Friday, January 16, 2015

Sometimes there aren't enough words.

I know it's my own fault, really. I disappeared, dropped off the face of the planet, ran off to do busy, important management things that consumed all of my time and energy and didn't teach me a single damned useful thing. It makes sense that the rest of you moved on with your lives, left the blogosphere behind as you became entrenched in your own lives. It is extremely selfish that I came back so suddenly after...what, a year? find that most of you had gone. 

I was part of a blogging circle that was a very good part of me, and the loss of that circle is very hard for me. Yes, I took it for granted that you would all still be here, and that was sill of me. It's my fault, I know that. I own up to my mistake.

But I sure wish you guys would come back.

A couple of you stayed. I'll just go ahead and pretend that you did because you love me and knew I'd be back some day. I'm a little narcissistic these days, so let me go on believing it, Candice. I just wish I could talk to all of you because when I make my big announcement...

Well, let's just say it would have shocked some of you.

And don't go thinking I'm pregnant. 

I am not having children. 


  1. I have to confess that a few months ago, when I was getting back on my own blogging feet again, I went through and dropped a bunch of blogs from my reading list that hadn't posted for a year or more (which turned out to be like a good 90% of my list.)

    Sorry for losing the faith. Nice to see you back.

  2. Oh, I wasn't talking about people reading. So many people just stopped their blogs, and I am sad. I didn't think you have up. Your blog is still there!

  3. I've pretty much watched as, one by one, so many of our close-knit community of bloggers started dropping off the face of the planet. It's been so sad, and I honestly wondered for a while if it was even worth going on blogging at all. But in the end, I remembered that the whole reason I started doing this blogging thing was for me. It gives me an outlet, it's a place where I can come and work through the things that are going on in my sometimes frazzled brain by writing them all down. So I stayed. And I'm not sorry I did.

    I've missed you, but now you're back! I really did hope that you would. After George's old blog got taken over by someone else who just posted video links and never actually wrote anything, I was pretty bummed out. Because it meant he was REALLY gone. You never deleted yours, so I always hoped. I'm glad I wasn't wrong.

    I'm looking forward to your big announcement, whatever it might be. (And don't worry, I never once thought you would get pregnant. I know enough about you not to make THAT assumption.) :)

    1. Alas...

      George. Doug. Scott. Nicki. Asha. Jewels. Too many to name, actually. Gone...I was hoping to be able to catch up on everything!

      I should e-mail George and see if he's really REALLY gone. I actually have a way of real world contacting him! Everybody else I just assumed would always be here!

      You are never allowed to leave, Candice. You have been with me since the beginning, however we found each other, and I refuse to let you leave!

    2. Okay. I'll stay if you will. :)

      And you have a way to contact George? Say hi to him for me, will you? I miss that guy!

    3. Yeah, he gave me his e-mail address the first time he said he was thinking about leaving, and I still have it.


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