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Apparently on the "True Christians" are being taken away for the Rapture thing today, and all of the Infidels, non-believers, and generally sinful people are staying behind for six months. I suppose that's to give us a chance to think about what we've done and try to change.

So I'll just carry on not worrying about dropping dead suddenly.

Although I did make a point of saying that dying so young wouldn't be very sad if I knew the rest of the world was dying right there with me. My coworker Wood Winded said that was mildly selfish. But really it's not. Nobody left to morn me, and nobody left to morn them, and so on and so forth.

And I have my very own Uber Christian to watch for signs of the Rapture. He's so Christian he doesn't even believe in dinosaurs. If he drops dead suddenly, I'll know it's all true. If not...

I guess I won't get to loot the Dr. Pepper Factory and Museum tomorrow.

What a shame....


Speaking of awesome things happening...

Fabulous Atypical Headaches of Third Shift Cheese is, apparently, no longer in the realm of ideas and has taken on an actual physical form in the realm of Blogging. Be warned...clicking on the names might scar you for life as far as certain team members are concerned. And when I say "names" I mean one specific name that will burn an image so wonderfully horrifying into your retinas that you will never be able to recover.


I gave you guys a post from the past on Wednesday, but when I logged onto Blogger it was just...gone. Where? I don't know. Will it come back? Possibly. I've been getting old comments back recently. Maybe I'll be getting this post back. But why did it go? Did this happen to anybody else?

Has the world gone mad? 

Oh, did anybody else watch the Big Bang Theory season finale? If you did...thoughts?

As for the Bones finale...Pshaw. I told you so. 


  1. Yes, there's a museum! It's right there inside of the factory in Waco and it's BRILLIANT!

  2. I supose your post went on to the same place missing socks go.
    Also, I'll still be here with you once they take the crazies to their mother ship.

  3. But the socks never come back...

    Does that mean my post is gone forever? How sad. That one was amusing.

    If their Mother Ship even wants them back...

  4. Yeah, the "tide you over" post is totally gone. Has it been prematurely raptured? Is there going to be another glitch in Blogger? I'm starting to think Wednesday is a bad day to post. I nearly lost my one last Wednesday.

  5. Are you saying that of all the posts I've put up, that was the ONE post without sin? Surprising since I'm pretty sure I was a glutton for ice cream and candy in it...

    Stupid blogger! GO! FIX! YOURSEEEEEEEEELF!

    I don't normally post on Wednesdays but if there's widespread difficulty for posting in the middle of the week maybe we should all boycott it!

  6. Loving the randomness of this post. You win!

    Also, blogger needs to go lock itself in a closet and die so it can be reborn as a functional program. Stupid Blogger!

    Also, it's good to know that I'm not the only one that missed "The Rapture". I guess I'll just stay here and eat some chocolate cake...

    YES! I did see the season finale of Big Bang Theory and I loved it! The ending was surprising but predictable all at once. When Penny and Raj woke up in bed together I couldn't help being smug about it, because I TOTALLY CALLED THAT!!! Crazy, AND funny!

  7. Oh, Thank GOD!you are still here. I was beginning to get a little worried. I mean, I knew Bryan was a shoe in to hang back with the rest of us, but were a toss up. Hell, as it were, looks a lot like yesterday. Have you noticed?

  8. A Papa Roach reference? I didn't see that coming.

  9. I normally write in Microsift Word and then copy and paste to Blogger. I've been screwed by Blogger one too many times.

  10. Candice, yes. Blogger should definitely be looking for a closet to crawl into because I am most displeased.

    I have chocolate cake! Let's eat it together! But...after my pizza gets here because I want to eat the pizza first.

    I couldn't BELIEVE he couldn't talk to her after they woke up together! I mean, of all the times to talk to a woman, HELLO!!!!

    Scott, I'm still here. But where's all of the fire and brimstone I was expecting? I mean, the pizza delivery service is still working. Obviously the world didn't end. Either that or we've been in Hell the whole time....

    Bryan, I'm surprised you got that. Then again...everybody who saw Red Dragon would totally get that reference. Well done! And I know you didn't see it coming. I like to keep you guys on your feet.

    Asha, I should probably start doing that. Why did that never occur to me before? You're a damn genius, Asha.

  11. Yes. Sometimes I surprise myself. ;)

  12. You were totally right about Bones, of course. How else were they going to explain Emily's real life pregnancy? Of course it does take away something from the story. The whole sexual tension thing between her and Booth.

    And why am I talking about this? I'm a dork, obviously.

    I believe I may take Asha's plan and start writing in Word then copy and paste it. I've had a few posts go "poof". Maddening.

    Glad to see you are all still here. In a totally self-serving way, of course. I'd really be pissed if I was the only one left.

  13. Asha, got any more golden ticket ideas up there?

    Darev, I know. I just love having the confirmation when everybody else was all "No, they'll only get together if there's not a next season," and "Booth would NEVER take advantage of Bones like that," and "They won't end up together until the last episode of the last season EVER and this isn't it!" Is it so wrong that I wish they'd shown SOMETHING on screen, though? Just for the sake of the fans?

    And you're not a dork. You're dedicated.

    If you were the only one left you could totally loot everything with no guilt...Like the Ben and Jerry's Factory. :)

  14. Um, no, somehow I missed the finale to Big Bang Theory. Shucks.

  15. Yeah, we know you don't like the BBT, Doug. It's okay, though. One day, you will be able to at least appreciate it, if not love it.

  16. You have been awarded. Come to my blog.

  17. I saw that. I accept my STD with pride.

  18. If I was the last one left I would so end up with a cool house like Charlton Heston had in "The Omega Man".

  19. Another post lost?! What's up with that?! I loved the Bones finale! My friend and I were like, "FINALLY!" lol

  20. I know!

    DID YOU SEE HIS SMILE?!?!?!? That smile was so awesome!

  21. So this being about a billion years after the supposed rapture and all, I saw a lot of commentary regarding Ye Olde End of the Earth and all. And this:

    "I guess I won't get to loot the Dr. Pepper Factory and Museum tomorrow."

    was the best commentary regarding the big bad ole Rapture I've seen. Kudos, darlin'. Kudos.

  22. That was my whole master plan: if the world ended, I would partake in the post rapture looting. I would just focus on Dr. Pepper, since it's the best thing EVER.

    But didn't happen. *sigh* One day, it will all be MINE!

    Thank you, Nicki. Next time there's a rapture, we'll go loot Dr. Pepper together.


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