Friday, March 4, 2011

Neighbors kind of suck.

Choo Choo has destroyed a third bed, and she killed this one entirely by herself. Three beds destroyed meant that I had to rethink my strategy. Clearly buying her the round beds she is so very pleased with doesn't cut it. She loves to sleep in them...but she also likes to wrestle them like they're snakes and she's fighting for her life. Which results in stuffing being flung everywhere. This is a minor inconvenience to me, but Padawan hates coming home and picking up bits of cotton fluff off the carpets.

He's taller than me. I guess bending over to pick it up is harder on him than it is on me since I'm closer to the floor.

So I bought her a new bed. Bed number four.

The third bed in three months. Good lord, I hope this one makes it. This really adds up, you know.

I presented her with her new bed right when I brought it home. Her reaction to it?

She immediately put her dolly in it and climbed in. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I tried to take a picture while she was sleeping with her head on her doll, but I guess she was only resting her eyes because the second I stood up to get the camera she was up and watching me.

She's such a ham for the camera.

I hope this bed lasts longer than the other ones did. Otherwise I'm buying a basket and putting a blanket in it for her to sleep in. Good luck destroying that. But I don't think she can destroy this one. It's made of really durable material, not soft fleecy stuff that she can sink her little teeth into and maul into oblivion.

Speaking of mauling things into oblivion...

I wish Choo Choo could maul our new neighbors. Yes, Dog Kicking Bitch is actually our new neighbor. And she's got a daughter just like her. That little run in with Choo Choo went better than her mother's meeting did. She didn't kick or swing her arms around. But she acted like a scared little ninny when she saw Choo Choo.

I suppose it's a good thing Choo Choo loves children and doesn't feel the need to bark at them for attention. She just wagged her tail and whined at this girl. If Choo Choo had barked she might have kicked at her and then I would have had to set her straight in the same way that I set her mommy dearest straight. And no, I wouldn't feel bad for it. Choo Choo is my child and I take up for what is mine.

Even against children. 

Thankfully the little boy has common sense. He ran into Choo Choo shortly after his sister did. He was a little younger and not shy at all. He saw Choo Choo and rushed over to pet her. 

Which is exactly the reaction Choo Choo expects from children. She was very pleased with herself and with him and gave him lots of kisses to show her appreciation and approval. I'm going to have to start carrying my camera with me on walkies so that if this happens again I can take a picture. 

I'm pleased that I can say at least one person in that apartment has a brain. I haven't seen the husband yet, but perhaps he also has some common sense. Not that I expect him to run and pet my dog, but I hope he doesn't try to kick her like his wife did. Presumably, though, the boy learned his love of dogs from someone and since it clearly wasn't the mother it was probably the father. 

I really wish I didn't have neighbors at all.

It doesn't help that Blondy across from us also dislikes Choo Choo. She doesn't like me either, I'm sure. Of course, if she didn't live off of coffee and cigarettes and booze she wouldn't be so high strung and we wouldn't have this problem. 

Her dislike springs from an unfortunate incident of bad timing on her part a few weeks ago. 

Choo Choo and I were on our way in from walkies and we were passing her door when it suddenly flung open. It scared the hell out of me and Choo Choo. I screamed, Choo Choo went barking mad, and Blondy said, "Jesus Christ!" and dropped her glass of wine, which shattered on her floor and splashed the red wine on her boots. On her tan boots. Tan suede. 

Instant ruination.

And they were really cute boots, too. 

Some people might have apologized, but she was glaring at us like we had done it intentionally so I didn't say a damn word. It wasn't our fault she flung open her door like that and scared the living hell out of us! Granted, she was obviously throwing a party of some sort so she probably heard us and thought we were guests. But just the same it wasn't our fault and I wasn't going to apologize for my part in the accident when she was glaring at my dog and me like she wanted to kill us because she scared the hell out of everybody.

Our neighbor to our left is the only one I really like, actually. He's really nice and he has a very nice dog. I don't think his girlfriend likes me too much, but it's not my business to go out of my way to make people like me when they dislike me for no reason. 

I miss our old neighbors. Both of them like both of us, and their dog Beevo liked Choo Choo and the other way around and we all got along really well. 


  1. Have you tried spraying it with something to make it taste bad? I don't know what tastes bad to dogs considering what they lick, but I have seen something that's supposed to keep them from chewing objects at the pet store.

  2. Really? I wonder how that works? I can't imagine how foul something would have to taste to keep a dog from eating it. Like you said...they lick anything. And roll in dead animals if they can find them. They have very low standards.

