Saturday, March 5, 2011

A few things...

I don't really feel like writing a whole post today so I'm just going to put down random things that could not by themselves be a post.

1) Little Brother has decided he doesn't want to be called Little Brother in my blog. It's babyish and undignified, according to him. Not in those exact words, of course, but that was his general point. He decided since Padawan is Star Wars related, he wants a Star Wars name, too. He picked, "Master Plo Koon," who is a Jedi Master in the cartoon series he watches. Apparently he's the best Jedi Master ever. Maybe even better than Yoda. So...Little Brother is hereby now referred to as Master Plo Koon.

I personally think he's an ugly Jedi, but this is what he wants.

2) Last night Padawan, Master Plo Koon, Choo Choo and I took a trip to Petco to have Choo Choo fitted for a training muzzle. Not to be cruel. It's for barking purposes. Ever since she picked up the bad barking habit for attention from Brat's over-sized mutt, it's become increasingly difficult to take Choo Choo out for walkies if other people are around. Adults and other dogs, I mean. Not children. Choo Choo does not bark at children. I don't know why. Anyway, she went nuts in the store but calmed down long enough for us to discover that the smallest muzzles in stock were still too big for her. We tried PetSmart, too, but their smallest was even bigger. She made friends with a Beagle while she was there. I wound up special ordering a small one online, and to make up for the unnecessary trip I bought her some rawhide chews and a toy monkey.

3) On the way to taking Master Plo Koon home he mentioned that he was in a Taks prep group with two girls from his class. I asked if they were pretty girls. He thought about it for a second and then made a face. The face is kind of like a face I would give someone if they shoved raw eel under my nose. Absolute disgust. And he said, "What? I'm in third grade!" 

"So? When I was in third grade lots of boys had crushes on me."

"They have cooties!"

"No they don't. Don't you think your sister is pretty?"

"What? Yeah...I guess so." 

"So what's different about thinking other girls are pretty? Pretty is pretty."

"I'm just a regular third grader who happens to like the Beatles."

Do I know what the point of his last comment was? Absolutely not. But apparently liking the Beatles excuses him from answering questions about which girls in his class are pretty.  By the time that conversation ended, though, his face was bright red. My conclusion? He thinks at least one of those girls is pretty.

4) Master Plo Koon asked me if I wanted to play Simpson trivia. I said I didn't really care for the Simpsons, but he could ask me his questions.

"What was Lisa's first word?"


Padawan chimed in, "Da-da?"

"No! It was Bart!"

He seemed extremely pleased with his question so we praised his far superior knowledge of the show. It seemed really important to him and he basked in the glory of our compliments. 

I don't know how I forgot that. I saw this episode.

5) The more and more I think about sticking Charlie Sheen and Kanye West in a room together, the more I think it's a good idea. But if I really had to choose only one to come out alive I'd have to pick Kanye. He may have a serious alcohol addiction but at least he doesn't brag about how great his drug addictions (if he has any) might make him.

6) If the muzzle training fails to break her newly developed barking habit, I'm going to have to pay $209 to a trainer for four hours of one on one lessons. That might be the better route to go with anyway. The training is guaranteed or I get my money back, and I'm pretty sure they make their money because the training sticks. Of course, my dog may just be untrainable.

This concludes my rambling for now. 


  1. Excellent rambling. I've seen that Simpsons episode too. I think that show is hilarious (well, most episodes anyway. Some of them are kinda stupid.)

    Because of Tyler and my almost 6 year old son, I know exactly who Master Plo Koon is. And several of the other Jedi Masters as well. Tyler is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and has instilled that same fandom into our son. I'm not complaining, I'm simply stating a fact.

    Here's hoping Choo Choo's bad habits will be overcome soon. Maybe she chooses not to bark at children because she knows that most of them will pay attention to her no matter what she does. Kids love dogs. :)

  2. I'm not a big fan of the Simpsons but Padawan and Master Plo Koon have watched several seasons together. I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons as a child, and I didn't care for it when I was allowed, but a few episodes are enjoyable.

    I'm a fan of the Original Three. My exposure to the newest Star Wars tales are limited to the knowledge Master Plo Koon shares on Mondays and Fridays when we watch him. I'm afraid to watch the new episodes. I might hate them.

