Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nothin'. Just life stuffs.

Brat cancelled her wedding.

I don't care why. I'm just happy she did.

Lydia has been subpoenaed to testify at the preliminary hearing of her attacker. And then she'll have to testify again if they go to trial. I have no idea how any of this works, but I'm going to the stupid proceedings for two reasons: to support my sister and to watch the bastard who had the nerve to put a knife to her throat get what's his. It doesn't help that I knew the bastard through my middle school and high school years. And yes, he was always a violent jerk. It's unfortunate for him that he chose to attack my sister and her fiancée, now her husband. 

T-Man is being sent to Iraq on June 6th, and Relly was initially upset but is now calm about it. He lied and told her he would be very unlikely to see any action since his job is to escort P.O.W.s from location to location. And my sister was dumb enough to believe it. Let me just say that American convoys are frequently attacked on the roads in Iraq, especially the ones carrying Prisoners of War. My sister is naive and gullible, but if it makes her calmer then I'm not pointing out that it's not true.

I have told Padawan his best friend is no longer welcome in our home, on the off chance he decides to ever come back to the States. Padawan thought I was over reacting, but I do not think I am. An apology is owed to me, and I don't care how emotionally hurt he is by the information he received from me, it's not my fault and blaming the messenger (when he should have called the source) is completely stupid. I was OK with his reaction the first week because when you get angry you say stupid things. But his insistence that he "isn't ready to say sorry yet" is ridiculous. I did not give him an STD that he stupidly passed onto his fiancée because he doesn't believe in condoms or testing. Just because my friend did doesn't make me guilty. This is why you wear condoms until you get tested. Common. Fucking. Sense. HPV is running rampant in 2/3 of the American Population. It's irresponsible to have unprotected sex without being tested first. Also, AIDS is still a fairly large problem. So what he got is just what he deserved, though if his fiancée can't have children because of this I feel very sorry for her. Not him, though. 

In fact, I've made up my mind that if he ever does get around to apologizing I will accept the apology, but I will not forgive him. The apology is my due. Forgiveness is not his. Despite his character flaws (racist, conservative to the point of fanaticism, being a brainwashed Jarhead spouting the Army ideal like a robot) I liked him. He was rather amusing because of his inappropriate behaviors and beliefs. Also, he was Padawan's friend and I like to be accepting of his friends. I tolerated Jerkface for years. However, now that he's personally attacked me because he slept with my friend, who I told him he shouldn't get with because she has some serious relationship issues, and she gave him a disease he couldn't be tested for that he unknowingly passed on to his future wife, I'm no longer in the mood to be tolerant of his racist, redneck, Army heavy, brainwashed bullshit. 

Moving on, kudos to the little girl who lives next door. One day she came around the corner as Choo Choo and I were coming around the same corner from the opposite direction. Not having time to react, Choo Choo  put her paws on her legs and started licking her and begging for attention. She seemed startled, but then hesitantly bent down to pet her. Now, every time I take Choo Choo out for her evening walks, which are always at seven fifteen, the girl is there to meet us. 

One day I expect she will probably ask if she can walk Choo Choo.

Either way, Choo Choo absolutely does not like the mother. Her hackles go up every time she sees her. And I don't have it in my heart to curb her behavior. If I had hackles, they'd go up, too.

In other news, last night Padawan made dinner for a change, and when I went into the kitchen to get myself a plate I noticed a problem. He had apparently done some rearranging in my kitchen.

Padawan had placed the dinner plates on the highest shelf in the cabinet, the salad/dessert plates on the center shelf, and the bowls on the lowest shelf. The bowls, at least, were in the right place. The plates were a disaster. I intentionally put the salad/dessert plates on the highest shelf because we very rarely use them, and so it doesn't usually become a problem that I can barely reach them. I have to stand on tip toe and stretch as hard as I can just to barely reach the third shelf. Sticking dinner plates, which are used daily, up there is inconvenient and annoying.

I pointed this out to Padawan who commented, "Is it just me or are you getting more obsessive compulsive?" 

To which I replied, "The reason I unpacked and arranged the apartment when we moved in was so we wouldn't have this problem, remember? I got to decide where everything went so that these conversations would not happen."

"Well I'm not rearranging it."

