Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Evidently high school never ends for some people.

So there was this boy that I went to school with from seventh grade until senior graduation. He was one of the cool kids. He liked to tease me and flirt with me in class every once in a while, and I tried to ignore him because he was a big, stupid dunce and I had better taste than to associate with someone who was definitely going to end up driving a bus for a living, but for the most part he ignored my existence. I ignored his existence. It was a good arrangement.

After graduation everyone split up and went there separate ways. I got a job after my first semester at college because college isn't cheap and neither is an apartment and rent and bills. He saw me working in the Electronics department a couple of times. He even tried to strike up a conversation, but I was not particularly interested in his sudden attention. Just because I got hot somewhere between graduation and college didn't mean I wanted attention from people I considered a waste of time and space.

I quit working at that hell hole a few months later, and I never saw or heard from him again.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, that friend that was anorexic messaged me on Facebook and we apologized and made up and started talking to each other again. (Didn't you say that would happen one day, Candice?) And she happened to mention that she used to talk to this boy, and he had told her an interesting story. 

When I asked what he'd said, she said, "J told me that you used to work at Wal-Mart and you started hanging out with him and his friends and you guys used to get really high and drunk together."

*record scratch* Excuse me? 

First of all, I did not drink before I was twenty one. I still don't really drink, and I've been legal for over a year! Second, I do not get high. I tried weed once when I was twenty, and I did it in the privacy of my own apartment with two trusted friends who I did not know in high school and had no connection to my adolescent years at all. I did not like it. But I never tried weed while I was working at Wal-Mart. It's like a well known fact that I'm pretty much not into any kind of recreational controlled substances. And Tams and I weren't even friends when he told her that. Why on earth would he have said something like that?

The best thing I could think was that he wanted everyone to think he was so cool he could get the most prissy, prim, and proper girl from high school to party hard with him. That's the only reason I can see behind that. In which case, why didn't he just go ahead and say I slept with him? Wouldn't that have sounded that much better? Then again, maybe he knew nobody was stupid enough to believe that, if they even believed that I partied with him. The guys at my school called me a "padlocked crotch," which is a really stupid way of saying, "She's not interested in sex. Don't even bother with her." 

Great balls of fire, is high school never over? The rumor mill is still running even though I don't talk to most of those people at all anymore! And I despise lies about me floating around. If you're going to tell a story about me, at least make it a true one. Or make it a lie that can't be verified. Isn't that the whole rule behind lying? If you're going to make something up, make sure that they can't follow a path to find the truth. It's common freaking sense. I guess he was halfway clever when he told it to someone he knew I'd had a big falling out with and wasn't likely to talk to about it, but he didn't count on time and distance easing the hurt of years ago so that we would start talking again. 

I have half a mind to send him a message on Facebook (Yup, he's got one) and demand to know what the hell his problem is and then write all over his and his friends' walls saying that he's a liar and a moron and he's so not cool enough for me to talk to him, let alone party with him or his lame little friends. I'm still so mad I feel like steam should be coming out of my ears or something. 


  1. What a jackass! I hope he gets kicked in the junk one of these days. Soon.

    I'm SO glad to hear that you and Tams are on friendly terms again! That is definitely great news. Maybe time really does heal all wounds, so long as we're willing to allow it.

  2. I guess. I mean, we fell out when we were fifteen. Seven years is a long time to be mad at someone, right?

  3. "Seven years is a long time to be mad at someone, right?"

    I'm still holding grudges from 15 years ago. That doesn't make me a psycho, does it?

  4. That depends. Have you added these names to a list of people you're planning on killing for revenge?


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