Friday, March 11, 2011


A couple of things first:

For those of you who don't know follow the blog "Why?", "How?", and other abstract questions you should because it's really funny. But his recent post isn't funny. It's about his dog Nellie, who isn't in the best of health. You guys should go over if you haven't already and leave Organic Meatbag some good thoughts. 

Second, congratulations for ten years of happy married life to Candice and Tyler. I hope you two have many more happy years together, and I hope you enjoy your anniversary vacation.

Speaking of Candice, though, before she went on her merry way to blissful vacation status, she left me something. 

An award!!!!

And I received this award from Jenna as well.  That means I got TWO awards this week! Whee!

Isn't it pretty? 

The rules have changed since the last time I received this award, but I still have to list seven things about myself and then pass it on to someone else. Just one person instead of fifteen this time.  

Seven things about know, it gets harder and harder to think of these things each and every time I do it. And why is it always seven? Why can't it be ONE awesome thing about you? That would be easier. When I finally release my own made up award, it will have better rules.

Alright. Here we go. 

Seriously getting started now. 

Seven things.


1) Last night I actually met, in person, a person from Utah. And here I thought that all of you Utahians (Utahans? Yup. Utahans. Spell check recognizes that one as a real word) stayed up there with your desert and rocks and camping things and skunks. Apparently not. So I met and shook the hand of my first live Utahan. And it was a first for him, too. Though he's lived in Austin for a few years now, I am the first Texan, born and bred, that he's ever met. Everyone else he knows migrated from some other state. I proudly proclaimed (while trying to keep Choo Choo from becoming entangled with his dog, Maddie) that I am from several generations of fine Texas blood (which before Texan was Irish and German and French.) Apparently he had to ask because my accent is not an accent. It is, in fact, non-regional. His guess was California.

2) Um...Oh! Choo Choo has already started to work out the new muzzle rule. She barks, she gets the muzzle. She's quiet, it comes off. Already we are making progress! This is how she was able to make friends with Maddie (of course I know Mr. Utah's name but it's unethical for me to say it! But I DID learn his name, for the record): she didn't bark. Yay for Choo Choo! This proves, of course, that she is not nearly as dumb as she looks. According to Padawan, her ridiculous overbite makes her look like she has less than average intelligence. 

3) Candice gave me a picture of a really awesome DVD player that is pink and I want it really bad. Seriously, I'm already plotting a trip to Target after I get off tonight to see if it exists in Texas as well as Utah. And if it doesn't...I'm totally going online and ordering that sucker. Because I want it. I'd show you the picture but I have ethics about taking pictures from other blogs that aren't you have to go see it there. But you probably have already. (I realize that it's silly for me to have no compunction about stealing pictures from online magazines, but those pictures weren't copy righted, anyway.)

4) I'm going to learn to ride a bike. Seriously. Padawan and I are going to go bike shopping and I am going to find a bike that is pink and it has to have a basket for Choo Choo to ride in, and then Padawan is going to teach me how to do more than just go straight. This is for exercise purposes. We are looking for ways to expand our work out horizons because I can't use the gym at our apartment complex.

5) I can't use the gym at my apartment complex. Why? I can't work out in front of people. I just can't do it. I feel fat, or ugly, or conspicuous, or stupid or any number of things I shouldn't feel, and so I can't work out if people are there. And there are ALWAYS people there. People are working out in there at three in the morning, for crying out loud! There is literally NO TIME where there is no one in there. I've never seen less than three people in there. And it's freaking annoying. So bikes are necessary.

6) My thumbs are different sizes and shapes. It's a family trait that my older sister and I share, and one that we inherited from out mother, who shares the trait with her brother and her father and down and down through the family line. They call them the Ingram Thumbs, and it's not a problem unless I'm getting my nails done. The manicurist always looks at me like I'm a freak when they realize that my thumbs do not, in fact, take the same size tip for a French manicure. Nope. Different sizes. 

I wasn't kidding. Seriously. Different thumbs.

7)  I want a glow in the dark kitten. Seriously. I want one. Even more than I want a pink bike, external hard drive, and DVD player. I want a glow in the dark kitty to love and to care for and to play with Choo Choo, who I think would like to make friends with a kitten that glows. Plus I think that would be a killer ice breaker at parties. "Hi. I'm Chanel. I have a glow in the dark cat!" BAM! Ice broken, and pictures come out and OMG! I'm telling the truth. So if one of you wants to get me one...I'd love it forever and ever!

That concludes seven things about me.

Now the time has come to pass on the award...

Who shall it be?

Well I can't give it to Candice because she just got it. And I can't give it to Nicki because SHE just got it. I was going to give it to Jenna...but then I found out that SHE just got it! So who to give it to? *sigh* Decisions...decisions...

Behold! I hereby pass this award Brent of  Building Castles on the Beach

But...wait, Jenna's version says I have to pass it on to seven blogs. Now I need six more...or am I supposed to add them together and pass it on to eight? Well now I'm confused! You know what? We'll split the difference! I'm passing it on to three more! 

Just. Three.

And just to keep it from getting all complicated I am not even checking their past pages to see if they got it recently because I only follow so many blogs and I have to pass it to SOMEONE.

Yes. I just passed it on to the members of the Cool Kids Time Travel Club because they are fine examples of Versatile Blogging. Of course, I know that Scott hates getting awards. I'm pretty sure Bryan is neutral about them. And Doug...well, Doug loves getting awards.

So you guys better just say, "Thank you," and pretend to be all excited in the comments and then you can deal with owning it as you choose. 

Alright. I'm giving out more.

