Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Voting Begins

It's time for the voting to begin for my 222nd post special: a video blog. And all of you will regret your curiosity in the end, I promise.

The nominees are: 

Candice's "Pairs of Things" where she challenges me to talk ONLY about things that come in pairs. Little does she know I am incapable of staying on one subject for long. Not branching out will be very trying for someone like me, even though my thoughts always do come full circle.

Rev's "The Geek Whisperer" in which I would talk about the trials, tribulations, and even the advantages of living with a professional nerd. Of course, I will have to get Padawan's approval on that one if it wins because he has a very strict sense of privacy.

Nicki suggests that I do a Q and A, where I take your questions and answer them. Or refuse to answer them in a charming way, depending on the question.

The Frisky Virgin sent in an idea about doing character impressions from movies, books, or whatever. She even thinks I could put my own spin on them.

And Scott says he doesn't care what I do, but it has to be done in hot pink.

So...the choice is yours.


  1. I will, of course, have to vote for my own brilliant idea. However, I would also be glad to see something along the lines of Rev's suggestion. That would be quite interesting... :)

  2. It's a toss up between the Q & A and the character impressions. I'm leaning towards the T &...I mean, the Q & A

  3. Scott's idea is the best, of course, but it seems it should be combined with something else. So. . . Q&A in hot pink is my vote.

  4. Not that Bryan's suggestion of a Rubik's Cube wouldn't have been fun to watch :)

  5. I liked Candice's idea from the beginning. I'd like you to have to work for this.

  6. Like Candice did with her awesome idea, I'll toss a vote to my idea. :) But, I like Rev's idea, too. Heck, they're all fun...can we give 'em all a vote? :/

    Ooh, what about combining all of the ideas? Dressed in hot pink, you answer paired questions about "The Geek Whisperer" while impersonating a movie character.

    They're all fun!!! :)

    Can't wait to see what you do! :)

  7. I guess it wouldn't be ethical to vote for myself. Pfui. And you flute is broken so we won't be hearing that. Double pfui. But then I see the appeal of watching you refuse to answer questions in your own charming way so I guess I'll vote for that.


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