Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I recall promising a picture...

After I got my Mega Desk. I believe it was something about finding an Evil Genius in her Secret Lair Hat.

Or something to that effect.

Well, after months and months of searching (Actually, I have no idea how long it's been. I only know that it's been a while since I talked about it and it might as well have been months and months ago) I have finally found it.

The perfect hat for my Evil Genius ways.

Here it is.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


Here we go!!

Ta-da! Now, nothing says evil genius plotting world domination quite like a fuzzy red hat with kitty ears on top and long ear flaps on the side. And I have my trusty sidekick, Choo Choo, to help me plot. Ignore what appears to be my own blog on the screen. It's a trick picture because I actually had my evil plans on the screen and photoshopped my own blog picture in there. Yeah, think about that. And ignore those papers to the right of my screen. Those are not evil plans.

They are nothing.



  1. Your hat is...neat. And you look like Dr. Evil and his hairless cat...with a hat.

    Yes, I did just insult the Evil Genius's dog.

    Nice fishies.

  2. That looks like your apartment lease agreement. It is indeed evil.

    And you tricked out your dog's eyes to make them look more diabolical? Nice.

  3. Wasn't Dr. Evil bald?

    I'm not bald! I have shiny brown hair! You can see it in the picture!

    And my dog has fur. She's not hairless, although I did threaten to shave her bald if she didn't stop scratching her already irritated skin.

    Yes, play with the fishies. They are not piranhas.

  4. Doug, yes it is my evil lease. But it works in my favor this time. They have to spray something on the grassy areas to do something about those awful fleas. Even I'm being bitten by them when we go for walks.

    I actually just got rid of the red eyes, but you could say I did it to make her look more diabolical.

  5. Well, despite the fact that is one of the most diabolical grins I have seen in a long time, I must say that you are the cutest evil overlord ever. Anyone who can wear a hat like that is number one in my book.

  6. Nice Pose. How many times a week do you dye your hair? Or were those pictures old?

  7. Is that the Gone with the Wind board game? I always get the "I don't know nothin' bout birthin' no babies" card and then the other players get to smack me in the face. I hate that game.

  8. Rev, I'm glad you like this hat. I wore it to work one day and the old dinosaur in the piano department was extremely annoyed.

    Scott, I don't dye my hair every week. I generally color it every couple of months because, unlike everybody else's hair, my hair doesn't hold color well and fades. If I dyed it every week it wouldn't be shiny.

    Bryan, *laughs* no, that is the 70th Anniversary Special Edition of the movie, which my sisters loving gave to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was my favorite present. I also have the 60th Anniversary Edition of the book, but it graces the top shelf of the book shelves, right in front of my Jane Austen collection.

  9. Did I write a comment here earlier?

  10. How do we know it's your real hair? And the dog kinda looks hairless, so the comparison stands.

    And I finally got around to paying you back for the blog awards over the past long while. I offer you another Classic Post. Come on over to buildingcastlesonthebeach.blogspot.com to see.

  11. George, not that I received...did Blogger spazz on you? Asha has commenting problems, too.

    Brent, I suppose it could be a wig. But if I was going to buy a wig it would look a lot better than that. Yay! Thank you in advance.

  12. Years ago when I worked at a place where I could wear what I wanted to, I used to wear different hats in to work just to annoy the boss. That was awfully fun some days. And some of the customers would come in looking for me saying "Where's that guy with the weird hat?"

  13. Hats are great accessories. I just don't understand why fun hats annoy people. A good, fun hat makes you smile. I don't see why people get annoyed or angry when they see other people having fun. It must be a really miserable existence when you live like that.

  14. I just fell a little bit in love with you.

  15. You mean you weren't already? Aw...disappointment. But success! Muahaha! You've discovered my evil plan, Nicki. To make the whole world fall in love with me a little bit. I see it's working!


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