  3. Choo Choo is such a cutie. Here's hoping her new bed will live a long, full life. :)

    Bad neighbors can sure make for a miserable home life. Usually even the craziest families have at least one sensible member. I'm glad Choo Choo has one friend in that apartment. Most kids tend to be pretty open and accepting, especially of animals. If they show phobic symptoms, it's learned behavior from a parent or other authority figure. So you may be right, the husband of that family probably is more sensible than his wife. (Hopefully)

    And Blonde Bimbo can go fly off a bridge. Her ruined boots are SO not your fault! Good grief!

  4. Somehow, it looks to me like she's being protective of that new bed.

  5. Thanks to George I am onto something called Apple Bitter that will keep her from demolishing it, so it might live a long and happy life.

    I can just imagine that woman going home and saying, "Oh I was attacked by a vicious chihuahua!" and scaring the crap out of her daughter.

    It's okay. She doesn't like Padawan either because she asked when she first moved in if she could use our wireless internet for a couple of days and he said no. And we don't like her. No apologies from us (although Choo Choo did pee outside of her door last week and I should have written a note for that...)

  6. Bryan, she might be. I mean we do take away the beds after she destroys them. She probably doesn't want us to take this one away...or she might be protecting her dolly. She doesn't like anyone touching her dolly except her. Or me, but only if we're playing.

  7. I've said it before: People are idiots. Other people, of course. I love reading prove that this is true. Maybe I need to get a pet.
    It Just Got Interesting

  8. A lot of people are very...not smart.

    You don't have a pet? I...I don't think I know anybody that doesn't have a pet...

    Is there a reason you do not have a pet?

  9. I love that Choo Choo has a "dolly!" That's adorable.

    And I'm sorry, but I laughed really hard about your story with Blondie ruining her boots. I'm not normally a mean person, but sometimes Karma bites you in the ass. (And causes you to ruin your suede boots.) I'm still laughing. I think there's something wrong with me.

  10. I agree with you about neighbors. I would like to live far enough out in the country where no one will bother me, but not so far out I can't get pizza delivered.

  11. Hannah, my grandmother gave it to her for Christmas and she's rarely seen without it. The whole family spoils her.

    I don't think it's mean and I don't think there's anything wrong with you. I laugh every time I think about it before I get all angry remembering the dirty look. Seriously, I think you'd have to steal someone's husband to deserve a look like that.

    Doug, how far out would you have to live so that pizza couldn't be delivered? Even Podunk towns have pizza places that will deliver to the country. I think you'd have to live within ten miles of a small town for pizza to be delivered to you. But you'd have to have a really big sign pointing to your house so he could find you. Pizza guys are notorious for getting lost in the country.

  12. Brent comes from a family that is kinda weird about pets. It took me a lot of work and time to win Jazzy, my wife and his sister, over to loving our dog, but now she loves Mahoney almost as much as I do.

    Mahoney went through about four beds too...didn't matter how tough the material was. We eventually went with a blanket I didn't have any attachment to. That worked until he figured out our bed was more comfortable.

    Sorry about the nighbors. Ours seem about the same. Most give Honzers (nickname) dirty looks.

  13. Yes, like it was really your freaking fault that she flung open her door like a madwoman. Sorry your apartment building is filled with such crazies. I HATE neighbors. If I could live in a little hut in the middle of nowhere, I totally would.

  14. Weird about pets? Like they're smelly or just too much trouble?

    Dogs are big believer in sleeping with the people they love. I don't know if it's a protective thing or a comfort thing of if they do it because they feel safer up there. But even when you try to keep them out of the bed (as we did to Choo Choo when she was a puppy) they always find a way up. And it's okay that way. As long as they are clean dogs it doesn't matter.

    I would never give an animal a dirty look. I would give it to the owner, and only in extreme cases. Like the pit bull that is not kept on a leash that always jumps on me trying to get Choo Choo out of my arms. It's not the dog's fault he isn't kept on a leash and trained to not jump. It's the man that always follows after him and never offers an apology.

  15. Nicki, neighbors are just an annoying fact of life. I'd like to live on a boat on a lake. No neighbors, no cars driving by. That would be as nice as a hut in the middle of nowhere. But I would still like my Interwebz.

  16. Pets are smelly and a lot of trouble. And they tend to die on Wescotts. Okay, go ahead. I'm ready to duck...

  17. I'm not going to throw anything.

    Not all pets are smelly or troublesome. If just depends one what kind of pet you've got. I think most people would agree that fish are not smelly, are easy to care for, and take very little effort in the way of feeding and cleaning.


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