Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guess what?

My two hundred and twenty second post is coming up soon.

I've decided I'm going to do a video blog to celebrate the awesome triple digit, because that seems way  more exciting than what I normally do.

I don't know. Maybe you guys would find it funny to hear my thoughts as I speak them instead of reading them as I write them. Because you guys totally know I don't plan out what I write. I just type it as I think it and then I edit out the errors.

The thing is...I don't know anything about video blogs. I don' t know what I'll talk about.

Enter you guys.

With suggestions.

You guys suggest what I should blog about, and whichever you guys vote on as the best idea, I'll talk about, but let's not get carried away. There are rules. I'm not going to tell you what they are, you guys will just have to use your best judgement when making suggestions.

Um...that's it. Let the games begin.


  1. I'm thinking you should stick with the theme of 2's.

    Talk about things in pairs. You know...twins, your thoughts on Hollywood couples, those kinds of things. :)

  2. How about a video demonstration of how to solve a Rubik's Cube in five steps?

  3. Oh dear. That means I really have to behave myself. So I guess my first half dozens suggestions are out. (grin)

    Actually, I'd like to hear you play something on the flute!

  4. Candice, I can be okay with that.

    Bryan, I don't know how to solve a Rubik's Cube in any amount of steps, let alone five.

    Rev, my flute is in for general maintenance and probably won't be ready by post number 222.

  5. Sounds intriguing. I like Candice's suggestion. It makes it a little tougher on you, having to stick to a particular topic.

  6. Whatever you do, it must be in Pink. Very HOT pink.

  7. Snap! **sigh** Okay.

    Will we get to see you as well or just hear your voice?

  8. I sat here and thought, "well what would I talk about?" Of course I came up with nothing. Sorry Charlie, but I look forward to the post!

  9. George, it's not time for the voting yet! You're supposed to be suggesting!

    Scott, the pinkest things I own are pajamas...

    Rev, I thought the point of a video blog was to actually see the person talking. So I guess I'll be in it.

    Ms Jenna, really? You're a teacher! You are supposed to have a lot of ideas! Every time I needed an idea for something I would ask a teacher. You are spending too much time with that kid who cries about paper towel dispensers attacking him. He is ruining your creative process.

  10. How about the pros and cons of living with a computer game guru? You could call it "The Geek Whisperer".

  11. Lol. I could try that. It can be in the running. So far we've got Candice's "Talk about Pairs" idea and your "Geek Whisperer" one. And Scott's demand that I appear in HOT pink.

  12. I think you should take reader questions and answer them in the video blog!!

    But I like Candice's idea, too.

  13. Alright, that one can be in the running. The list stands at: Pairs of Things, Geek Whisperer, and Ask Chanel, Maybe Get an Answer.

  14. You can read one of Bryan's posts using a really weird fake accent. Oh, wait, that's already been done.

  15. How about character impressions? Like from movies, books, or whatever. You could recreate famous scenes or lines, maybe even put your own spin on them. Or maybe do a skit of an average workday.

    P.S. Just wanted to say, in case you don't check my reply back to you, don't feel bad for my mom--she doesn't limit stuff like soda and cookies to Christmas time, I promise. All she meant was she rarely pairs the two together (soda & cookies). Usually, she goes the traditional way of milk and cookies. We believe in enjoying those little things all year round, (probably more than I should anyway with regards to soda...very bad about drinking soda). lol

  16. "Miss Chanel, your blog needs to be replied to, and hard. By someone who knows how."

    "Oh Rev! As Gawd as my witness I'll never be postless again! Because tomorrow is another blog entry!"

    Fade to music...


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