Monday, December 27, 2010

Padawan and Choo Choo :)

So I don't really have much to say. I just thought I'd share some pictures with you guys of Choo Choo, who I found curled up on Padawan's pillow last night. She has her own doggy bed, of course, and her own chair, and her own pillow to curl up on. But for some reason she felt like sleeping on Padawan's pillow. :)

The first picture was a sneak attack.

Then I did a close up.

The flash woke her up. She peeped at me.

She became fully awake, wondering what the hell I was doing flashing bright lights in her face when she was clearly trying to sleep.

And then she gave me her best, "I'm really irritated by this behavior" look, and I stopped. :)

And then I went and took a picture of Padawan while he was exercising on the Hamster bike in his pajamas, but he got irritated and told me to stop. I only got this one, and it's not even a good one. :(


  1. I've gotta say, Choo Choo's "I Keel You" death glare is very impressive. If looks could kill...*Shudder*... :)

  2. I keep telling Padawan that my dog is capable of human emotion, but he doesn't believe me. This picture proves it! This is an intentional look of irritation!

    Still...she's cute, isn't she? Every time I look at these pictures I giggle.

  3. Yes, Choo Choo is definitely cute. I don't think I've seen a lot of Chihuahuas with that light, creamy color. It's really pretty, and kind of makes me want a milkshake... :)

  4. Yes, she's a pretty little blond. I look at her and think of having a Chai Latte, but now that you've said it I want a milkshake, too. The man who I got her from called her Meg for nutmeg because of her coloring.


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