Friday, May 27, 2011

The Classic Post Blogger Pays it Forward

I know you guys have been waiting with baited breath the winners of the Classic Post Award that Bryan created and then passed to me.

Here they are: (Yes, they are all linked. Just hover over them and you can see the links. Sorry, I'm going to change the link color after I post this.)

A new blog I've started reading recently, The Frisky Virgin of The Frisky Virgin for Share Mail: Prom Pressure
Bryan of Nuclear Headache (I don't care if he invented the award: he earned it!) for his Time Travel Month

These Awardees are among my favorite bloggers in the blogosphere, and these posts are among my favorites.

I've also received and award from the Frisky Virgin...

And there are rules/guidelines.

But I'm not posting them.

I'm just going to pass this award on to:

And...leave it at that. For the rules/guidelines you can check out Frisky's page, because just dog tired and don't feel like stipulating anything other than you should pass it on to at least one other blogger. You know, because it's call pay it forward. 


  1. Well, you know, not every post can also double as a time machine.

  2. Also, I've been slow to come around, but I'm following Candice now. That post made up my mind. I also like her new layout. Can I vote for her to design our blog? :)

  3. I know. None of our posts are as cool as your Time Machine Post of Awesome Travelness.

    That's got more pink than the first design I did!

  4. so, I'm not one of your favs? huh. I will win you over yet!

  5. I said they were AMONG my favorites, and I said I wasn't giving repeatsies. You already got the award for The Clockmaker series.

  6. I have a classic post!!! YAY!!!

    Also, thanks for Paying it ME!!! I'm feeling very loved.'s a good day today. :)

  7. See, that's the reaction I like to see when I dish out an award!

  8. No, no. I will be OK. I'm just going to go over to my Atypical corner and hold myself awhile. And to think, I even fed your fish, Poor buggers were starved.

  9. You already have the award! That's the only reason I didn't give it to you.

    And thank you for feeding my fish, though I do feed them at least five times a week. They might have been hungry...

  10. I feed them tiny Cheetos. They seem to like it.

  11. I thought they were cheeze its.

  12. Okay. I never knew you could feed the fish. I am rethinking the whole pretend pet thing here and might possibly consider maybe getting an aquarium for my blog.

    Thanks for the classic post recognition. I love the idea of choosing individual posts to celebrate. Thanks. Did I day that?

    I've been really slow to pay it forward myself, but I'm getting to it. I swear.

  13. I'm not really sure what happens to the fish if nobody feeds them. They might disappear.

    You're welcome. Twice. (Because yes, you did.)

  14. I sat here for close to an hour and fed the fish an entire bag of Totino's Pizza Rolls. They seemed to enjoy them.

  15. These fish will apparently eat anything you stick in their tank. I wish there was a food option for the widget. And a fish option. I'd get piranhas and feed them fingers. :P

  16. Thank you Chanel, you are always very generous with the awards. I also have a small little thrill at knowing that the Buddy post is your favorite one because it involves my dog and I of course think anything that involves or includes him is the best.

  17. You're welcome. I love a lot of your posts, but Buddy's story was by far my favorite. I hope you post about him more!

  18. You're welcome. Are you actually going to pass it on?

  19. Don't know if I'll pass it on or not. It might give me something to write about, if I find time to write.


    Says the belatedly excited blogger!

    This is such a freaking COOL idea for an award.

    (And your other blogchoices were very well selected-- both Candice's and Jenna's posts are my favorite choices for them, too!)

    I am incredibly flattered and I am practicing my award speech in my full-length gown.

    It's bedazzled.

  21. I want a bedazzled floor length gown...PROJECT!!!!

    Bryan's kind of a genius like that. He always has the best ideas. I love this award, though. Definitely fun to recognize individual pieces by individual bloggers.

    I can't wait to see who you pass it on to so I can read their blogs!


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