Monday, September 24, 2012

Nope. Still hate it.

I would like to formally request (also note that this is really a DEMAND) that Blogger please return the option of using the old blogger dashboard.

This new streamlined thing is annoying.

I do not like it.

The icons are useless.

I don't like the way things look. There's no longer the same scroll option without moving the whole effing page.

I don't like the color scheme, either.

Just because I disappeared for like six months or something doesn't give blogger the right to just ruin everything while I was gone. I mean, come on. No countdown? That was just plain rude. And that is all I have to say about it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe congratulations are in order.

It was not too long ago, I'm sure, when I wrote a rant complaining about the size of my bed. I complained that it was too small, that it was uncomfortable, and that Choo Choo made the situation worse by stretching out and digging in her claws.

Then we decided to adopt another furry child, and Penny Lane moved in and changed everything about our lives, including Choo Choo's life, who is still unhappy with the whole eating and drinking schedule thing. And even when Penny Lane, now a whopping eighteen pounds of Boston Terrier cuteness, became big enough to sleep in the bed, Padawan still insisted that our bed was adequate.

Well, after a month of Penny sleeping in the bed with us, usually between both of our heads so she can snore in our ears all night, Padawan's sleep started to suffer. Mine, already poor, didn't change. And he began to notice all of the symptoms of sleep deprivation that I'd discovered, tragically, months ago when I first realized that our bed was too small. 

So when I casually started mentioning that it was time for a new bed...

He still said no.

Because he's a man. And men are incredibly stubborn.

But comes about that we're going to need new furniture. (It's a long story.) I told him if we were getting new furniture, then we might as well get a new bed, too. We weren't expecting it until December, but he agreed. So we made plans. New dresser, new couch, new entertainment center, and new bed. He once mistakenly insinuated that we replace my bookshelves that my grandparents got me for Christmas two years ago, but my brutal rebuff sent him off that topic pretty quickly. He never brought it up again.

But then there was a sudden change of plans and it seemed we probably wouldn't need new furniture. Or at least not a new couch, which was actually what had sparked the notion of just getting all new furniture in the first place. But I told him I couldn't hold off on the bed, so we took a trip to the store yesterday to look. (Well, he went to look. I went with every intention of purchasing.)

We tested out bed after bed, styles, colors, mattresses, sizes...everything. And I finally convinced him that king sized was the only way to go. And then...

I talked him into buying.

And then a mere three hours after we made our grand purchase...our bed was delivered, set up, covered in new sheets and pillows and an eight piece comforter set...we even got a rug for the bedroom and swanked everything up...

And last night....was the best night's sleep I've gotten since I had that queen sized bed all to myself while I was in Florida for the wedding. 

With Choo Choo, Penny, Padawan, and myself...there was no discomfort. It was perfect.

And now that he's seen the error of his ways...let's just hope he's prepared to listen to my ideas about the new dresser and entertainment center...

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