Sunday, December 18, 2011

222: The Video Blog

Alrighty, guys. You asked for it. And here it is. You have nobody to blame for this monstrosity but yourselves, and you know it. 


  1. No Texas twang at all. How many years have you been in Texas?
    I think that this was a success. I kinda' wish that you would have held Choo Choo up and introduced him at some point. I did hear him one time.

  2. Did you honestly expect one, George? Me? A southern drawl?

    I did in an earlier version. But she ran out to go bark at the sirens so she wasn't in my lap.

  3. I haven't been around much these past couple of weeks, but I'm glad I had an extra 20 minutes tonight. I probably wouldn't have asked a question even if I had seen that you were taking questions. I figure you should say what you want to say. But this was swell. And I, too, was interested to hear you've got no Texas accent.

  4. My apologies to Choo Choo, she. I'm sure that I know she is a she. I pick up a drawl after being down south for a while.

  5. That is a pink shirt? Man, I seriously need to get some work done on the peepers. It looks red to me. Color blind? Probably.

    I can not believe no one caught on to the hicks bosom funny.

    *hangs head in shame*

  6. Darn. I missed getting in on this.

    If you could use your psychic powers to answer questions in your video that someone asked after...well, like you were making the video, and then you knew someone was going to ask a dumb question in the comments about what you would do if...see, I saying, if I ask a question now about what you would do if you had a time machine...oh, the hell with it.

  7. Brent, I pretty much did anyway. I have a problem with wandering thoughts. But what is with expecting the Texas accent? I live in Austin, not Dallas. Not all Texans talk like hicks, you know.

    George, it's okay. Choo Choo wearing a pink collar and leash and people still call her a boy. She's used to it and takes no offense. How do you just pick up an accent?

    Scott, yes it is a very, VERY pink shirt. My coworkers often complain it hurts their eyes to look at it. Perhaps you need to adjust your screen.

    I got it the joke! I said it made me laugh! I was just pointing out the correct word in case anyone thought it was seriously hick's bosom.

    Bryan, yes you did miss out, but everybody is probably relieved because this thing was already twenty minutes long. I am really confused by your question. You didn't even finish it!

  8. Well, that was the idea ;)

    I guess I was asking: If you could go back in time and answer a question, would you go back in time and answer this question in your video?

  9. Nope, because then I'd have to go back in time and do the whole thing over again and make it even longer and that would not benefit anyone.

  10. I wouldn't have minded if it was longer. But it wasn't, so obviously you never found that time machine. It was nice to have a clear face and voice to attach to the words I read every day.

    Luckily for me my webcam doesn't have a voice capability or somebody would try to get me to make one of those. Ack! No thank you. My words are bad enough without my face attached to them. I'll let the steel rhino do my talking for me.

    That was very nice, luv. And I do hope this isn't the last one you do. I enjoyed it.

  11. Why did you make me choose one question? You knew I'd never stick to it anyway..I failed at that one question bit for Kane.

    You can get a separate mic for sound and then you could film the blog, and I think Attitude and Pepper Spray would be a good video to make! You could give us the holidays in person!

  12. I would like to do one...maybe...although I tend to make a mess of things when I make videos...or rap. :-)

  13. I think everyone should make one. It's got to be easy following an act like this one.

  14. I chose the one question thing to make it more difficult. Of course. I make people's lives difficult. It's what I do.

  15. Aww, this was an awesome post! You are absolutely beautiful and I love your hair color--I thought it was your natural color!

    Scarlett O'Hara is absolutely one of the most misunderstood characters in all of literature. Sure, she had her shortcomings, but she was strong during a terribly difficult time where others were not. She's a survivor, and she learned to love in the end.

    Anyway, fantastic post!

    Merry Christmas to you!!! *Hugs*

  16. Rev,I prefer to think of you making our lives safer by keeping the bad guys locked up. It's a much nicer image.

    Frisky, thank you. Funny how a lot of people think it's my natural color. I think it's because I fill in my eyebrows with liner so they almost kind of match the dark.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that Scarlett O'Hara was misunderstood! My sisters all make fun of me for admiring her like I do. Fictional character or not, she is just as awesome today as she was when the book was first written!

