Friday, May 13, 2011

Morgan Freeman likes fried chicken...and so do I.

Does anybody else think that Blogger selling to Google was a big mistake?

Think about it. As soon as Google took over, things got buggy. And the next thing I know, Blogger is shutting down "for an hour" to do maintenance, and thirty six hours later I'm finally able to get back to my dashboard, but my comments have been cleared.

Yeah. I think the new Google owned Blogger is going to be far less enjoyable than Blogger was previously.

Where are the comments that were left, Blogger? Huh?

Oh, more importantly, why are some of my old posts gone

Yeah. Didn't think I'd notice, did you? Oh, but I do. Some of my favorite all time entries have been deleted...removed. Completely gone from the face of my blog! How do you think that makes me feel? 

Never mind. I'm angry with you. I don't want to talk to you. You're not my favorite internet tool right now. Understand?

Good. I'm moving on now.

I stumbled upon this amusing GIF of Morgan Freeman staring at a KFC menu. I thought it was pretty funny because it's Morgan Freeman...staring at a KFC menu. Apparently there is some stereotype out there that black people like fried chicken.

That's just stupid.

I love fried chicken. My whole family loves fried chicken. People in general freaking love fried chicken. So when I saw the Morgan Freeman GIF, I just thought it was a funny "people in general love fried chicken" thing.

And then I read the comments underneath the GIF and there were all of these people screaming, "RACIST!" Which is how I found out about this stereotype of black people and fried chicken.

Which is stupid.

I thought it was funny. I still think it's funny. Because who doesn't like fried chicken?

There are few things in this world that I enjoy far less than fried chicken. Here are some things that I love much less than a good piece of fried chicken.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Blackened Steak
Chai Tea Latte

Notice how I just listed a bunch of my favorite things to have. But I still love fried chicken more than them. And I don't look anything like Morgan Freeman.

It doesn't make me racist because I find it funny.

And anyway, I'm pretty sure this falls under "stereotype" and not "racism". And yes, there's a difference in stereotyping someone or something and being racist.  If a black man makes a blonde joke is he being racist?


But seriously, people. It's only funny when a blonde calls another blonde a blonde. 


  1. I feel like I should keep my comments to myself now.....


  2. I have no idea which version of this you read because it accidentally published mid sentence a couple of times...

    Don't keep your comments to yourself!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. I mean about the fried chicken and stuff. When did Google take over Blogger?

  4. Now I want fried chicken...

    Sometime back in April, I think. So long ago that the announcement isn't in the Buzz Feed anymore.

    I'm pretty sure it was after the move to Australia, but before you deleted your blog.

  5. The stereotypical foods associated with blacks are just the foods (fried chicken, watermelon, ribs) I was used to eating at my grandmother's during my youth.

  6. NEW GOOGLE-OWNED BLOGGER, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY ON THE LIST!!! Watch yourself now, 'cause my patience is wearing thin!

    I lost a post, too. I'm pretty pissed off about it. Those jerks had better get their ducks back in a row, or I will use my faithful, evil duck army to take them out for good and all. Then you and I can start our own Blogosphere, free of all problems and "bugs". All bugs are evil anyway.

    I love fried chicken. That stuff is like crack to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that crack is one of the Colonel's "Secret Spices". Clever Colonel Sanders. Very clever. Now gimme some chicken! I've got a serious craving right now!

    I don't see why black people should be the only ones who are allowed to love fried chicken. Unfair! Maybe we should put whoever it was that started this whole stereotype on "The List" as well. Or we could send them to "Hater's Island!" That'll show 'em!

  7. George, yeah I think those foods are just the ones that are commonly found and enjoyed in the Southern U.S. (Except for watermelon. I hate watermelon.) How did it become a stereotype?

    Candice, I keep forgetting to add things to the list when I get mad at them! But I think this is bigger than just the List because this was a hardship for ALL bloggers!

    I tried to read your epiphany and it wouldn't let me! TWICE!

    If we were running things we would not let Google anywhere NEAR our coding and programming. We'd handle it better with nerds who aren't so proud they refuse to double and triple check their work before adding it to the main equation!

    Inventor of stereotype: You are on THE LIST! Take that, you jerks!

  8. And here we are blogging away as if nothing happened. Except that we're blogging about what happened. Stupid Blogger.

    And I tried one of those fried chicken sandwiches that is just chicken and cheese and bacon. I was not happy with it. I'll stick with chicken fingers or tenders or whatever you call heavily breaded de-boned chicken meat, thank you very much.

