Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest post!

I am sick with some god awful infectious disease that I probably picked up from one of the rotten children that come into my place of business on a daily basis and touch things they should keep their grubby, dirty, germ-infested paws off of but don't because parents today have no inclination or legal right to properly discipline their children.

So, until I feel better have a guest post from Choo Choo.

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We interrupt this post to apologize for Choo Choo's guest post. Apparently she's having technical difficulties typing with her paws. There will be no further guest posts from her. Thank you for your patience. 


  1. Looks like gibberish to me, but my dog Curly tells me that it's actually very clever and well written. She asked for a chance to reply to it, so here she is:


    ...Yeah, whatever Curly.

  2. Actually, I think Choo Choo has made some excellent points here. And she certainly has one wicked sense of humor! Tell Padawan that his secrets are not as safe as he might think in Choo Choo's clever little paws!...

    PS: Seriously though, get better. I'm sending you a virtual cup of your favorite hot, soothing beverage. (For me, it's mint herbal tea, but you can fill in the blank as you choose.)

  3. My dogs Daisy and DJ just rolled their eyes when I read it to them. Apparently it's an old shaggy dog story.

    Feel better soon, hon.

  4. Rotten children? The zombie plague has begun. And you caught something from them? I'm so sorry, Chanel. There's no saving you.

    Save yourself, Choo Choo...or Hkahkfkhuw ahflkoiew!


    I have to say, my dog finds the COOLEST keyboard shortcuts when he decides to commandeer my keyboard (by laying his head on it). I'm like "How the hell did you make that a-e combination? Is that a Euro?"

  6. I can't understand what Choo Choo was trying to say, but it was still better than most of the blog posts I see on the Internets.

  7. Bryan, Choo Choo says she and Curly are going to take over the world together.

    Brent, yes. Pets! Pets taking over the blogging community! My fish will be posting next. Probably complaining about how I only feed them once a week or something because they're virtual and I forget.

    Candice, I can't tell him that. Then he'll stop playing with Choo Choo while I'm not home and she'll feel unloved.

    She agrees, though. She does have a wicked sense of humor.

    Rev, Choo Choo hasn't specified the contents to me. She only implied I'm a failure for not understanding it.

    Charlie, no I am not a zombie. I still have the ability to think and speak. I can even type. I think before a zombie outbreak there has to be a fever first. I had no fever. Just a slightly elevated temperature which did not even break ninety nine.

    Choo Choo says she would not need to save herself. If I was turning into a zombie she said she would join me so we could be together always, like good pals.

    Nicki, I find that when Choo Choo lays across my keyboard it has the most interesting effects. Pronouncing her creations is so entertaining I often spend several minutes giggling.

    Doug, Choo Choo wants to point out that she used perfect punctuation and spelling (in her language) unlike in other blogs.

  8. Ahem! Still waiting here, young lady!


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