  17. It is true. That is what I do, for the most part. But bits of what I do at work for entertainment keep bleeding over. Sorry. (grin)

    I'll try to behave myself in the future.

    But don't hold your breath.

  18. HOLY CRAP YOU'RE SO CUTE! I loved listening to you talking, and I definitely love that my questions were answered first. It's an honor. :)

    I love your brown hair, by the way, but I was curious...

    I love Jane Austen too. "Pride and Prejudice" is by far one of my very favorites, but I have to say that "Persuasion" is right up there, if not tied for first it's definitely a close second.

    Don't hate me, but I've never read "Gone With the Wind". Sad, right? I tried once, many years ago, but I couldn't finish it for some reason. Now I'm thinking I need to give it another try.

    Those "Pink Floyd" earrings are so cute! I can see why you're so upset that Kane stole one of them. What a jerk!

    Anyway...Sorry this response is so late, but I loved your first video blog post. It was so much fun! Now on to post #333... :)

  19. Candice, thank you. I personally thought I was awkward, but I suppose some people find that endearing.

    I do like Persuasion, but Sense and Sensibility is my second favorite Jane Austen novel.

    I have some friends who tried reading it and didn't like it because it was too descriptive. (And yet they loved "The Lord of the Rings"! And if ever there was a series of books with too much dry, boring description and a lifeless tone, it's Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".) I think you should try it again. It's well worth the read.

    Yes, I love them. Almost as much as my Abby Road ones. Padawan thinks that Kane is just my way of making fun of him, but since he claims he never touches anything that goes missing, it has to be Kane, right?

    It's not late. No such thing as late in the blogosphere. That's why it's so great to be here.

  20. -- OMG THE EMPEROR AND STELLA JUST WANDERING AROUND...Chanel, I love you. LOVE YOU. Do more vlogs. Just for that.

    -- I love brown hair on you. I think it looks fabulous.

    -- I looooooved your rant on Scarlett O'Hara. Love her or hate her, I don't care. But I definitely agree that she's in it to win it, but she was forced to play by a very different hand-- and I think she's a helluva woman for playing by that hand.

    --That Apples to Apples q is a great one! But even though I'm a huge A2A fan, I have no idea what my trump card is. I couldn't answer it, either.

    -- I really, really loved this vlog. I love how honest it was, I loved watching your train of thought, and I loved seeing you IRL. (Is that stalkery? Yeesh. I didn't mean that to be stalkery). I love you and I love this blog. I know you said you wouldn't do more in the future, but PLEASE consider doing more-- public speaking skills be damned, you are a wonderful vlogger. I found it not only entertaining, but thought-provoking too. I also feel like I "know you better" as a writer and as a blogger. Is this sappy? This is sappy. Meh. I loved it. I vote you do this one once a month. Stop looking at me like that! It'll improve your public speaking! And I'll get to see more of your wardrobe! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT, I ASK YOU?!?

  21. *laugh* That's me. Making people fall in love with me all over the interwebz with talk of grooves and people lacking them.

    Thank you. I get mixed reactions to it.

    If they ever make a remake of the movie...Well, I hope to God they don't because Vivian Leigh WAS Scarlet O'Hara and there isn't an actress today who could do her justice.

    I saw it at the store the other day and almost bought it...but who would I play with? Padawan has no interest in games that aren't played with controllers or keyboards. Except maybe Monopoly, but that takes FOREVER with just two people.

    I'm flattered that you find me so endearing, but I think a vlog every month is impossible for me. Even my practice ones from when I was trying to get used to talking to my computer came out ten minutes long. I think vlogs are supposed to be like seven minutes or less, like Poetry and Prose interpretation. Seven minutes with a thirty second grace period. Besides, what could I possibly vlog about once a month?

  22. Because Kane isn't already full of himself.

    Now I'm missing one glove from each pair and one fuzzy sock. What next, I ask?


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