Friday, January 20, 2012

I tried.

I briefly considered doing a surprise vlog to celebrate the retreat of SOPA/PIPA...

But after twenty attempted videos and an unexpected problem with recording flute with a webcam attached to a computer and three frustrated "fuck yous" that combined all together took three and a half hours, I gave up.

And since the unexpected problem of the microphone on a webcam is not something I can fix without getting a pick up/contact mic, I simply will never be able to play flute for you guys. It's not that I can't get my hands on one. I can easily pick one up at work. My problem is spending money on something I would use once. I do not generally record myself, you see. So there's an end to that.

I know. I can feel your disappointment seeping through the screen, but I'm sure a cookie will make you feel all better, so go ahead and have one. 

Since the world is in a better place (compared to where it was two days ago, and not relative to where it's been in the past because we've definitely seen better days) you'll be pleased to know that I'm going back to my standard nonsense. Politics are not for one such as me. (Until next time, that is.)

It's got to be hard taking a blog called "Fabulously Neurotic" seriously when it comes to Politics anyway. 

Then again...look at our Presidential Debates. I'd have to say that, yeah, some of those guys are above and beyond my particular brand of Neurotic.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, I've got Master Plo Koon hanging out behind me, playing Mindcraft on Padawan's computer. We're taking him to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D tonight, so he's excited. So am I, of course, but since Padawan took me to see the Broadway production when it came into town just before Christmas, this isn't going to be nearly as epic.

I watched a video of Mitt Romney making a fool of himself (that's not political: that's just the truth) and he asked me if that was Rick Perry. The two of them do tend to make fools of themselves frequently. (Oops...) And it's understandable.

But then again...this is the same kid who saw a picture of my heavy metal coworker and thought I had a picture of Osama Bin Laden acting as a bookmark....


  1. Well, if SOPA didn't pass, then you could dub some Jethro Tull over a video of you pantomiming with a flute. We'd never know the difference. ;)

  2. brilliant.

    Except that I don't think my computer comes equipped with that kind of editing program.

  3. Rats! Double rats and triple rats.

    That video would have made me life very nearly complete. Now I am left shaking my fist at the inefficiency of our technology.

    Ah, well. Thanks for trying anyway, luv. Didn't mean to make you all frustrated.

    Now I'm smiling and imagining you dancing around like Ian Anderson does when he plays.

  4. Well that reply option is just overrated since when I click it nothing happens ANYWAY. Stupid technology...

    I'm sorry that I can't make your life closer to complete, Rev. I gave it my very best.

    I do NOT play like Ian Anderson, however, so I guess you'd have been disappointed with the video if I had posted one. I prefer to maximize air usage and tone quality by sitting correctly, like a lady, in an appropriate chair.

  5. Well, apparently I missed a couple of posts, so now I have to go back and see what you are talking about. too bad about the video. Technology sucks, except when it doesn't.

  6. Technology fails a vast majority of the time.

  7. Well, it would have been nice, anyway. Of course that won't do when your band goes big and you have to do live concerts.

  8. I don't want to be in a band that goes big. I don't like contracts.

  9. Hope the movie was fun! I love that one, and you're right, the Broadway musical is truly amazing. My favorite song from the musical? "If I Can't Love Her". It brought me to tears the first time I heard it!

    Anyhoo, ranting over...for now...BWA HA HA HA!!! :)

  10. Candice, I honestly wasn't very impressed by the 3D. The only scene it really improved was the ballroom scene, and while that is like the best part of the whole movie (except maybe when Prince Charming turns around as a human) so you knew it would be awesome. Visually stunning. My favorite part of the musical was "Gaston" because that choreography with the glasses was so intricate.

  11. THat's what I was afraid of with the whole 3-D thing. Most of the time I just feel like I'm watching a regular movie. I think a movie's got to be designed in 3-D to be really immersive. But hey, it's getting a lot of Disney movies dragged out of the vault!

  12. I hate movies being stuck in that stupid vault. For ten years! Do they know how many Disney fans die in a ten year period before ever getting their hands on that movie they locked away?


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