Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not so blond anymore.

There is a debate going around. You see, I've recently dyed my hair...brown. As a natural blond, it was a big step for me. But I'd been wanting to for years. First, I decided to digitally color my hair in a picture to see what it would look like. This was the way the picture turned out in the end. And I admit...I had a little too much fun with the virtual make over and I added eyeliner and eyeshadow. But I couldn't help myself. But I loved the way my skin and eyes look next to the brown, and so I decided to just go ahead and do it.

After discussing it with Boyfriend, first. And by discussing, I mean that I told him I wanted to dye my hair brown and I really didn't care if he told me he didn't want me to do it because I would look beautiful either way and he better still love me. And he said, "I prefer you to stay blond, but it's your hair. Do whatever you want."

Which is exactly what I did. First I did research about doing it myself. I usually go to my Aunt's salon, Urban Betty, but my grandmother is mad at her for leaving my Uncle, so I decided to avoid family drama by skipping out on Austin's best salon. (I don't know if it's the number one salon or not, but it was featured in a magazine as one of the top four salons in Austin.) But my research told me that my hair would probably turn gray if I tried to do it myself.

That scared the hell out of me, so I called a salon. The colorist had never had someone want to go from blond to brown. She wasn't sure how to do it. So she called the color company who supplies them with product, and they told her to dye my hair red first, and then brown. So I spent three hours in the chair going from blond to red to brown in one day.

The result is this shiny, dark, beautiful hair I've been sporting ever since. Boyfriend says that it's pretty, but he still preferred me blond. Unfortunately for him, I love my new hair so much that I don't think I'll ever be switching back to blond.

My biggest fear going dark was my skin color. I have extremely pale skin that I thought would look sallow with dark hair. But as you can see, my eyes are bright, my cheeks are rosy, and I do not look dead at all! In fact, I think I look really pretty. I love the shiny most of all. As a blond, my hair absorbed light. It kind of glowed. But it didn't reflect light. It wasn't shiny. But dark hair does reflect light and shine, and I love it. All of the shine products I couldn't use on my blond hair because it made it look oily, I can put it on my brown hair and wear it all day without a problem.

I would just like to say that blonds do not have more fun. I have just as much fun as a brunette as I did when blond. Actually...it amuses me to shake my hair in the sunlight because it shines. So I have more fun now than I did as a blond. Go figure.

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