Friday, August 31, 2012

Here I am. Alive.

And well. Unless you count the stress. And exhaustion. And the frustration.

But, physically, if not mentally, I'm here and healthy as a horse. (Or I assume so. I have fancy healthy insurance, but I've never so much as gone in for my yearly check up. Although I suppose I should since I'm about to run out of B/C and I kind of need know. To regulate things.)

Penny is huge.

Choo Choo is finally adjusted. 

They're like total B.F.F.s now. Inseparable. Except when it comes to the bones. For some reason, Choo Choo lays claim to all of the bones. And since Penny is teething now we bought her these huge rawhide bones that she couldn't chew through in a day...

She never gets to chew on them for more than a minute or two. Even though she can't walk properly with them and has to drag them on the floor with her head at an odd angle, Choo Choo steals the stupid things and refuses to let Penny near them. And Pen Cushion (that's her nickname)...just kind of rolls over and takes it. Choo Choo, it appears, is the dominant personality. (As we expected.)

Surprises, though. Penny is a water doggy. Likes to swim, likes to play fetch, and for some reason picks up a new stick on every walk that she brings home, happy as pie to just chew on it when Choo Choo takes the rawhides. (Except that Choo Choo also tries to take the sticks, even though she has never been interested in mere sticks her whole little Chihuahua life.) We're going to get Penny a life jacket as soon as she's fully grown, and one for Choo Choo, too. (Though she really doesn't care too much for the water, she hates it when we swim off and leave her alone.)

By the way, water can't have sharks in it when it's a creek that's got try rocks on all sides. There's no ocean connected to it! Therefore, I will swim in Bull Creek. So long as I can see the bottom, it is A OK with me.

Padawan's company just released the stupid game they've been gearing up for forever, and the back log is awful. MMO RPGs really are silly. And if you need more servers, why can't they just buy them? 

Band Season is winding down to a close. We're in the last home stretch week of extended hours and overtime. And I'm freaking exhausted, to tell you the truth. I plan on sleeping in a WHOLE LOT next Sunday.

I know I've been gone for a while...I haven't been on. Honestly, I forgot my password for a while there but then it suddenly came back to me. So here I am. How long do you think it will take me to catch up on the reading? 

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