Saturday, January 14, 2012

I wouldn't believe this story if I were a cop.

I went out to walk Choo Choo one morning and found, to my horror, disgust, and dismay, that someone had taken all of the doggy bags from the puppy pooh disposal stand and strung them like garland in a nearby tree. They used all three large rolls of poopy pouches. Ridiculous.

Well, out of the kindness of my heart (and concern for the environment) I pulled every single bag down. (It is a small tree, so with some jumping and reaching, it wasn't difficult.) 

The entire situation reminded me of something that I experienced several years ago.

When I was a senior, I had this boyfriend. And he had a best friend, who was dating MY best friend. And then we all had this mutual friend, who never had girlfriends but always had a date. (I used to think it was because he was a man whore. A few years ago I realized it's because he's a jerk and no girl really wants a second date with him.) One night the six of us all went around a tour of Northwest Austin. Five of us had grown up in that area, and yet had all played in different parks in our childhood, so we went to five different parks in memory of our five different lives.

While leaving the fourth one, we were driving through a neighborhood and we had to pull over because we saw something interesting. It was nine o'clock at night, not at all late with plenty of traffic going by, and there were three teenage girls in a front yard, a tree in someone's front yard.


Well, what's a group of seventeen/eighteen year old teenagers on the verge of graduation to do? We obviously parked, walked over, and offered to give them a hand.

J-Lynn and I held back. (She lived just two streets over and didn't want to get in trouble. I personally didn't want to contribute to an act of vandalism, but I was not opposed to watching it take place.) 

The three girls had apparently all planned a slumber party (these were fourteen year old girls) and their fourth friend had bailed at the last minute. In revenge, her three best gal pals decided to T.P. her house while she was sitting in the living room watching T.V. with her family. The girls weren't very effective though. They had no height to their throws, and the guys gladly helped them out, reaching the highest parts of the huge cedar tree they had decided to conquer.

After a car drove by, we decided to head out and leave the girls to it. We went to the fifth park on our list.

But, you know, just to see what had happened...

We decided to drive by the house again, just to see how much further they'd gotten. What we found when we got there was funny.

Two cop cars in the driveway, lights on, the parents and one lone teenage girl on the porch, arms crossed, and three teenage girls with four male cops supervising as they pulled down all of the toilet paper they (and our boyfriends and friend) had thrown up there. 

The guys thought this was the most hilarious thing in the world. And to this day I wonder if they told the cops, "We didn't do it all! A car with six older kids in it stopped and did the worst of it! Honest, we only did a little bit!" The story would, of course, sound like complete and utter bullshit, but it was true. 

After pulling off all of those bags, I now know how much it sucks to pull rolls of things out of trees that you didn't put up there, and I feel really sorry for what I stood by and allowed to happen. was pretty funny at the time. So if I had it to do over again...

I'd still watch.


  1. It's not like they were doing anything horribly bad or really destructive. And knowing guys that age, it's not like you could have stopped them once they set their minds to it, either.

    You gotta admit the whole thing is pretty funny.

  2. It was pretty funny. I know it was. But I still feel sorry for those girls. They really didn't do most of it, and had to pull it down. It must have sucked. But they were doing it all wrong anyway. That's why they got caught.

  3. I love how they were doing it with everyone home...and didn't expect to get caught. Seeeeeeriously, girls?

  4. Ha! That's what you get for vandalizing that early at night when everyone in the victim's house can easily just turn around and catch you doing it! Although that does seem to me to be a bit of an overreaction. I wonder if that girl was permanently cut from that group of friends after such a fiasco...

    I would have watched too, to be honest. I've only been TP-ing twice. Both victims were people I didn't know. Yeah, to this day I have no clue why I did it either. Oh well. It's all over now.

  5. Nicki, well nobody said teenagers are smart...

    Candice, they should have beat it out of there when we did. Or when we showed up, because if they caught OUR attention, who knew how many other cars passed by and saw?

    I really don't understand the point. I's not like you get to hang around to see the reaction to your handiwork. (Ideally, you don't hang around, that is.)


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