Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Result of My Vacation

I've told you guys I make scarves when I've got time on my hands, right?

I crochet them.

Well, on my vacation I had time on my hands, and one day I went shopping with Relly and my grandparents, and I found some really awesome yarn...for a dollar a skein. Do you know how freaking awesome it was to find this kind of yard for a mere dollar? 

So I bought several colors and a few others and I took them home to work. And Relly asked me to please make her a scarf with the really fluffy one.

Now, I've never worked with this yarn before, so it was a learning experience.

The result? 

Padawan called it "ugly and not a scarf", while T-Man, Relly's boyfriend/future husband thing, said, "It looks weird. Like a Double Helix. And it's not ugly, but I wouldn't wear it myself." And then he added that he has no fashion sense, which is correct.


I freaking love this thing. It's awesome, especially considering this was crocheting, not knitting, and I've never used this kind of yarn before.

Then I made a couple more...

But my model was a little smaller than me.

Choo Choo doesn't particularly care for modeling.

But that totally didn't stop me from doing it again.

The lesson here? 

I should probably not be left to my own devices when I'm on vacation. Choo Choo wound up with three new outfits, a Santa Hat, a bathrobe, and she was forced to model for me. Plus she got two baths, poor thing.


  1. Haha Choo Choo looks less than thrilled but I know how hard it is to work with yarn, thread, fabric...so kudos for trying something new! :)

  2. I don't knit, but I've bought yarn for people before, and $1 each is a damn steal. Nicely done.

  3. Jewels! You're back! I mean, I know you still have you other blog up, but I haven't heard from you in ages! It's nice to hear from you...er...read from you?...again! I intend to learn how you're supposed to use this stuff properly so I cam make an epic something with it!

    Joshua, I can't personally imagine a situation where I would send someone else to pick out my yarn for me. Especially a guy. (No offense, but men are not known for their ability to pick out the right color palette.) But I am glad that someone, aside from my grandmother, understands how awesome my purchase was!

  4. I won't take offense to it, only because my training in all aspects of theatre--including costume design and construction--keep me pretty secure in my color sense.

  5. Theatre offers a wide range of education for everyone. I learned how to use a hammer in Theatre class. And a staple gun.

  6. I love crochet! I just finished a blanket for my sister, and now I'm looking for a new project. Those scarves are fun, and that yarn looks like it was even more fun to work with!

    Choo Choo makes a lovely model. She even has that smoldering, pouty look down. Very impressive. :)

  7. I will have to admit as a guy that they look like some sort of coral or possibly a strange fungus. And I really don't think I would wear one myself. On the other hand they do look neat and trendy and I can see them getting really popular. I know my sister would like one and wear it proudly.

    Showed the pics to my wife and she laughed at poor Choo Choo then said "She's really creative! Does she scrapbook? If she doesn't she should!"

    Didn't know the answer to that one. She has offered to aid and abet you if you were interested.

  8. Candice, that's how my first scarves wound up existing. I tried to make a blanket and lost interest when I realized it would make a pretty scarf. I should like to see a picture of the blanket.

    Yes, she is very good at pouting. She gets lots of practice because she is frequently denied a lot of good things, like chocolate and bacon.

    Rev, I thought it looked like a pretty alien vine, myself. A couple of coworkers have asked for some, too. (Female, of course. Because men apparently would never wear these things.)

    I tried scrap booking once in high school for a project. Since I couldn't figure out how to dry and press flowers properly I wound up using pieces of potpourri to add color to the pictures. Unfortunately, I only did it the one time and it took me hours. But I still have all of the fun scissors and things. Maybe I should try making one of Padawan, Choo Choo, and myself? And our new furry child, whenever we find him/her and adopt.

  9. I posted a picture of the blanket on my blog before Christmas. It turned out so well, I just had to share! :)

  10. Now you're all set for those long, cold, Texas Winters ;)

  11. Candice, I dunno how I managed to miss that post...but there you have it.

    Bryan, hey! Our winters get cold! We even got snow last year, remember?

  12. CHANEL I DIDN'T KNOW YOU CROCHETED?!? I'm a crochet addict. Well, in the winter, anyway. And I found yarn for $1/yarn, hooooo boy, I would've bought the whole freaking store. Like my yarn stash reeeeealllyyyy needs any more yarn. But that, my friend, is neither here nor there.

  13. Doesn't it seem like the best time to crochet is winter? Because yarn is great to make all of those awesome winter accessories...hats, gloves, scarves, sweater things, leg warmers, blankets...I have way too much yarn. I think I'm going to have to start knitting again because the crocheting takes a million times longer. Plus I want to see how the new yarn works out with knitting.


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