  9. It's not Blogger's fault. It's all because of Google.

    Are you talking about the sandwich that uses fried chicken instead of bread?

    Oh my God, did you feel like you were going to die of high cholesterol after you ate it???

  10. I'm so annoyed about the missing posts and comments! Supposedly, they are going to restore everything--here's hoping. I mean, people take time to leave heartfelt comments--I don't want them to disappear!

    Fried chicken--yum!!!!!!!

  11. They said it would be up shortly...

    So in another couple of days, I guess.

    Stupid Google...

  12. I agree with Candice up there about Google owned Blogger being on the list. Big time!

    Also, who doesn't like fried chicken? I always thought that stereotype was dumb. What's next, "Chinese people like to breathe air."?

    What posts did you lose? I was alarmed when I read that. I checked mine as well, and thankfully they're all there.

  13. Wow, even Bryan's talking about the List. Blogger/Google, you are in BIG trouble now. Watch yourself!

    Well, vegetarians don't like fried chicken. But they don't like any meat, so you can't really trust them.

    Some posts from back when Padawan and I lived with Jerkface. AND my Things I Learned in My First Apartment: Part 2 is gone!

  14. Ah, I see. Hopefully they're still working on restoring stuff.

  15. Story time (feel free to not publish this if you so wish)
    I grew up in central florida, think Cool Hand Luke because it was based on our sherrif and in out county. My school system got accused of being racist for segrigation on the school busses. It really wasn't their fault that all the same people live in the same areas. Any way to fix it they suffed me on a diffrent bus to make it all better. Common foods my fellow bus riders brought for breakfast...... Cold fried chicken, Grape Drink, orange drink, grape or orange popsicles, cold waffles (sometimes wrapped around chicken) Collard greens in a bowl.
    Sterotypes happen. I enjoy all the things I just listed also.

  16. Hate to say this, but I think Google bought Blogger in 2003. They just recently got around to making changes, though.


    Also, KFC probably knew there would be controversy when they put Mr. Freeman on their ads. Any publicity is good publicity. Or so I've heard.

  17. Rebecca, what is grape drink? Like a soda or juice or something? And waffles and fried chicken is definitely popular in the South. There are entire restaurants dedicated to the deliciousness. It's stereotyping when talking about habits, not racism. Racism is a belief someone is inferior due to skin color or cultural differences. Nobody saying those children were inferior. Just that they enjoyed chicken. And what are collard greens?

    Doug, well they only recently announced it. I remember reading it on the feed and something about how all of the Google changes would be great.

    Guess what. They...LIED.

    I've never seen him in a real KFC ad. But then again...I don't have cable and I don't make a habit of Googling commercials on YouTube. So for all I know...He loves KFC so much he does ads for them. I'd do a KFC ad.

  18. Some people use the phrase 'racism' for any situation that doesn't benefit them directly and I find that despicable. Or sexism or ageism. They cry "Discrimination!" whenever they don't get what they want. "I didn't get the job because I'm.... whatever." They won't even entertain the notion that they didn't get it because they weren't good enough. At one time an inmate called me a "Honky cracker motherfu**er." and I said he was racist. His reply to that was "I can't be a racist! I'm black!" Yeah, right.

    Whups. Dang soapbox.... How did that get there?

  19. He said he couldn't be racist because he was black?

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Anybody can be a racist.

    That's like me saying, "I can't be sexist! I'm a woman!" I assure you, I can be sexist sometimes.

    Your soapbox is perfectly welcome.

  20. Blogger made me sad too. Bad blogger, bad!

  21. Yes, it deleted one of your posts, I saw. Have they even issued a full apology yet?

  22. Blogger prolly won't apologize, I can see them just pretending it never happened and hoping we forgive them. *grr face*

    Grape drink is grape soda with out a band name. If you look on the bottom shelf of the soda isle you will see it. Sometimes it is store brand other times it is just a purple can with GRAPE on it.

    Collards are a vegetable, usually boiled or eaten raw like salad. You can get them in a can like spinach too.

  23. Collards don't sound very appetizing.

  24. I like collards. But I LOVE fried chicken.

  25. See...this proves it. EVERYBODY likes fried chicken.

  26. Weighing in late but just to say that fried chicked is all that. Your list of other favs is a home run with me as well...

  27. And just when I think that my case rests...

    More proof.

    See, fried chicken is just that good and somebody needs to explain that to the people who screamed "racist!" when this GIF came out.


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