Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Most Awesome Customer in the History of Customers Award

Every once in a great while...we have a totally awesome customer.

Customers are awesome for different reasons. Sometimes they're just good people. Sometimes they're really funny. Sometimes they stick up for you when another customer is being a jerkface.

And sometimes...they take requests.

There was a kid in today. Maybe he was nineteen or so. I dunno. I didn't ask. He was playing on the pianos, and he wasn't running through the normal stuff. No Fur Elise or Claire DeLune or Winter Wonderland. He was just...playing whatever he felt like. I thought I even heard Mad World played in there somewhere.

So I called out, "Hey, dude! Do you know the Doug Song?"

"The Doug Song?" he repeated.

"Yeah, from the Hangover!"

He grinned. "I think I can play it!"

And he did. Took him a couple of minutes to find the right key. He was playing it by ear, after all. And then I told Jazz, "Hey! He's playing it! He's playing it!"

And she said, "Well, he should sing it!"

So I called out, "Jazz says you should sing it!"

And you know what he did?

He started singing it.

What do tigers dream of...um...something something word in here. 

"I really don't know all of the words..."

I laughed. "That's okay! You can just sing the 'Doug' part."


"Doug! Doug! Doug! Doug! Dougy, Dougy, Doug!"

Applause. Raver, Jazz, and I all gave a warm round of applause. I only wish I hadn't left my cell phone in my purse after lunch because I would have dearly loved to record this moment for you guys and share. 

He won The Most Awesome Customer in the History of Customers Award. 


  1. That. is. amazing. Coolest dude ever. I'm going to marry him.

    Now I want to learn how to play that song...

  2. I'll tell him he's got fans around the world for his awesomeness.

  3. That reminds me of the time I was kickin it back at work at old JCPenney. We were trying to learn to click our heels and instead of being all weird about it, she just laughed along. On her way out of the store she hollers back "and girls- this is how you do it!" She then proceeded to not click once, but twice. A double click! Made my day :)

  4. I don't know the song but he sounds like a cool dude. If you see him again give him two thumbs up from the Rev.

    Man... I wish I had customers like that...

  5. Wow! Does he get a trophy? I think that level of awesomeness deserves a trophy. I tell you what, people like that can certainly make my day, no matter where I am. The kind of person who's friendly and open and genuine. I take my hat off to Piano Man. He rocks. :)

  6. That is cool. I was at a friends band practice when their keyboard player broke into "Linus And Lucy" during a break. I love that song.

  7. Ms. Jenna, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or are we talking about jumping up and clicking the heels in the air? Either one is awesome, of course, but I'd like to get the mental picture right.

    Rev, you've heard the song. Doug posted a clip of it once because he liked the "Doug" parts. Don't you have anyone who is just...really cool who landed in there for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Candice, if I had a trophy, I'd totally give him one. Or two. Or five. People like that should be rewarded for their awesomeness.

    George, I don't think I know that song, but it's great to hear your favorites played spontaneously.

  8. Sometimes I feel like a fraud for purporting to be a pop culture junkie and not having seen The Hangover. Thanks for making me feel bad, Chanel.

  9. Well you should see the first one. The second one looks kind of stupid, but the first one was funny. You're missing out on some pretty good laughs.

  10. I've yet to run into an inmate who impressed me in any way. A few of them have been fairly decent people on the surface. I guess them being inmates has always colored my impressions of them.


    That. is. awesome.

  12. Nicki, most definitely. He came back the next day and had a piano duel with some friends, but I missed it because it was my day off.

    Doug, yes. I know you do.


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