Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pictures of my work Christmas tree!

I know you guys are just dying of impatience to see pictures of the new apartment. Or I'm flattering myself and nobody actually cares. Either way, I'm not taking any pictures until everything is unpacked. And everything is unpacked, expect for the books. Several boxes of books are just hanging around, waiting to be unpacked. And they aren't unpacked because my bookshelves finally fell apart and I have to wait for Santa to bring me a new book shelf for Christmas.

I have been assured that I am getting a new one.

So when we have our bookshelves, and I can unpack my books, I will put up pictures. 

In the meantime, you can see pictures of the Christmas tree I keep on my file cabinet at work and the decorations hanging from the ceiling in front of my desk, which I secretly hope will fall on evil customers that give me a hard time, but they never do.

And that is really all I have to say, except that I'm sick and tired of the attitude people keep giving me when I say, "I'm sorry, but we don't sell music CDs here. Just accompaniment CDs," and then they snap at me that it's really stupid, and then they demand to know where they can buy music CDs before calling me absolutely useless when I tell them to try Target because, duh, it's not my job to tell people where to buy things we don't sell. Obviously.

Not that I don't try to be helpful. Target has a music section. They just don't see it that way.


  1. You need to put lead weights in those ornaments and then have a secret button under your desk that you can tap with your foot that releases them. Then when someone comes in asking for a CD you can just go, "Ummm, I'll see what I can do." Then you hit the button, knock them out, and then drag them out the back.

    Do people really not understand the difference between a music store and a record store?

  2. For all the people who would deserve it...we'd go through a lot of ornaments. I'm not sure they would consider that cost effective, but I love imagining the scene in my head.

    Apparently if it has "music" in the title, it must sell CDs. I don't know WHY people assume this. Or why they get frustrated when I explain that we sell instruments and accessories. I only know that I want to strangle them with my phone cord when they cop the attitude.

  3. Well, I can see people possibly being confused by the name, if they weren't familiar with the store. For instance, there's a place around here called Arrowhead Music that seems instruments and another place called Ultrasonic Music that sells CDs. But if I walked in the door at Arrowhead, I would realize my mistake, and if was still too dense to get it, I wouldn't start yelling at the people who work in the store because of my own mistake. What do these people think, that you're going to pull a lever and a panel in the wall will slide open to reveal CD racks just to cater to their stupidity? What is wrong with some people?

    Plus, I'm sure your store is listed under a different section in the phone book. Ugghhh, can you tell I'm having a bad day?

  4. I thought the guitars would be a dead give away right when you walk in the door, too. And if we had any levers revealing secret panels, it would be a lever that flipped the counters over to reveal a full bar for employee medicinal use. As in we need to be medically drunk to deal with some of these people because REALLY? They don't get it.

    Only just a little bit. But I think bad days are going around right now, so you're in good company. But I hope your day gets better. :)


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