Sunday, November 4, 2012


So I thought I'd tell you guys about my Halloween.

First of all, I was off that day. Which on any other day would rock, but my job hosted its first EVER Halloween Costume Contest and a Halloween Party at work. And I've never won a Halloween Costume Contest before, and I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity. You know, because I just wanted to win. The fifty dollar visa gift card prize wasn't the point. I just wanted to win.

So I got ready that morning, picked up some chocolate and pumpkin cupcakes on the way, and breezed into work, in almost full costume, just after noon. I only needed to be there long enough for the voting, which was supposed to take place when I got there. But. You know. Musicians are incapable of doing anything on time. Ever. So I was there until four when the results of the vote finally came in.

My competition for the contest: One Dallas Cowbows Football Player, one Star Trek Uhura, one kitty cat, and one Jim Halpert as Facebook. And then there was me. The Black Widow.

Jim Halpert as Facebook, complete with Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Mug

Uhura, Communications Expert or something.

The Cat with Cheetah Spots
The Dallas Cowboys Football Player

I practiced flipping over the bed in this costume.

So, I thought Jim Halpert as Facebook had it, or considering that all of my coworkers are extreme Trekkies, I thought maybe Uhura had it.

But imagine my surprise when the votes were tallied and I was declared the winner.  Even without the wig (which Penny ate that morning because she's still in her puppy chew on everything phase) I was the winner.

Most awesome.

And I was covered from my toes all the way up to my neck and almost to my finger tips. 

That was pretty fun. I also tried on Padawan's costume when I got home. It was too big.

Then we got ready to escort Master Plo Koon off for trick or treating. And this was the three of us ready to depart.

The Avengers! And their giant twinkie.
 So, his costume is something called Jake from Adventure Time. From behind, he looks like a giant twinkie with a tail, and even then...most of the time the tail is invisible. So he just looks like a giant twinkie. He forgot his sword and didn't realize it until I asked. But if he HAD remembered his sword then he would have looked like a giant twinkie with a toothpick. Come to think of it...that might have been funnier.

We took the dogs, too. They were dressed as Choo Choo the Jack-o-lantern and Penny the Harry Potter Dog. (Which really just meant she wore my tiny tie from my Hermione Granger costume and then I made a small dog sized scarf with red and gold yarn. I also made glasses from pipe cleaners, but she wouldn't leave them on.) 

All in all, it was quite a fun night.

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