Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alas, George, where have you gone?

There I was, minding my own business, clicking on a nineteen minute old post from It's Time I Said Something About This...

And I got the "This blog has been removed" message.

George, why did you leave us? Don't you love us anymore? You said you were going to post occasionally...and then you promised us poetry...

But then you just left us.

And now I am sad. (I'm sure we're all sad, actually, but I can't speak for everyone. Just me.)

I was totally going to shoot you an e-mail challenging you to a duel because my feelings are all hurt. You're one of my favorite bloggers. But then I couldn't even send you an e-mail from your profile! Now, if I was really clever I could probably just work around that, but I'm not. So I'm just writing this.

George, you've hurt my feelings. Who else will be able to name Kevin Spacey movies with me? Who else will be able to offer me somewhat reasonable explanations for Kane's actions? Who else am I going to secretly call "Georgie" in my head when I'm commenting or responding to a comment?

Who can take your place, George? 

Nobody. That's who.

Now what do you have to say for yourself?

*insert sad face here*

In fact, where do I sign an official Letter of Protest?


  1. I second this post! George, where are you? I, too, clicked on your most recent post, and received the same message as Chanel. You can bet I was going to send you an e-mail, too. How do you do that, now, by the way?

    Sad faces here, too. :(

  2. His profile is still up and it says e-mail to contact but when you click the e-mail link it doesn't work...

    See, George! You've only been gone like forty minutes and you're already very missed! It's like a hole in the Blogosphere...

  3. George-like a dagger to the heart! You were just honored in a Drake original cartoon and then you leave us. It feels like Hazel all over again! Why George...why!? I was so loving your occasional posts-they brought me such joy. I am going to miss you! :( I hope you still keep commenting because it wouldn't be the same without you.

  4. I don't know this George person you speak of. Maybe you could stalk the internet a la Where's Waldo-style to find this George. I do know this though. If he was someone you deemed worthy to dedicate a whole post to he must, in the very least, be interesting.

  5. You have a silly award waiting for you in my latest blog. Enjoy....or not, just know I thought of your blogness.


    I'm gonna miss you, man! It seems like I just barely got to know you, and now you've up and disappeared! Not cool! I'm joining in Chanel's protest!

    Here's hoping you and your blogging will be reincarnated into a recognizable form.

  7. See, George? You are so missed everybody is joining in, demanding you return for comments at least! We can't say goodbye to you. You're our friend!

    Rebecca, thank you for giving me an award!

  8. Asha, I can't believe you don't know George! I thought EVERYBODY knew him. I'd say you should go read his stuff...but it's gone. Gone forever, never to be seen again...

    Except his comments. His comments are still here.

  9. Man, a post about a blogger. If I go would I get one too? I am certain there would be applause, but not the kind I would think meant anything nice. More, "Yay! He is gone. No more madness. I feel GRRRREEEEAT!" kind of cheer. Completely off subject, but anyone know why my ankle pops when I walk? I think I might be turning into a Zombie.

  10. Hmm, that must have been the follower I lost.

  11. I wonder what drove him to delete his blog. Maybe he's just in the middle of a major overhaul.

  12. I'm not dead, this is temporary. I'll be back eventually. If not in the original form, something else.
    I'm sorry to have caught you by surprise. I'll have Marge forward the formal protest paperwork to your office. Just remember they have to be filled out in triplicate and notarized by an appeals court level judge.

  13. Scott, don't disappear just to see if we'll miss you or not. That's just mean. I don't know why your ankle pops. Why do my ears click?

    Bryan, maybe. I dunno, I still have all of my followers.

    George! How do you delete a blog and then come back? What, is there a "temporary removal" option or something? And why didn't you give us warning! You didn't even give us time to read the final post! Yes, you have Marge do that. And have her send me some flowers, too, because I'm very distraught.

  14. See, major overhaul.

    This was a touching post though.

  15. It appears that I have 90 days to undelete. I have also exported the blog to my hard drive at home and could import that back after 90 days. You let Marge know where to send the flowers and I will do it.

  16. Sometimes it happens. For varying reasons. I left once for about a month and the day came when I went to go and delete my blog and saw that not only did I still have followers, people were still reading my old stuff! It was weird. Been going on too long and I have too much stuff archived to delete the whole thing, though. My ego won't let me do that.

  17. Your ears click? Like a remote or a cricket or something other?

  18. Bryan, I was upset! He just...left!

    George, oh don't worry. Marge will definitely be hearing from me. Are you going to be gone all ninety days?

    Darev, if you decide to leave you must give us two weeks notice or something. And even then, you still have to hang around.

    Scott, no there's just a clicking sound that comes and goes in my right ear. It kind of sounds like when you put a really small tube under water suddenly and the bubbles come out. It's annoying.

  19. I don't know exactly how long I will be gone, it all depends on when we finish. You can always contact me at, just don't send me hate mail please.

  20. Now, George, do I REALLY seem like the kind of person that would send hate mail? Of course I wouldn't do that. I don't believe in hate mail. Or trolls. If you don't like something, say it once politely and be done with it. I already told you I was saddened by your sudden departure. Hate mail would be absolutely unnecessary.


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