Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choo Choo (also known as Choo Choo Face, Choochie Face, Choo Choo Saurus, and Chugga Chugga Choo Choo)

This is Choo Choo, and she's my baby.

She's not the brightest dog in the world. In fact, Boyfriend insists that she is completely and totally mentally retarded. But I gave her some basic Doggy IQ tests to see if she was really as dumb as we thought. Turns out, she scored High Average, which makes her smarter than the average dog. That was one in Boyfriend's eye, and I was very proud of my dog.

It's easier to think of her as a puppy than as a grown dog, though she's over two years old. Her birthday is May 6, 2008, and she's...still clumsy. I used to think there was something wrong with her eyes, but it turns out she's especially uncoordinated. Not that she's dumb. Just not graceful.

Choo Choo is especially good at running into walls.

When we let her outside she likes to run figure eights and giant circles through the grass over and over again. I am not sure why she does this since the yard she gets to run around in is HUGE and square shaped, but she doesn't like to go near the fences when running. Unless the cows are grazing on the other parts of Boyfriend's land.

Then she wants to go play with the cows. I'm not sure why, but Choo Choo is very good at making friends with all animals. Except for stray cats, but she never stops trying. It hurts her feelings when the stray cats run away from her or I take her away from a cat outside before she can get close to it. Most cats, even indoor cats, are not used to dogs and feel threatened by my five pound puppy.

Choo Choo also loves children, and I really don't know where she gets this from because I do NOT like children and I avoid them. She feels like they all belong to her, though. As you can see in the following pictures, Choo Choo likes Little Brother, although sometimes he wants to play with her when she'd rather sit in my lap and she growls at him. It's a very clear warning. Sometimes he ignores those warnings and she snaps at him (she never bites, only snaps) and then he gets the message. Chihuahuas are not very patient dogs. They do not like to repeat themselves.

Sometimes Choo Choo likes to watch Little Brother play with his toys, but she doesn't like Little Brother touching her toys. If he picks up her stuffed piggy or her little rope dog or her stuffed chicken or her little pink mouse, she goes nuts and does whatever it takes to get it back, and then she walks away and hides it. Of course, she hides it in plain sight while we're watching her so it's not very hard to find them. Her favorite place to hide things is behind/under my pillow. It's especially annoying when she tries to hide it while I'm sleeping because she tries to burrow under my pillow while my head is on it, but it's also really cute.

I have to take Choo Choo to the vet tomorrow. She's been sneezing and coughing a lot, and her nose is dry and warm when it's supposed to be wet and cool. And I feel like maybe she has allergies or something. She's still got the same energy, so I don't think it's serious. Also, I think I need to make an appointment to get her spayed because I've been meaning to do it forever now, and it's very dangerous for Chihuahuas to give birth. I don't want to destroy my dog's chance of motherhood, but I'd rather she didn't die in childbirth. It would break my heart to lose her. I've already lost my cat, and Apollo was stolen from the yard last year. All we have left is my Choo Choo, so I'm trying to take extra special care of her.

This isn't a particularly interesting post, but I thought I'd share my pet with anyone who happens across this blog.

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