Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty flowers! Look at them!

I really must be Award Season on Blogger because I've just received an award from Rebecca over at Randomness That Is Life. And it's one I've never been given before and it's got sunflowers. For those of you who don't know, my favorite flowers are as follows:

1. Belladonna and Daffodils
2. Sunflowers
3. Yellow Lilies

I love yellow flowers (and Belladonna is a beautiful purple color that I adore. Don't judge. I don't love it because it's highly toxic) and anything with a sunflower on it is A-OK with me.

I'm not really sure what the criteria is for this award. It's not a "you've done this!" award, or "your blog looks like this!" award. (Speaking of blog looks, isn't it about time I do another blog makeover?)  But it still has rules, so I guess that makes it an award.

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers.

I already did the first one.

Seven Random Facts...

1. My favorite flower is tied between Belladonna and Daffodils, but Padawan can never get me a bouquet of those flowers because no florist in his/her right mind carries Belladonna. So when I want a big, beautiful bouquet I get all of my favorite yellow flowers and then purple irises, too, because the purple pops with the yellow and it's also the closest I can get to the Belladonna color.

2. I will have my first Yoga class on Monday. I know, right? I'm actually doing it. I'm not going alone. My new gal pal Jazz is going with me because who wants to do yoga alone? Plus we get the entire month of May free and if we don't like it we can just quit. 

3. I was out of clean jeans the other day (I was protesting the entire system of laundry because I was very angry with my washer) and consequently had nothing to wear but miniskirts or shorts. Given that the only kind of underwear I had left at the time were...not the kind you should EVER wear under a miniskirt, my only option was the shorts. I've only ever worn shorts to work once before in December (it was eighty degrees outside! I wasn't crazy!) so it's pretty unusual for me. I felt uncomfortable the whole time. Technically they are the same length as my miniskirts, but I feel so exposed wearing shorts.

4. My cousin Peace Maker is coming up to visit this week, coming all the way from Jacksonville, Florida. It's been just over two years since we last saw each other. (A couple of years ago Relly, Padawan, and I drove up to Virginia to visit Daddy and his wife and Peace Maker flew up from Jax to visit all of us at the same time.) Last time we weren't all legal to go anywhere fun together (Peace Maker and I were both 20 and Relly was 21 and Padawan was 22) so she wants to make up for it this time. She's done her research on Austin and has decided she wants to hit Sixth Street for Cinco de Mayo. God help the poor bastards out on the town that night...

5. I seriously think I was born in the wrong century.

6. I actually used to hate my eyes. I spent every day from the age of twelve, when a boy in my class said it was creepy how my eyes changed color, until the age of nineteen despising them and wishing for normal, straight up green eyes. It actually wasn't until I was eighteen and finally got to make the decision myself to spend my money to get colored contacts that I learned to appreciate my eyes for the oddity that they are. I wore phony green contacts for just over a year and by the time my prescription was out I hated colored contacts more than anything on the planet. Do you know how awful it feels to have someone tell you how beautiful your eyes are when you're wearing colored contacts? It's not a real compliment. It sucks. And after a year of that, I threw out the last pair and started wearing normal, run of the mill, clear contacts.

7. I hate hamburgers. Actually, I hate ground beef. That stuff is freaking nasty, and the only thing I hate more than ground beef is a hot dog. This makes cookouts rather difficult for me because I don't generally like the food. And before you jump on me about being unAmerican or a Nazi: I prefer steak. And do you know what's IN a hot dog? 

8. (BONUS FACT!) I'm still sad George went away, even if it IS temporary.

There. Seven facts about myself plus one.

Fifteen other bloggers? 

You know what, I'm going to list all of the bloggers I follow regularly and then I'm going to cross out the ones who don't like awards in general and what is left gets the award. Also if your blog is for some reason deleted you get crossed out.

Frisky Virgin

BUT, if your name is crossed out and you decide you WANT the award you can take it. But I'm not attaching links because I'm really just to lazy to make links for all sixteen blogs I regularly follow.

And that is all for now. Stay tuned on Monday for another "Things I Learned in my First Apartment" post, probably with video if I can get them to work.


  1. I love irises. I have planted an array of them in the garden this year and they are ust starting to bloom. The purple ones are my favorite. Did you see the pic on my blog of the purple and yellow one?
    I can't beleive you EVER hated your eyes. Mne stay the whole boring brown all the time. All I've got is the song "Brown Eyed Girl" to make me feel important. I used to wear violet contacts.

  2. A Pair of Brown Eyes - Peter Case
    Brown Eyed Girl - Everclear/Van Morrison/Weezer
    Brown Eyes - Destiny's Child
    Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) - Mint Condition
    Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle
    Your Big Brown Eyes and My Big Broke Heart - The Russian Futurists

    There are lots of songs for you pretty brown eyes!

    Yes, I saw the picture and I loved them! I meant to comment but I had five MILLION blogs to catch up on this morning because everybody in the blogosphere decided to post while I was AFK yesterday, so I just left short comments. But I wish I could plant some irises. I can't keep any kind of flower alive. Just flowerless plants and cactus. And even then...I've killed cactus before.

    When you're twelve years old and a boy tells you your eyes are creepy, it kind of leaves and impression.

