Friday, September 10, 2010

I did something bad, but I totally made up for it, and anyway it was totally Boyfriend's fault.

I cleverly discovered that Boyfriend bought me a Kindle for my birthday. And by cleverly discovered I mean that I hacked his password (too easy), checked his history, and found the page on Amazon. Also, I checked his e-mail (even easier) and found the purchase confirmation which told me that it would be arriving sometime in mid-September.

Now, before you go all "BAAAAAAAAAAD Girlfriend!!!!!" I'd like to say that I have absolutely no interest in anything else Boyfriend does on his computer. In fact, I've never bothered trying to hack his computer before that, and I have absolutely no intention of doing it again...unless my Christmas present is also late.

See, my birthday was August 26th, and I've been waiting all this time for the present and he wouldn't even tell me what it was, which is totally unfair. And my desperation drove me to try to discover the truth of the matter. I waited for two extra weeks (really LONG weeks in which Boyfriend constantly tortured me about my lack of knowledge of my present) before I finally snapped and couldn't hold back anymore.

And I totally blame him for it. I honestly wouldn't have cared to know very much if he hadn't constantly and mercilessly taunted me with the secret.

But...I felt really bad about being all sneaky about.

Not bad enough to confess to him or anything. Just bad enough to buy him a really big birthday present really early. His birthday is December 28, but I already knew what he wanted so I just hopped online and upgraded his phone (we share a cell plan) from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone4 which he's been going on about since it first came out last month. Keeping him from looking at the cell phone account online for two days was easy since we just paid our bill.

And then: SURPRISE FOR BOYFRIEND!!!!! two days later. Except nobody was home to accept the package and I put instructions on it not to deliver it to the office if nobody was home, so it went to the warehouse to be picked up.

And then I casually told boyfriend I had been doing some online shopping and my package couldn't be delivered to the apartment because nobody had been home to sign for it, and could we pretty please go pick it up on our way home because it wasn't far from the apartment?

He agreed, and then I also added that, "I put it in your name because I knew I wouldn't be home and I wanted you to be able to sign for it, so you'll have to sign for it when we get there." And he laughed at me and told me, "Anybody in the residence can sign for it, silly. You could have put your name on it." Which I already knew, but I had to keep him unsuspecting.

So we picked up the package, and when we got home I asked if he wanted me to model my new purchase. He didn't seem to be very into the idea (I buy a lot of clothes online and make him sit through my fashion show as I model each new item) but he agreed. So I went into the bathroom with the package and then I came out a few minutes later wearing the same clothes, but holding the iPhone4 packaging, which looks totally cool by the way. Then I handed it to him and said, "HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!"

And he totally freaked out. Or he totally geeked out.

But...the moment was short-lived because the screen on the phone was defective and it didn't work.

So today Boyfriend has to go to the Apple Store (he made an appointment) and they will either fix the screen or give him a new phone.

So he's got his birthday present...and I'm still waiting for mine. But it's all good, right?


  1. Awww...isn't it so cute how men can turn into little boys when you give them something they're really excited about? And you'll have to tell me what you think of the Kindle (when you get it). I've been waffling on asking for one (for Christmas, Birthday, etc.) for a while now, and would love to see some feedback from people that have them. :)

  2. It's like a kid on Christmas. And then they wonder why you can't help but giggle at them.

    I've used my co-workers Kindle because she just got a new one, and I love it. It really does read like paper, it's really basic and easy to use, and it comes with free classic novels like the Count of Monte Cristo and Jane Austen's work. (Which is awesome since I have all of the classics in hard or paperback and I really don't want to have to buy electronic copies.) So I can't wait until my very own Kindle arrives so I can geek out over it and drag it with me everywhere.


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