Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's our anniversary! My longest relationship ever.

Today is our three year anniversary.

It's both of our longest relationships. My shortest relationship was...oh, a week? Yeah, I think so. And then there are the guys I dated before I got with Padawan. None of them made it to Third Date status. And everybody knows what happens on the Third Date. The first kiss.

I think the worst one was the guy with the horrendous Canadian accent that said "oot" and "aboot" instead of "out" and "about", which I thought was kind of cute when I first met him and agreed to a date. But it was pretty obnoxious by the end of the second date and so I ended that.

My next longest relationship was one year and a month, and that was back in high school. Does that even count? Well, it did carry on into college.

I believe the last time I mentioned a three year anniversary it was on February 7th and I said it was my three year anniversary working for the company. Three wonderful years on both counts.

Padawan and I have had a mostly good three years. There were hard times. We lived with one of my friends as a roommate (someone who I am no longer friends with because he's a total douche bag) and that only caused problems and we had to take a break for a month before we realized the problem wasn't between us. It was the asshole roommate. 

So we moved in with Jerkface as a roommate in a better apartment and that went well for the next year until things started going badly because Jerkface was an asshole who told me point blank that he could find a new woman for Padawan who was just as beautiful but a lot simpler emotionally, and the only reason he hadn't done it was because he found me amusing. Yeah. After that things started to get tense. And I guess he missed his opportunity because by the time I stopped amusing him it was too late. Padawan was madly in love.

Oh, one of my favorite memories of Padawan was when I had gone down to visit Relly in Corpus for a couple of weeks and then she decided to go on a cruise with her ex-boyfriend the weekend we were supposed to go back home so I was going to be stranded in Corpus another week. He drove down in his M3 (which had been vandalized that day by teenagers with explosives and needed to go to the body shop) that night, picked me up, and immediately brought me back home. That's a ten hour drive he did for me.

The drive back was awesome.

For my 21st birthday Padawan got me front row, dead center tickets to Wicked. Best night ever. I got all teary eyed when the curtains first went up because I was so excited.

And one time I was really sick with this awful stress rash that had gotten so bad it had started to bleed and so I couldn't go to work. He put ointment on my arms and legs before bandaging them up and then giving me a sleeping pill to keep me from itching all day. When I woke up he had Olive Garden ready for me on a tray for eating in bed and he took care of me. It was so sweet.

Anyway, I gave Padawan his present last night because I have an insane inability to wait after I have the gift. It's really hard for me.

He loved it.

I will get mine today. I have no idea what it is. But I will love it.


  1. that's quite a history of relationships. i feel bad for the canadian dude though.. he can't help his accent :p

    but congrats on your anniversary.

  2. Cuteness! 3 Years? That's great! I'm really happy for both of you!

    Padawan sounds like a really great guy and I'm glad the two of you found each other. May you enjoy many more happy years together! :)

  3. Happy anniversary.

    Where is everybody today?

    I think I spot a typo in your post. Shouldn't it be, "...then giving me a sleeping pill to keep me from bitching all day."? Hahahaha. I'm kidding.

  4. Arcita, It was nothing personal. But how can you be in a relationship with someone when every time they open their mouth you want to stick a sock in it? In any event, he did manage to move on. And thank you.

    Candice, thanks! I hope we do enjoy many more years together. Him and me and Choo Choo. Because he is a great guy.

    Bryan, thank you.

    I have no idea. I'm spending the day with Padawan.

    Well, it might have been. Although I was actually crying hysterically when I discovered it was bleeding, not complaining about it. So he probably gave me the sleeping pill to keep me calm.

  5. Jerkface said he could find someone better for Padawan, and that made things tense? Really? I don't understand why.

  6. Maybe if you were simpler emotionally things wouldn't have gotten tense after he said that... ;)

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Day. Not jinxing things by calling it by name. I do this in support and because I am wiser and longer entrenched in relationships, therefore, Happy Day to you and the young Jedi.

  8. Doug, the part I found most insulting was that I was amusing. There are two ways to call someone amusing: a complimentary way and a condescending way. He was condescending.

    Sirluke, if he wasn't such a Jerkface he wouldn't have said that and it wouldn't have happened. And who wants some one emotionally simple? I can't help that I have feelings.

    Scott, calling it an anniversary jinxes things? I didn't know that. Happy Day works, too. Thank you. The young Jedi and I had a very good day.

  9. I hope yesterday was swell. You seem to have found your rut. That's a good thing.

  10. Yesterday was brilliant! I love my new kindle accessories!

  11. Bleh... I was trying my hand at sarcasm... but it looks like Doug got there first.

    I have no idea who would like a simple emotionally female, but if you actually meet one, be sure to send her to Vegas and alert me where she's staying. ;)

  12. So late to the party, but Happy Anniversary! I adored this insider look at you and Padawan =)

  13. Sirluke, oh I wouldn't send her to Vegas. I'm sure all the emotionally simple females already live there.

    Nicki, thank you! Yeah. Padawan's always doing sweet things. Because he's actually made of sugar.

  14. Wow, that comeback gets a solid 9.5. But trust me, they're all a bunch of hot messes.

  15. 9.5, really? Awesome.

    Padawan and I met a really nice woman when we went to Vegas. She was kind of an airhead, but I'd say she was emotionally simple. She put an ad on Craigslist inviting everyone in Vegas to her birthday party. Weird.


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