanging a $400 TV on the wall like it's a landscape painting.

    As far an onomatopoeia, tell your computer to sound it out :) Hmmm, I just noticed that my computer recognizes it. I don't know what you're running, but in Windows, if you right click, there's usually an "add to dictionary" option. If it's a Mac, I don't have a clue. I've never had one, never used one, and I'd probably have to see that lit up apple on the back to even recognize one. They sound nice though.

  2. My ASUS runs on Windows 7. And it is dumb. It also doesn't recognize it's own name as a real word and keeps tell me to correct it to ANUS. Stupid thing. I just added it to the dictionary. It's just sad that I had to do it.

    As for your TV, I can see your point about not wanting to hang it on the wall...but the black TV stand just doesn't go with anything. It looks awful. Also, if the TV were mounted I could put the Rock Band under it instead of off to the side. It would just be better.

  3. I suggest you paint the tv stand a color you want, get rid of the bike, and commission some big artwork that incorporates the color red on your wall above the couch. I painted three panels with orange and brown for above mine. I built a tv stand and painted it white. Now I'm working on bookshelves to frame the stand and tv.

    On second thought, don't do the things I suggested. They are a lot of work and I'm tired just thinking about the shelves.

    Your dog is stinking cute.
    Funny Stuff I Write

  4. I get weirded out about the mounting thing too...but I get weirded out by lots of things. Like oversized pens. WEIRD.

    Choo Choo is freaking adorable in there!

  5. Chris: Padawan has already made it clear that large pieces of art are not allowed. His point was something about how it was girly in here already and I didn't need to make it worse. And he won't let me get rid of the bike. He says he might want to exercise while watching TV and that is why it has to stay in the living room. He said I can do whatever I want to the stand though. So I can just sand off the black finish and make it mahogany or cherry or something. Come to think of it, I might just redo the coffee table, too.

    Nicki: I have a giant black pen with a white skull on it that is too big for me to write with because my hands can't take it. That kind of weirds me out. But I think that some TV mounts are a lot sturdier than others and if I did my research our over size, over priced TV would be fine. Maybe. Padawan just doesn't want to have to be the one to mount the TV. I think that's why he doesn't want me to do it.

  6. I like your kitchen, kitchens are important to me. In fact, it's pretty much the deciding factor in my choice of where to live.

    I also like the red sofa. I personally prefer brightly colored furniture since I know most all rentals have relatively neutral walls. I also like red.

    And yes, mount the TV. I had a similar stand that I hated, but I finally found an entry table that was cheap, matched my decor, and held my TV. Problem solved.

  7. I like my kitchen, too. I love the stainless steel appliances. That's what sold me on them. I LOVE the way stainless steel appliances look in a kitchen.

    I found this stand/mount thing that I really like online. I think I'll order it and tell Padawan about it after it arrives. Then he can put it together. :)

  8. Even though you called me Chris...????...I came back to this post to tell you that I put the panels I painted for above my couch up on my blog. Padawan can see that they are not all that girly. Ü
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  9. Oh...I didn't mean to call you Chris. I knew I did somewhere along the way but I just read your name together as one and at a glance it looked like "Christopher" and so I called you Chirs. I was an accident!


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