Friday, March 18, 2011

Business in General

I hate Apple Customer Service.

If I ever have to deal with them again after this, I will be very, very angry.

I sent them an e-mail suggesting how they could fix their website. It is not user friendly. Their online chat techs are worthless, and they are robots. Their appointment making system is completely useless. All in all, I'm very dissatisfied with the level of care I received.

And my iPod is still fucking broken. Damn it. 

I'm going to call them and make an appointment at their Genius Bar. But I'm not going to be very pleasant if their phone service proves to be as useless as their online service.

In other news...

I got my business cards!

I'm back at work today. Good thing, too. I was here when my business cards arrived! Yay! 

Oh, don't judge me. You guys know you got excited the first time you got business cards with your name on them. I'd show you guys a picture but then you would know the name of the business I work for and even though I'm pretty sure you guys could figure it out based on the information I've already given in my posts, it's probably best to just not say it out right. I don't want my blog coming up in Google searches when someone is looking for the store.


  1. lol to be honest i think ipods are made to be broken. my 1st gen broke like 4 times. even the gentlest of caresses would inevitably disintegrate the insides. i touch my newest ipod only when absolutely necessary, and i just leave it at home.

    that's awesome with the business card thing. reminds me of american psycho. forgive me if i should know this, but what is your business again?

  2. what type of business i mean

  3. You could describe your business cards. How prominent is your name? Is it bolded and italicized and fancy-fonted? (Yes, that is a verb. Charlie made it up.) Is the print raised so that when you stroke your thumb across the card there's a tactile stimulation to go along with the visual information? I'm just a teacher so I don't have business cards and I'm jealous, most likely.

  4. Arcita, I have a fifth generation Nano and it's never given me any trouble. I keep it securely in it's awesome case that is hard and pretty, and I treat it with the utmost respect and care. I've also had my iPod Shuffle for three years now and it's never had any problems at all. But given Padawan's bad luck with iPhones I'm inclined to believe Apple products are, in general, pretty temporary.

    My business is music. My area of expertise is Flute. I have minor trumpet and trombone knowledge as well.

    Brent, my business card is green and white. I was not allowed to choose because they are the company's logo with my name in black, bold, perfect print to the right. Flip up the logo and it reveals the hours, location, departments, and brands along with the number. It is pretty sweet. Though I wouldn't have chosen a raised name for tactile stimulation if I was allowed to choose. I wouldn't want people fondling my business cards.

  5. I don't own anything Apple, but the other electronics alternatives aren't any better.
    I remember getting my first box of 500 business cards. I still have 490 of them left.

  6. I only own my iPods. And I love them.

    How can you possibly have 490 left? Did you just get your first set of business cards, too?

  7. I've had them for 3 years. Of course I got new ones when I switched locations. I told them just to get me 100, but they said it was cheaper to buy 500 at a time.
    I do most of my customer interactions through email and phone conversations.
    I use them mostly in restaurants where you put your business card in a big box and they draw them each week for a free lunch type of thing.

  8. I never had business cards with my name on them :(

    What's a genius bar? Is it a watering hole frequented by really smart people, or is it like an energy bar that makes people more intelligent? Geez, I'd by handing those out by the bucketful at Halloween.

  9. What about when you meet potential clients when you're out? You don't hand them out?

    I also have my very own special work e-mail address. Hahahaha. I feel so powerful.

    My friend Dizzy put his card in the bowl once and he won. Turned out that it was a "workshop" and while we ate we had to listen to their stupid presentation that in no way applied to a music centered business.

  10. Aw...well, now that you have your own Kindle Book you should get some!

    The Genius Bar is what they call their Repair Area at the Apple Store. The techs are called Geniuses. And yes, it's capitalized.

  11. Teacher's don't get business cards. :( I'm very happy you have some though, it makes you seem very "adult" to have business cards. Now you have to get a fun little holder for them.

  12. Well they gave me a holder for them but I'm totally getting the pretty one I found yesterday with music notes on it.

    I feel diabolical. I'm going to give one to Padawan...just because I can.

    I think it depends on the kind of teacher. Private instructors and tutors use business cards. My band teacher had business cards because he was also a musician that played gigs and stuff.

  13. I made up a business card years ago when I was into collecting insane mail and those places that will ordain you as a minister for free. Got them printed up for fun almost 20 years ago and still using them to freak people out.

    I guess I could make up some for work.

    The Rev
    Professional Thug
    Spontaneous Office Hours
    "Let's see how high you can bounce!"

  14. I'm afraid to ask...but what's the significance of "Let's see how high you can bounce!"?

  15. Look at you and your fancy business cards! Color me jealous. I think you're really smart to not name your business...even though you've only spoken well of them (well, the business--I know you've got some questionable co-workers) you probablyyyyy don't want to be on the radar for that. Way to be a smart blogger!

  16. I complain about the customers a lot, too. Don't want any potential customers reading that and then calling to complain about me complaining. I'd probably get in trouble for that, too. Best just to keep as anonymous as possible.

    Plus I don't want any internet trolls to come across my blog and know where I work so they can prank call or something worse.


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