    I hope so, too, if only to keep me from having to open a can of whoop ass on the crazy bitch next door who Choo Choo now hates and barks at as long as she can see her. And not in her friendly "I want attention way." In the "hackles up, I want to eat your heart" kind of way.

    I do have a few theories about Choo Choo and the way she regards children. 1) She knows that they will love her regardless and give her attention so she doesn't have to try to get it. 2) They are closer to her size so she feels they notice her faster. Adults are higher up and might not see her. 3) Children smell like cookies and dirt: two of her most favorite things to smell. Because they have that smell, she automatically likes them and doesn't want to startle them. 4) She doesn't know what to make of them due to their lack of height and wants to study them for Doggy Science.

  3. Yes. And he made sure that I understood I wasn't allowed to shorten it. It had to be Master Plo Koon.

  4. Sheesh Chanel. First you dis Firefly and Serenity, and now the Simpsons? I think you're asking for the full wrath of interweb geekdom to fall upon you with fury and vengeance. I think you're safe on the Star Wars front because you like the first three at least.
    BTW, to Candice, I think a few duds in nearly 500 episodes is pretty good. But as a Simpsons geek myself, I have to admit that it's never going to be as good as it was in the mid to late nineties.
    It Just Got Interesting

  5. Hey, I love Star Wars. I even liked Episode 1, and I would have liked the other two better if Hayden Christianson was a better actor. Sadly, he wasn't.

    It's not that I hate the Simpsons. I can sit there and watch it without being miserable. I could just take it or leave it. Which is honestly the way I feel about most TV shows. I'm not being MEAN to the Simpsons. I'm just saying I'm not a fan.

  6. In fact, one of the first episodes I ever saw was one where Lisa was playing her saxaphone in the talent show and she broke her reed and had to send her dad to get her a new one. Knowing the music store was closing he went next door and had a few beers and then begged to be let in because it was for his daughter. Then he couldn't even remember what instrument she played and didn't get the right one and she was heartbroken.

    That episode is one reason why I don't try to watch the Simpsons.

  7. Yes, Homer is an oaf, and he just gets stupider all the time. But in that particular episode he had to do something incredibly insensitive so that he could buy Lisa a pony, which then became fodder for even more oafish hilarity. See, it's all connected.

  8. Yeah, but he couldn't afford the pony and they couldn't keep it! So it was even sadder!

  9. @Brent: I agree that the later stuff from the 90's is the primetime of Simpson-dom. I think one of my favorite peripheral characters is the "crazy cat lady" that actually throws live cats at people while yelling gibberish. The first time I saw her, I swear I couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes afterward! :)

    @Chanel: I infinitely prefer the original trilogy to the new stuff as well. I don't hate the new trilogy, but it's definitely inferior to the original. And the whole "Clone Wars" cartoon is not my thing either.

    Interesting theories about Choo Choo and children. I think all of those are quite possible. :)

  10. You should be nicer to Charlie Sheen. As I can attest, it is not easy being a rockstar from Mars.

  11. Maybe you should start calling the dog, R2 Choo Choo.

  12. Candice, Master Plo Koon is obsessed with Clone Wars. OBSESSED. The only thing he likes more than watching that cartoon is playing with Choo Choo.

    Doug, it may not easy to be a Martian rockstar, but you have handled your fame well. You also don't ask for 3 million dollars per entry from your readers. That just wouldn't be fair.

    Bryan, goodness you've just added another nickname for Choo Choo. I think even Padawan will like that one. She seems to like it, too. :)

  13. Master Plo Koon, I think, might be a really super bad ass Predator in disguise. A Predi, if you will.

  14. Why would a Predator need to disguise himself? If memory serves me correctly, Predator could turn himself invisible. I think that's the movie I'm thinking of...Arnold Schwarzenegger in a jungle? Evil alien?

  15. Yes, but the two are similar in look and swagger. He would have to be incognito to avoid the plethora of other bad ass predators. Also, invisibility is nothing compared to feeling the force around you. You can't hide from the force. Also, the whole "hand wave" thing is pretty cool.

  16. *waves hand* "I'm not the Predator you're looking for..."

    Storm trooper: "You're not the Predator we're looking for."

    *waves hand* "Move along..."

    Storm trooper: "Move along."

    If I was going to disguise myself I'd at least hide those tusk things. They look uncomfortable.


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