Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I should feel bad about some of the things that I wrote, but I can't feel bad for telling the truth.

I'm not so big into trends. I mean, come on. Have you seen some of the things people are doing and wearing and accepting these days? Lots of things!

Skinny Jeans! Oh, god, how I HATE seeing boys and young men (men MY AGE!) wearing them.


Skinny Jeans do not look good on men.


Is that clear?


And they don't look great on all women, either. Fat girls look even fatter in skinny jeans. I guess that's why they're called skinny jeans. As in skinny people can wear them, and fat people can't. Or they CAN, they just shouldn't.

And being fat itself is a trend!

Seriously, this "overweight, obesity is okay" trend has got to go. It's unhealthy to be obese. Any doctor will tell you that. And Boyfriend tells me I need sensitivity training because of my complete lack of sympathy for people who are super morbidly obese.

Yes. That's an ACTUAL MEDICAL TERM used for people who are so fucking fat "morbidly" doesn't cover it. These are the huge people you see in wheelchairs who are so fat their legs can't support them and it's physically painful for them to stand.

THAT is so not okay.

It's called diet and exercise. And no, sitting on your ass all day controlling your electric wheelchair with a joystick does not actually exercise anything. Standing up all day and doing nothing is more healthy than sitting in that wheelchair getting steadily fatter. Seriously, obesity disgusts me. And they make TV shows and reality shows and movies about really obese people, telling them it's okay to be fat. And it's not. It's just as unhealthy to be fat as it is to smoke cigarettes.

And if it's acceptable to tell people that smoking is unhealthy, then it should be socially acceptable to tell fat people that being fat is unhealthy. If I owned a restaurant I'd make every fat person that came in eat a single, healthy sized meal of vegetables and healthy things they've probably never contemplated eating before.

And no, my eating habits aren't the best. I like to eat fast food as much as the next person, but it's called moderation. It's just straight up fucking stupid to eat fast food three times a day because it's easier than taking a box of pasta and dumping into a pot of boiling water. You don't even need the damn pot for that anymore! You can make spaghetti in the microwave in minutes, and it's way better than eating a double bacon cheeseburger with no lettuce and tomato, extra pickles and mayo and cheese.

Seriously. Just eat a fucking salad with salad seasoning, no dressing, or just olive oil and vinegar. That's better than your nasty, greasy, heart attack in your hands burger with the side of fries and extra large diet coke. Who the hell are you fooling? Diet coke is JUST AS UNHEALTHY as regular coke. Drink a fucking water.

Whoa. How did I get so far off topic? This blog went nowhere near the point I was aiming for, which I'll totally get to now that I've gotten my anti-obesity spiel off. (If that was mean...well, Boyfriend tells me all of the time that I need sensitivity training because I can't empathize or sympathize with other people. Whatever. I think I'm fine just the way I am.)

Anyway, my point was that although I'm not big on trends, I've recently jumped on board with a trend that I'll probably hang onto long past its coolness factor.

The Feux Denim Legging.

Ah. So beautiful.

It's a legging that is knitted in a color and pattern to look just like denim. They've even got buttons, belt loops, and pockets, just like a pair of skinny jeans. The advantage? The fit of skinny jeans with the comfort of leggings. They're cotton, so they breath and stretch and aren't stiff and itchy the first time. And removal? They slip right off.

When I tell people my "cute jeans!" are actually knitted leggings, they all say, "No way!" and have to feel for themselves. Then, "Oh my gawd! Where did you get these? They're so awesome! I want some! Are they comfortable?"

And I always respond, "Hell yeah, they're comfortable! It makes me dread the days I have to wear my regular jeans!"

So my plan is to order fifty pairs of these not-so-denim leggings and hoard them so they'll last me until they come back into style in another ten years or so.

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