Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things are changing.

So, I've been relatively busy as of late. Manager Man hired a new receptionist to work Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Also, the occasional Saturday. This puts me behind the counter more, which is why I've been blogging less. I'll figure out a schedule for this, but I think having three posts a week is going to be about the best I can do. The blogosphere will just be quieter without my generally annoyed voice filling it. Or I suppose I could spend my entire Saturday writing posts and scheduling them to appear.

The only hard part in all of this is that I always have twelve or thirteen pages to catch up on at the end of the weekdays.

We will see how the whole scheduling thing will work out.

In the meantime...

Good. Lord.

My yoga instructor is a sadist! A sadist, I tell you!

"Today, I want you to think about your favorite pose. After the next inhale, I want you to get into your favorite pose, and make it your best pose ever!"

That part was fun.

But, you know, for ever action there's an equal and opposite reaction. We got to do our favorite two poses, then she made us pick our least favorite.

I hate downward facing dog pose. She calls it a "resting pose", but I feel like I'm dying every single time we do it. My skinny stick arms are just not designed to support the full weight of my body, especially when my legs are pushing in the opposite direction so there's the force of my legs on my arms as well.

So I had to hold that pose. And hold it. And hold it. And finally my arms gave out and I fell into child's pose for a few breaths. Then I sent to my second least favorite pose: pigeon. It's not comfortable. It's not really even easy. It stretches and it makes your feet fall asleep and you have to contort and bend forward. But it's significantly less painful than downward dog.

I'm pretty sure my gluts are going to be killing me tomorrow. And my arms? They don't want to move, thank you very much. I sincerely doubt I'll be playing any flutes tomorrow at work. My arms won't be able to lift them properly.

On the bright side, I actually did manage to "lose myself" in corpse pose today. I was so drained I just lost all ability to process thought and I was just watching the back of my eyelids. It's the first time I've ever really let go of odd thoughts during yoga. When the bell chimed I came back to everything and realized I'd forgotten I was laying on my mat in yoga. Took me a second to adjust.

Still. Definitely the most painful class yet. 


  1. That's cool that you're getting some different work to do. A little change every now and then is always a good thing, I believe.

    All fitness instructors are sadists on some level or another. They put you through pain in the firm belief that they're doing you a favor. And maybe--just a little bit--because they enjoy watching people suffer.

    However, good for you managing to stick with it. Yoga seems to be one of those things that would put me in a lot of pain. Hence the reason that I've been avoiding it for so long. I may have to give in eventually, but not today! :)

  2. She was just trying to get you to that point. She must be very good. This coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about yoga.

  3. Hello. You're supposed to cheat when they tell you to pick your "least favorite pose". I'd be like, "My least favorite pose? I think that's the one where I'm laying on the couch with a piece of cake. It's called the 'cake pose.' Yeah, I really like...hate that one and stuff. It makes me so mad. So, ummm, where can I get some cake?"

    I probably wouldn't get my money's worth out of that class.

  4. I seriously doubt I could even attempt to do yoga. About the best I could do would be yogurt. Or maybe Yoda. "Ooh... Flexible little minx, you are." Bravo to you for keeping yourself in shape. I've come to the conclusion that the shape I am destined to be is a fireplug.

  5. Hmmm... I could have sworn I commented here just yesterday.... Very suspicious..

  6. I've done yoga on the Wii Fit. Although it tells me how wonderful I am, something tells me I'm not doing these poses correctly.

  7. Candice, well they ARE doing us a's just hard to see it that way when your body is contorted and your muscles are screaming in protest and there's sweat on your face. Yes, sweat. I actually sweat in yoga. It's disgusting.

    I'm sure there are forms of exercise that are far less painful. But whoever said yoga was easy was clearly not doing it right. If you've got all of the proper muscles engaged at the correct's pretty tough. I plan on learned to ride a bike next.

    George, she definitely succeeded if that was her goal.

    Bryan, I'd love a cake pose! Although if there is a pose called cake pose in yoga, it's probably not nearly as awesome as the one you just described. It's probably painful. And probably involves some sort of complete bend in a forward fold.

    Rev, I'm not trying to keep in shape. That implies that I'm already in shape. I'm trying to get in shape and then stay there. I don't know what a fireplug is but I've seen a sparkplug. Aren't they straight and rectangular ish?

    Rev again, you did. I just wasn't online to approve the comments.

    Asha, I've never tried it on the Wii Fit (and I totally want to.) But I think it's probably not the same. I get caught making little mistakes that completely alter the poses and the instructor corrects me. (If she doesn't warn me first I always jump when she touches me and fall over.) The Wii can't correct you if your muscles aren't tight or the angles aren't right. It takes a lot more self policing, I think. But I still want to try it. Just to see...

  8. ????? A fireplug. A fire hydrant. One of those squatty little things they connect fire hoses to. Like R2D2 without the cuteness factor.

  9. Oh! A fire hydrant. I've never heard it called a fireplug before.

  10. so you fell asleep doing yoga? Isn't that what looking at the inside of your eyelids and unaware of where you are means?

  11. So fireplugs are fire hydrants?

    At least I haven't been contributing to your weekly reading! Ha ha, snicker snicker. I have missed your blogging escapades, most certainly.

    So how do you like your new work-ness?

  12. No, I was definitely awake, Brent. I promse.

    Nicki, I miss your blogging escapades! Just because it take forever to catch up doesn't mean I don't love it.

    I'm adjusting. It's been a pretty good sales week for me, if nothing else.


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