Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Best of Booth and Brennan

Yesterday I went through all of the Bones seasons and watched some of my favorite episodes with my most favoritest (yes, I know it's not a real word) Booth and Brennan moments.

Two Bodies in the Lab 

I'm hot blooded! Hot blooded! 

The Mummy in the Maze 

Halloween costumes! 

The Wannabe in the Weeds 

The Pain in the Heart 
Just because she's glad he's really alive doesn't mean she's not going to beat the snot out of him.

There's also a particular scene in this episode when Bones barges into Booth's bathroom while he's taking a bath and reams him for not calling her to tell her he wasn't dead. Of course, it really wasn't his fault she didn't know. He put her name on the list of people to tell, but Sweets was being all sneaky, sneaky for an experiment and said not to tell her.

Double Trouble in the Panhandle, which is, for the record, my favorite Bones episode to date, hands down, absolutely no contest. 

Natasha and Boris, prepared to give a good show!

The two of them are so cute in this act, it's unbeatable in the history of Booth and Brennan Moments.

I even got Padawan to watch a couple of episodes with me and he liked them, although he said that the circus act "was almost too silly" to be believable. But it's my favorite ever episode because of their circus act! 

Anyway, I would have watched more but I started feeling sick around the last episode and wound up going to be early and missing yoga. Not that going to be early helped because my head started hurting so bad I couldn't sleep until Padawan got me a pillow to cover my eyes and ears to block out the minuscule amounts of ambient lighting from the street lamps and that helped enough to get to sleep, but when I woke up this morning my head was throbbing so fiercely I took a shower in the dark and contemplated staying in there all day.

But I didn't. I came to work, and I am now thoroughly regretting that adult decision because my head finally stopped throbbing enough that I could take off my sunglasses, and then some kid started banging on a drum set, making me reel with physical pain as the sound slammed my head so hard I thought I was going to be sick. My head is just too sensitive for children beating the hell out of drums with Ralph Hardimon drumsticks. For those of you who don't know what those are, they are the really thick, heavy duty, I will hit you so hard the whole stadium will feel it when I strike, monstrosity of sticks that we don't like people using in the store because they are loud and obnoxious and tend to leave marks when they strike a head. (A drum head, I mean, not a human head. Although I'd like to see the mark it leaves on a human head...)

I think I'm not going to want lunch today. 


  1. awesome stuff mmmm

  2. I have started watching this season and like the show more and more. I missed most of the season finale and didn't record it.
    You are a trooper for going in like that. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. The Season Finale should still be up on the Bones website for another few days. You can watch it for free.

    Yes. I am a trooper. They should try appreciating me a little bit more around here.

  4. They'll appreciate you when you're gone and it's too late. Look at Kirk Douglas, or was that Van Gogh?

  5. Well, that explains the drumstick comment on Facebook.

    Also, "going to be early" I was just going to let it slide. I thought, I make plenty of typos too. Who am I to throw stones? Then it happened again in the next sentence. Well, that sent me into a tailspin of anxiety. I started trembling and sweating. I piled all my clothes up in a big heap and burned then as I curled up naked in the corner sobbing and crying out, "Maybe I just don't understand what she's trying to say!!! Why is she doing this to me!? Please, dear God, WHY!!!???" Once I had that all out of my system, I decided to post this comment.

  6. I know for a fact that I went back and put D's on the end of those when I proofread! I KNOW I DID because I noticed the same thing in the preview section! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Blogger. You are working on my last nerve here...

  7. I do have to admit, you have a pretty solid track record for not making typos, much better than mine, I'm sure, if we really dug into the matter. I was just surprised when I saw the exact same mistake occur immediately after the first one. I couldn't help but mention a dramatically overblown fashion, of course.

  8. I try to proofread three times before I submit for publication, but I swear I fixed those on the first read through. There aren't two random d's somewhere they don't belong, are there?


    No...*sigh* It's just one of those days.

    I'm sorry you had to burn your clothes and cry, but I tried to prevent it.

  9. URL contains illegal characters. WTF does that mean? It's not like I typed in large love muscle throbbing a bone or anything...anyway, the comment would have read: Sooooo, you like Bones. And the Circus.

  10. I cannot get enough of this show but have yet to cave and buy the seasons on DVD. I watch the re-runs endlessly. So good. I love their chemistry...that finale! HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS SACRED! I got teary eyed. Here they finally offer Bones ondemand!! :) I re-watched that bad boy over and over and over.
    Thanks for the best moments...I loved those too and got a giggle remembering some of them.


  11. Wonder Woman is always hot. The dork, not so much. Except of course that actor guy is such a dreamboat he pulls it off.

  12. Scott, perhaps there is an unspoken G rating on my blog and the comment board decided you were being entirely too graphic. But really, I don't like the Circus. I made the mistake of watching "It" when I was a little girl and Pennywise freaked me out. No clowns for me, thanks.

    Jewels, Bones is available on instant Netflix, but of course it wasn't available when I started watching so I own the first four seasons, and I intend to buy seasons five and six. Don't you just love the smile on Booth's face when she tells him? It's my second favorite moment between them, but I didn't put it up because I didn't want to ruin it for anyone who may or may not have seen it.

    Doug, he is rather nice looking, for a muscle head anyway. Only a very secure man could say something like that. Of course, that might have been complete sarcasm, but since I agree I'm taking it as straight up honesty.

  13. Boris and Natasha gave me the giggles. I do often regret watching Bones while trying to eat dinner, but it is a good show. Sorry to hear about your head. Sounds like a migraine to me. Of course, I'm no doctor. Even if I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. It's always that same old thing at work. If you call in sick they call you a slacker and a "call in bandit". But if you come in sick they say "What the heck are you doing? Trying to make me sick? get out of here and go home!"

  14. The only episode the made me lose my appetite was the one where the body was in the giant bar of chocolate. That was wrong. But Boris and Natasha...they will always be my favorites. I don't think they'll ever find a way to top the way they were together in that episode.

    If that was a migraine, it was a pretty benign one compared to what I usually get. But that's not the way it works here. If you call in, you're faking. If you come in sick you're hungover. If you're really sick you have to stay until you literally can't stand up anymore, then you have to drive yourself home or, if someone is feeling kind, they can drive you home and drop your car off later.

  15. They seem to dress up a lot for a vampire and an anthropologist.

  16. He's not a vampire. He's an FBI Agent. They dress up all the time.


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