"I already did. I'm just saying that next time you should remember that I can't reach the third shelf. And unless you want to buy me a step stool for the kitchen, you'll keep that fact in mind before you go and mess up the way I have my kitchen organized."

"Your kitchen?"

"Yes. My kitchen."

"Whatever makes you happy, dear."

Game. Set. Match. 


  1. Your boyfriend's friend sounds pretty "heinous" (Now, that's a callback that goes wayyyyy back.) I had to read through that STD part a second time. I won't say what I thought you were getting at at first.

    P.S. What exactly are hackles? I've always wanted to know.

  2. Heinous is seriously abused by the Marine Corps. Heinous this and heinous that. Civilians are heinous.

    Hackles: The erectile hairs along the back of the neck of an animal, especially of a dog.

    When you see a dog that's growling in warning or anger or aggression, you see the hairs on the neck go up. Scientists say this is to make the animal appear larger and therefore more threatening.

  3. Did he seriously say that civilians are heinous? Like everybody? That would be an incredibly dickish thing to say, for so many reasons.

  4. Well, Padawan's friend didn't say that. He's Army and doesn't use the word. But one of my friends came back from Basic for the Marines and he said that civilians are heinous. I told him he was heinous and he said, "No. Marines are not heinous. Marines determine what is heinous."

    I'd be surprised if he could define heinous. And if he could spell it.

  5. Wow! A lot to respond to in this one. Let's see if I can remember everything.

    Okay, I don't remember you mentioning anything about Lydia being attacked! I hope that guy gets his, though. Best of luck to her.

    From what I understand of the situation, your sister's wedding being called off is probably for the best. I hope things work out fo her too.

    As for the JERKWAD that's all up in your face over his problems, I say he goes on THE LIST and gets an extra black mark next to his name. Jerk. Wad.

    I'm glad Choo Choo has made friends with Psycho Lady's daughter. That's encouraging. Maybe the little girl hasn't been irrevocably damaged after all. :)

    To Padawan: NEVER mess with the way a woman has her cabinets arranged. Seriously. Just don't. It's dangerous...

  6. I had to read through the STD part again also. On a quick read-through it does almost sound like something it should not be.

    And it sounds like you have your Padawan whipped pretty well. Remind me to keep you away from Mrs. Cheese. She doesn't need any lessons.

  7. The correct answer is always, "Whatever makes you happy, dear."

  8. Candice, I did not mention Lydia being attacked because at the time she was really upset and a week later she had eloped and I wrote about that.

    As I hear, they are still together. Which makes me think she just came to her senses and postponed. Best thing for her.

    Alright. Asshat is now on The List.

    Yeah. She's a pretty nice kid, as it turns out. Mother is still a bitch, though. Hides behind her car when she meets us down the stairs.

    I told him it wasn't just me and that any woman would be upset by what he did. He found it more amusing.

    Doug, did all of you guys read it like I gave him an STD? I wouldn't touch that man with a ten foot pole, and I have a whole list of reasons. 1) He is Padawan's best friend. 2) He is racist and sexist. 3) He has red hair. 4) I do not like overly beefed up muscle men. It's disgusting. 5) He's younger than me. 6) He has a bad habit of sleeping with whoever he wants, sans condom. 7) He slept with my best female friend. 8) She gave him and STD that causes Cervical Cancer. I'm good without that, thanks. 9) He's kind of stupid. 10) He's an Asshat.

    8,9, and 10 are recent additions.

    And Padawan is not whipped. He just knows how to pick his battles. He never would have won that one.

    Brent, I actually prefer "Yes, dear, you're right." But the point is the same. And it's taken me three years to get him to understand the protocol for these situations.

  9. WHOA. A lot has happened. So sorry Lydia got attacked, so glad that your sister's wedding is off (for now), so glad that your neighbor girl is friending Choo Choo, and HOLY STD DRAMA, BATMAN.

  10. Lydia says she's fine. Brat says she decided she wanted a real ceremony so she wouldn't miss out, and they'll do it next year sometime. I should really find out her name...I don't call her anything when she says hi. I just say hi back and let her play with Choo Choo. Yes, STD Drama, and it's not even fair because all I did was answer his questions when he called me and asked about the situation. I should have just said be a man and call her yourself. Lesson learned.


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