  3. Random fact (I know its what I'm good for)....... Jimmy Buffett now owns the rights to brown eyed girl, he bought it as an anniversary gift for his wife. That's some love!

  4. Hi Chanel,

    I was looking for your email as I'd like to send you an update, please email me at thanks a bunch :)

    Marsy ~ Giddy Fingers

  5. Maybe the boy thought he was giving you a compliment. 12 year old boys like creepy things.

    Or maybe he was just a little jerk. I'll beat him up if you want. I'm not afraid of twelve year old boys. I'm kind of tough like that. Of course, he's not 12 anymore. He's probably a marine now. Never mind.

  6. Rebecca, I didn't know that, but it's really sweet!

    Marsy, ok.

    Bryan, I've never been a twelve year old boy. I don't know how their minds work. But this particular boy was a jerk.

  7. Its not that I dislike awards, they just get so easily passed around is all. Plus, Atypical Read is hard to pin down to an award, which is why I have been overlooked so often I think. I do want one of those Blogscars or bloscars or whatever the hell you call them.

  8. Whichever color they are, your eyes are pretty. Take it from me, I'm an expert.

  9. Scott, well they've got to go somewhere when you get them! That's why you give them to the blogs you like. It's not like I'm passing them onto to just any old blogger.

    Darev, well I know that NOW, I just didn't then, but thank you for clearing that up.

    Oh, and Bryan, I forgot to tell you that he isn't a Marine. He dropped out of high school and got his GED. He works at Taco Bell. You can take him.

  10. Hmmm, well, I'm very lazy and Texas is a long way off. What if I just go down to the local Taco Bell here and beat up a random employee? In fact, what if I just go down there and order a coupler of Volcano Burritos? Would that be just as good?

  11. Thanks for regularly following my blog, and for the award! I'll make you proud, I hope...

    I love flowers. I have several favorites, including red roses (Yes, I'm one of THOSE girls that likes roses. They smell awesome!), Lilacs (Which also smell awesome), Gerbera daisies (Bright, happy colors!), Calla Lillies, and a bunch of others that I can't think of right now...But I DO like Sunflowers. They're so happy! :)

  12. Bryan, only if Volcano burritos have a bad effect on your body and you use their bathroom. That might make me feel better.

    Candice, no need to thank me because I love your blog and I wouldn't read it if I didn't. It's all because of you that I read it regularly. You know, because you make it.

    Oh, I agree that roses smell divine. I love the way they smell. They just didn't make it to my top three, but I love yellow roses best. (Of course.) I love lilacs, too! And lavender. You can dry those and then boil them in water and your house will smell like lilac and lavender for days! You can also dry them and put their petals in a bowl.

  13. Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative ways.

  14. Moriarty? As in Sherlock Holmes and his evil criminal nemesis? I don't think I've reached that status yet. But when I become Overlord(ess) officially....


  15. That's actually a quote from "Kelly's Heroes" (Donald Sutherland to Gavin MacLeod). Good movie. I always throw that at people in the real world.
    Will we get notification in the mail regarding your rise to Overlord(ess)?

  16. Really? I saw that movie. How do I not remember that line? That IS the war movie about the soldiers that found the gold, right?

    Nobody uses the mail anymore. Everybody will get a personal delivery of flowers from me and a nice, personalized note.

  17. Yes, great movie. "Woof Woof Woof, that's my other dog imitation."
    The current rulers use the mail for official notifications, like jury duty. Are you saying that you will personally deliver the flowers or use someone like Proflowers with arrangements personally chosen by you? You're not going to have time to do all of those things on your list if you're choosing floral arrangements for every single person.

  18. I will send out a team of highly qualified individuals before my take over that will gather information, and then I will put the order in to all flower companies so they can be prepared for the actual delivery date. I will sign a certain number of personalized cards to go with the flowers every day up until delivery day. And then they will be released to the world like clockwork. Everybody will wake up to find flowers for them on their stoops, and they will love the gesture! Muahahahahaha!

  19. "Flowers From The Overlord". Gad. There's a story there. Or maybe a Led Zepplin song.


  21. I agree that 1. hamburger meat is nasty!...but I still can't help loving it topped with bacon and cheese...don't judge.
    2. I think you were born in the wrong century as well. There's something so 1800th century about you, so soulful, and unique.

  22. Darev, the world would be so lucky to have an Overlord who gave them flowers!

    Scott, you TOTALLY know I didn't mean it like that. Calm down. Breathe deep, happy, relaxing breaths.

    Sandra, hmmm...alright, I HAVE had a bacon cheeseburger before and it's significantly less awful than a regular burger. But I still didn't care for it enough to have a second one.

    Well thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks I was born way too late!

  23. YAAAAAAY! Award season! I find this whole belladonna thing fascinating. I googled the flowers and you're right; they're gorgeous. I can totally see how they'd be good with daffodils. AND hot dogs? God, they make me gag. Can't eat em. Partially because I know what's in it and partly because it's just plain gross.

  24. Belladonna is one of those flowers that nobody really pays any attention to because it's petals are poisonous and the leaves are poisonous and the berries are poisonous. It's unappreciated in the world of flowers, and that's just sad.

    Hot dogs smell bad, too. Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and say, "Wow! Those hot dogs smell so good!" Nope. Because they don't.

  25. Nice post about flowers thanks for posting


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