Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas comes but once a year...Thank your lucky stars.

I hate working Sundays. Twice a year our family owned business opens for a series of Sundays to cater to our selfish, screaming, stressed out, angry, and sometimes really cool customers and we, the employees, are left working longer days on top of an extra one.

Calculation? The average employee walks away with ten hours of overtime a week. For me? I get about twelve extra hours a week. And it pays so well in time and a half plus commission. But it's fucking exhausting. I'm about to work my first Sunday (I didn't work last Sunday) today, going in at one for five hours of painting more quilt squares (fifteen to go for blanket number two) and answering asinine questions that I'd really rather ignore.

And people are all, "Aren't you in the spirit of the Holidays?"

The spirit of the Holidays? What the hell is that? The spirit of shopping all day and all night spending money to prove to my loved ones that they're like actually loved? The spirit of paying Master Card and Visa bills for the next ten months to pay for everything you buy? The spirit of stressing yourself out for absolutely no real reason and then having the nerve to blame your stress on everybody else when you could really just relax and say, "Hey, it's the thought that counts. If they don't have it, it's all good." 

I'd rather skip that, thanks.

I don't even like to venture into any retailers on Black Friday. I get home from work and we order a pizza. It's safer for dinner to come to us than to brave the roads full of morons only thinking about buying awesome things for as cheaply as possible. 

It's not that I hate Christmas. I don't. But my favorite part of Christmas is when we all sit at the table and stuff ourself full of good food and try talking over each other and carrying on fifty different conversations all at once while laughing and maybe drinking some wine or beer (for them, not me. I don't do the beer or wine thing. Is it too much to ask for a strawberry margarita on Christmas?) and generally having a good time. And it's pretty fun to model the articles of clothing I generally receive, though the gift isn't the most important thing. It's just funny to form a runway in the formal living room. It's hard to believe coming from the four of us, but if there's one thing all of my sisters and I can do perfectly, it's stomp a runway. Tyra would totally be proud of us if we ever made an appearance on America's Next Top Model.  Sometimes Relly and I joke about going to a Cycle just to show the other girls how it's done. Some of them are really bad runway walkers.

Speaking of Christmas, though, Padawan and I have decided that we're going to buy a Christmas tree for our new apartment and set it up and decorate it and put gifts under it. (I got him an iPhone 4 for Christmas/Birthday but I'm going to buy him a bunch of little things and wrap them, and then some cologne and a mouse thing for his computer because he needs one.) We've also decided we're hiring movers because I'm absolutely the worst help when it comes to moving things. I can't lift heavy things. I have a hard time carrying empty drawers for dressers for crying out loud, and Padawan can't do it all himself. 

Anyway...the reason I've not been blogging is because I've been taking quilt squares to work because I have to get them done so Mom can sew them all together and stuff them. But Brat has decided she ALSO wants a quilt. She wants different piggies painted on hers. And if we make one for Brat then we'll have to make one for Wheat, because she can't stand her twin getting something she didn't. So we'll have to make one with kitties for Wheat. Gah. This is what happens when you decide to do something totally awesome for a couple of people. :)


  1. Tonight you'll be visited by three ghosts, but don't worry, they're not looking to teach you the true meaning of Christmas. They just want to form a band, and they're looking to buy instruments.

  2. Nice. We need more ghostly bands. Have you heard some of the stuff that they're passing off for music these days? I think if they've been to the other side they've probably partied with Hendrix and Cobain and Presley and could do good things. I'd be happy to hook them up with some rocking instruments.

  3. I like the idea of a ghostly band. They would need a good name, though. How about "The Transparent Monkeys?" No...that wouldn't work...I'll have to think about this one...

    By the way, I TOTALLY get what you're talking about with the whole Christmas shopping thing. The husband and I get our shopping done before Thanksgiving and then avoid the main shopping areas like the plague until after New Year's. That way we have the chance to actually ENJOY the holiday. :)

  4. I wish EVERYBODY did it like that. Retail wouldn't be nearly as miserable.


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