Friday, December 17, 2010

Packing never ends, does it?

I thought that Padawan and I had a done a good job of packing almost everything up a little at a time over the last couple of months so that we wouldn't have to spend the entire last day packing. But guess what. We've been packing all day, and there's still more to do.

Granted, I could have had the kitchen stuff packed away two days ago, since we've just been eating take out, but Padawan and I weren't sure which things were Roommate's, and which were ours. So we had to wait for him to get off of his lazy ass and sort through everything last night. Meaning I had the lovely task of packing up more than three fourths of the entire inventory of our kitchen into boxes after wrapping and layering everything with bubble wrap.


I wouldn't say so, no. And I had a freak accident in which I was moving a box into position to have the bottom taped so I could put stuff in it, but I moved it over so quickly that it sent the tape I was planning on using flying off of the counter. This shouldn't have ended badly. It should have just fallen to the floor and made a clattering noise. 

Instead, it conked Choo Choo on the head, right between the eyes, with a loud CRACK! and an even louder YELP! And then when I rushed towards her to pick her up, cuddle her, and apologize she turned around and ran from me, right to Padawan's computer chair where she took shelter from my evil, tape throwing self. I finally did manage to coax her out, but minutes later she shot out the open front door, no leash or collar on, because she thought we were leaving her and she didn't want to stay home. I caught her on the second floor because she finally realized she was cold, barefoot and not enjoying the freezing cold weather anymore than I was because I was also barefoot and freezing.

Then Padawan and I ran out of boxes. We went to pick some up from where I work, and surprise! Christmas Bonus checks were at the store! It was only $130 after taxes, but it was still nice to put it in the bank next to the big check I got yesterday.

Did I mention that thanks to the holidays I got a whopping 22 hours of overtime?

Just imagine how awesome my paycheck was, and about three hundred dollars bigger than everybody else's, too, because I worked more hours than even the manager. Not that it's too surprising. I work more hours than everybody else every single week.

It's helping cushion the move.

Oh, did I mention that Padawan and I took Little Brother to dinner at the Olive Garden last night? We gave him Calamari to try. He liked the first bite, asked what it was, and refused to touch it again when we told him it was fried Octopus. 

I like Calamari. It's one of very few ocean dwelling creatures I will eat, but only so long as it does not resemble in any way the way it did when it was alive. Padawan and I had some fresh Calamari in Corpus a couple of years ago. So fresh that the octopuses had been swimming around in the ocean mere hours before we ate them. Unfortunately, they forgot to chop up on of them, because when I went to pick up a tentacle, I picked up an entire deep fried body, eight legs attached to a head. I immediately felt nauseous and could not eat another bite. How can you eat something that looks like it did in life?

I don't eat shrimp, crab, or lobster for just this reason. They serve it looking like it could jump off the plate and swim away. I have tried lobster, of course, and it was tender and kind of buttery. But never again.

Anyway, I guess I should finish up this rambling break and go finish packing. But I really want a nap. *sad face*


  1. Ick! I don't envy you. The whole packing and moving process is such a nightmare! And then you have to UN-pack the same crap that you just finished packing up mere hours or days before and find places for all of it. *Shudders* Good luck!

    I don't eat seafood of any kind. It grosses me out, not only because I feel like it's watching me, but I REALLY hate the taste and texture of it. Blech! :P

  2. I love calimari. Probably because I hate squids and octopi. It's like my own little revenge scheme with every bite.

  3. Why do you hate squids and octopi?


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