Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The most awesome batteries EVER!!!!!

Yes, I made over my blog yet again. This time I decided to go with a "warm" theme. I was thinking reds and browns when I started, but I somehow wound up with lots of oranges and reddish browns instead. Oh well, I'm sure Picasso intended something else when he wound up with Cubism. Or his Blue Period. 

Yes, I just went there. I totally just compared my blog layout to Picasso's work. 

And isn't it just a Fabulously Neurotic Masterpiece?

I got tired of looking at the blue tree and the blue bubbles. So I went with an orange tree. I guess I like trees. But this one is not a sad, winter tree. It's a warm, happy fall tree. With a bench. Trees are so much better when there's a bench under them. I don't know why. That's just the rule.

Anyway, since we're on the subject of color, I thought I would share a funny story. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that Padawan, bless his heart, is colorblind. Not in all things. He just...has a hard time seeing certain colors and separating differences. I might be mistaken, but I believe I've shared the story about the headphones.

But in case I haven't, here it is.

One day I got in the car after work and noticed Padawan had new headphones. When I looked at them closely I realized they were silver and pink. 

"Padawan, why are you wearing pink headphones?"

He looked at me like I was insane. "They're not pink. They're silver."

Cue laughter. He couldn't see the difference between the silver and the pink. He refused to believe until I showed him on the package that it said "slvr/pnk" in the product code. Stubborn, he insisted most people would think they were silver (though I could see from three feet away that they were pink and silver) and it didn't matter. He used them for six months until my dog, who likes the taste of inner ear, found them laying on the floor one day and chewed them up.

Fast forward to last night. Padawan and I decided to take a late night trip to Wal-Mart because Target was closed and it was closer than HEB. Our mission? Chai Latte Concentrate. I've been out for almost a week now, and it's driving me nuts.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart was sold out of my beloved Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate, and rather than get the bags of it to make it entirely myself (no) or the organic version (which tastes really gritty and costs a dollar more) I decided to just continue on without. After all, I got a gift card for Starbucks for Christmas, so I wouldn't technically be "wasting" money by going to Starbucks in the morning for my latte.

But rather than waste a trip, we decided to wonder around and explore, since there was pretty much nobody else there and the reason we always just hurry up and leave is because I can't stand crowds. Anyway, we wandered towards electronics and we happened to pass a battery display. I was immediately distracted.

It was a wall of pink batteries!!!!!!!!!!!

To the average person, this is irrelevant. To me, this is freaking epically awesome. Pink anything makes me want it. You could show me a pair of pink drumsticks, even though I don't play drums and would never use them, and I'd buy them. Pink batteries? Hell yeah! Pretty and useful!

I grabbed a package and, without thinking, said, "Oh my god! Padawan! Look at these!" And I held them up excitedly and brandished them in a way a five year old would to show off a new toy.

Blank stare. "Um...batteries?"

Shaking them harder. "NO! AWESOME BATTERIES!"

He stared at me a few seconds. "Um...why?"


"They are not!" He grabbed them, looked at them, studied them for a moment. "These are normal silver batteries! Are you just messing with me because of the headphones?"

"What?" Laughter. "I forgot about that. NO! They're seriously pink!" 

"They look silver."

I tried to grab somebody to back me up, but he stopped me. "I believe you. I can see the breast cancer ribbon. Anything with a breast cancer ribbon is pink. You're right."

It's probably not as funny the way I'm writing it. You probably had to be there. 

But seriously. It was funny. Did you see how pink those batteries were?

That's pretty freaking pink. Just sayin'.

P.S. I added a bunch of tags. Just to see what happens. Because...well, what's the point of tags? I'm going to find out. I'm pretty sure.


  1. I HATE CROWDS TOO!!! They suck and make me crabby. Before we had kids, my husband and I would never go to Wal-Mart before 10 PM. It's actually a pretty tolerable store when there's no one else there.

    Anyway, I'm sure the conversation was even funnier to you and Padawan. My husband and I have conversations like that all the time. It's probably only funny to us, but that's the best part of it sometimes. You would probably understand more if you were to come around our house at about 1 AM. I think we laugh more between the hours of midnight and 1 AM than at any other time during the day. :)

  2. Cool. The unclicked links were actually invisible to me on the old lay-out. I assumed that maybe that was due to the fact that I'm also color blind myself, since no one else ever said anything. Those batteries don't really look pink to me either. Maybe that curved wedge between the light and dark part. Or maybe it just kind of looks grey. I get confused. The background picture on the sides is orange isn't it? I can see that. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm colorblind or just completely retarded when it comes to colors.

  3. Candice: Crowds are loud and noisy and pushy and obnoxious and sometimes they just smell bad and people look at you and listen to your conversations and give you dirty looks when you take the last of something, even if they didn't want whatever it was in the first place.

    And Padawan and I laugh the most probably between eleven and midnight, right after Conan. We don't know why we find some things so funny. When we think about them the next day we're like..."Why did that make us laugh so hard?"

    Nuclearheadache: The unclicked links were fine for me...the clicked links were invisible, but I was just too lazy to fix it. And those batteries ARE pink. Metallic, pretty pink. Like a baby blanket, but shiny. :) Happy pink, even. But definitely not gray. The little picture of the battery on the package on the bottom right corner is silver, though. He has legs and is running away. And...Yes, the side picture is varying shades of orange.


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