Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I spy with my eyes...Avatar?

At first I was just going to take a picture of my eyes and post it because that would have been the logical thing to do. (By the way, Darev asked about my eyes, which is why I made this post.)

But then I sat down and thought, "Why take a picture of my eyes and then just post it when I already have plenty of pictures of myself with my eyes showing?"

And then, "The pictures I have all show the different shades of my eyes. Why not just make a collage of my eyes?"

And so that's what I did. I went through all of the pictures on my computer and cut out the eyes in the ones where you could clearly see the eyes. Plus I had this one shot of an eye that I took to see how the Falsies Mascara compared to the Glam Eyes Mascara and so I put that one up, too.

Because one picture would have been so boring.

And then I thought...why add this as a footnote to my post from Monday when I could just make it it's own post on Wednesday? See, I'm writing this on Monday, but it won't be posted until today. (Which is Wednesday.) That way it will keep you guys entertained with my shenanigans until I have time to write again on Friday. (Because I can't blog anymore on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I'm not playing Receptionist on those days.)

And, because I got bored...

Bonus picture!

I was playing on paint and decided to Avatar myself.

So what if it doesn't look as good as the places online that charge you to have your picture Avatared? I did this all by myself and it didn't cost me a thing!


  1. Although I assume you wear contacts, the fact that if they turned from one distinct color to another on there own would make you a freak of nature, which is perfectly fine by me. It might make you an angel...don't their eyes change too? Maybe that was werewolves...or just a dream I had...I don't know. I have done so much writing lately I am beginning to lose myself in make-believe. Anyway, good job on the Cameroning of yourself. I tried to do the same, but just kept getting that blue blob monster from Aliens Vs. Monsters.

  2. Excellent Avatar-ization! Very nice! I'm also a fan of the eye picure collage. It's quite impressive, and you're right, your eyes are very pretty. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Follow Up: How did Kane respond to my last plea? Has he coughed up the earrings yet? ;)


  4. Scott, I do wear contacts, but not colored ones. I had colored contacts once and they made my eyes this really weird shade of green that I didn't like. So I stick with my natural eyes and they can change to whatever color they want and that's fine. I am wearing colored contacts in NONE of these pictures though. That's all me.

    Candice, thank you. It took me like an hour in paint to get the picture that way and I was very proud of it.

    Kane has NOT coughed up the earrings. But nothing else is missing. Perhaps I can only hope for that.

    Nicki, thank you. I love my eyes. :)

  5. The eyes! The eyes! They're staring at me. It's like something a serial killer would have on their wall. I fear for your safety. Have you had any disturbing phone calls from yourself?

    I think maybe I'll post one giant close-up of eye, extra veiny.

  6. Or something a complete narcissist would put on her blog...

    Oh wait. Yeah, that's me. Oh well.

    You should! You should totally do it and then leave yourself a creepy "I'm watching you" message.

  7. You do have very pretty eyes. The difference in the colors is amazing.

  8. George, yeah it's why nobody ever agrees on the color of my eyes. It changes with the color I'm wearing. Green makes them more green, blue makes them more blue. Silver eye shadow makes them look kind of grayish. My mother calls them my greatest fashion accessory. "They always match!"

    Bryan, oh...I love my award! Just wait until you see the things I'm going to change...Muahahahahahaha! (Two evil laughs in one day. Not bad. Not bad at all.)

  9. Do your eyes change depending on what you are wearing? I have a friend whose eyes change between blue and gray. You guys are lucky. My eyes change between brown and...brown. Yeah, they don't change.

  10. lmao! "I decided to Avatar myself". Love it.

    PS-I hate you a little for how amazing your eyes are while I'm stuck with boring ol' brown. Granted I like to think of them as a honey brown with golden flecks (but I'm really just lying to myself).

  11. Asha, yes they do. I think brown eyes are pretty. They remind me of coffee and chocolate...and you can do the doe eyes! Do you know how hard it is to do the big, sad doe eyes when you have every eye color EXCEPT doe brown? Brown eyes are undervalued. (I guess the grass is always greener...)

    Jewels, I never said I didn't have a geek streak. Avatar=awesome. Navi=awesomer.

    Brown is not boring! All the greatest things are brown. Coffee. Tea. Brownies. Chocolate. Hot chocolate. Mocha. DOE EYES! You have it good with brown!

  12. Bryan beat me too it, but it does look like the latest in serial-killer chic.

    Also I feel like the pair in the bottom right are judging me.

  13. I think a serial killer might have taken the time to make the collage of eyes form my face as a whole. Or I would, if I were so inclined to be creepy.

    Are you sure? They look amused to me. Maybe they are amused because they know that somewhere on the internet is a video of you dancing...

  14. Oh my, you do have beautiful eyes. Methinks you should change your profile pic so we can always see them.

  15. They can be amused and judgmental at the same time, I suppose. I imagine that's what Cleopatra's eyes would look like while she was saying, "Dance, court jester. Dance and entertain us."

  16. Wow. I am so glad I asked politely. Such an awesome pic. And the avatar shot was wonderful! I hope Padawan knows how lucky he is with such a hot babe around.

  17. Johann, thank you. But I like my profile picture. It says, "I'm looking down. It's like I'm hiding. But I'm not."

    Doug, I'm liking this comparison. Cleopatra watching a court jester...yes. This is very nice to picture.

    Darev, asking politely goes so much further with me. Thank you. It was very fun trying to figure out how to do it. It's been suggested I'm a year behind the curve on the Avatar pictures, but it was still fun! Thank you again. I'll be sure to tell Padawan he's lucky, just in case he forgot. :)


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