That's seven, right? So I did exactly what I was supposed to do in the Jenna version. Yay! I have conquered the task! Now, spread the love around and stuff and I'm going to go curl up in the fetal position and beg to go home because I can't take it anymore.


  1. Chanel! You are of course WELCOME to take that picture from my blog and post it here. I gave it to you, it was part of your award. :)

    Thanks for the congratulatory shout-out. We plan to have oodles of fun on our vacation.

    Different thumbs, eh? Interesting. I can see that they're different, but it's not THAT noticeable, not to me anyway.

    I hate exercising in front of people too. The only person I willingly exercise in front of is my 1-year-old daughter. Mainly because she doesn't pay any attention to me and I know she won't judge me even if she did.

    PS: Well done, figuring out the proper "Utahns" terminology. I hope your first face-to-face encounter with a real Utahn was a pleasant one. We're an interesting breed...

  2. I want a glow in the dark kitten too. That sounds like the coolest thing ever.

    Good Lord, another award. Maybe instead of selecting winners, I'll have another contest to give it away, you know since the other one was such a big success (*cough* sarcasm.) Anyway, that's probably against the award rules, but dammit it's my award now. Hahahahahahaha! (that's supposed to be an evil laugh)

  3. A glow in the dark kitten...sounds like something PETA would never stand for or against, unless the light was turned off. Anyway, I like awards just fine, I seriously want one of those blogscars I saw someone, um, win? Get the most votes for? Whatever. This one actually fits, at least to me. I thank you and will treat it with pride.

    @Bryan I had done the work involved with your award and went to submit the outcome, but I was not logged in and in a fit of "fuck this bullshit!" rants I shut down the computer.

    Furthermore, you do realize that the people in the gym are not thinking ill of you because they are concentrating too hard on not stroking out. Also, I am not sure what your "working out" but you *are* neurotic.

  4. Well, I'm pleased to be your fourth choice for the award, and I do appreciate the complete blog name check. I enjoy checking in here every day. You've got a fabulous way about you and it's fun to hear what you have to say. Thanks again for the acknowledgment.

    I don't mind saying, then, that if you'd like, you could come see what I have to say:
    It Just Got Interesting

    BTW, a glow in the dark cat would just keep me up at night. Yet another reason not to have pets.

  5. hahaha. you crack me up. thanks! I will be sure and accept this and pass it along some time next week. I loved your random facts, even your freakish thumbs. :)

  6. You're in your twenties and you don't know how to ride a bike? That's just sad, Chanel.

    And YEA for the award. Shucks and gee and golly.

    You know, I'm pretty sure Bryan and Scott love getting awards as much as I do, they just pretend to be macho and not care. I, however, have very little shame and admit to enjoying the attention.

    @Bryan: I thought your last contest worked very well, thank you.

  7. Candice, mmk. I will be claiming my picture of my pink DVD player. I didn't go to Target last night because I was pretty sure I was dying. I'm not dead today, but I don't feel better, so I will have to check when I'm not spreading viral plague to the masses.

    You're welcome. Nail salons notice, but no one else. I bet she wonders what you're doing. PS. Yes, he was very nice. I didn't hate him.

    Bryan, I told you to do with it as you will. It's YOUR award now. You could give it a million bloggers if you so chose.

    Scott, PETA can kiss my rear end. They kill more cats and dogs every year than most shelters do, and they call themselves animal rights activists. They are hypocrites and rude. I haven't seen a blog scar. I want one unless it looks gross.

    And how do you KNOW nobody is paying attention to me? What about the ones that go to the gym all the time and actually enjoy it? You don't think they notice all the pathetic people like me trying to be healthy and failing miserably?

    Brent, well I didn't mean it like that. I could have worded it better. You weren't my fourth choice like that. I was going down the list of most recent entries.

    And a glow in the dark cat could be a nightlight for your children, and also a way to walk to the bathroom at night without bumping into things and turning on lights. Also, it could creep out would be vandals and thieves.

    Jewels, yay! I love it when I know people are going to accept! Whoooo! My freakish thumbs are also an ice breaker. I bet lots of people wish they had different thumbs.

    Doug, I knew eventually someone was going to make fun of me for the bike thing. I CAN ride a bike. So long as the path is straight forward and nothing gets in my way. Turning is not an option.

    You're welcome.

    I think everybody secretly likes awards. Just because it means somebody somewhere appreciates what you have to say. I think it's the rules that come with the awards most people find so irritating.

    And of course you would say it worked well. You won Bryan's award!

    Not that it didn't work well, Bryan. It did. I just didn't see the point of posting the answers because Doug already won by the time I was done.

  8. I CAN'T WORK OUT IN MY APARTMENT COMPLEX GYM EITHER! It's a problem. I've started doing yoga and pilates videos at home. Yes. Like a freak. Or a SUV-driving soccer mom. No, I guess they take yoga classes, and I'm too poor for that crap.

    Congrats on your double-dosage of awards!! And congrats to all the new winners!

  9. I tried doing those home videos, too! I failed miserably because...well, my motivation was to look like Marissa Tomei but...well, NOBODY can look like Marissa Tomei so I gave up and now the video and the workout band mocks me...I should try yoga videos. Does it work?

    Thank you. And congratulations on your own award, too. I think I was so excited when I left you a comment I forgot to say it.

  10. Did you ask your new Utah friend if he talked to skunks? I would love to see his face when you do. I'm a freak even here. Thank you for the award. You validate my super awesometasticalness.

  11. No, I didn't ask if he talked to skunks. I asked him if he missed the desert, though. Next time I run into him I'll ask him.

    Super awesometasticalness?

    Yeah. That's a good word.


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